Sunday, October 19, 2014

Final photos from Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Katie and I are leaving Elephant Butte Lake State Park this morning and heading toward Leasburg Dam SP.  Final destination:  Quartzsite - of course!  Here are some photos I've taken while here in a couple of different camping locations at Elephant Butte:

One of my favorite birds - Snowy Egret.  I love the bright yellow feet and fluffy feathers.

We finally met up with Chris and Edna again - Katie and I met them two years ago and we were both happy to see them again.  Katie and Edna get along really well.  Katie actually played with Edna on our first walk together.

Chris took this photo yesterday - Edna and Katie together:

Following are some photos Chris said I could snag from her FB page.  Thanks Chris!

Carol, Holly, Me, Roxi and Nancy:

Walking with Holly, Nancy, Me and Jeanne and of course the doggies, Edna, Katie and Riley:

Holly, Nancy, Me, Jeanne and Carol:

I finally saw some Sandhill Cranes.  There are a lot of them here at Elephant Butte, but I didn't see them up close.  This is as good as it got for now:

Blurry, but you can see them better in this closeup:

This is a pretty bug I had to snap.  No idea what it is:

Group sex.  Embarrassing, I know, but it is what it is:

I thought their mating was interesting - here's one pair up close.  Maybe I should have blacked out their faces:

A lizard- I love taking photos of lizards - look at his weird back feet/toes:

Here's our final campsite at South Montecello Campground - beautiful campground.  Big sites, level, many sites have views of the lake.  We can see the lake out the dinette window:

We've had some beautiful sunsets here.  It's raining right now, with thunder and lightning, and a little hail.  Dark and cloudy.  I love the different weather we get in New Mexico - keeps it interesting.

This morning under a rainbow:

I have a bunch of photos of Katie that I'll post next time.  She's happy as a clam here.  Lots of doggie friends.  She's seen Riley, Edna and Jake in the last few days and I love that she is so social now.

We've had a lot of fun visiting and walking with our friends here - Chris, Jeanne, Nancy, Roxie and a short visit with Annie, and meeting two new friends, Holly and Carol!  See you all down the road. 

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Other than being dead, it sure sounds like you guys had a pretty good summer. Time for everyone to get back to the desert in AZ. And I can hardly wait.

  2. Is it getting cold at Elephant Butte now? We're going to stop in Silver City for about a month, but if it isn't too cold by then, we're hoping to hit City of Rocks and Elephant Butte State Park again.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. No, it's been really nice. A little wind, a little rain, some clouds in the sky, but for the most part it's been warm and nice. LOTS of mosquitoes coming out in the late afternoon until after dark. Make sure you have mosquito spray or lotion. :)

      I'm afraid we're going to miss each other this year - different places, different times in the areas. I'm at Leasburg now, heading for Tucson for a day next, then on to Arizona/Quartzsite. I might be in your area next year, though. We'll keep in touch.

  3. Barbara, have a safe and fun trip west. I have enjoyed your photos from New Mexico, especially the Road Runner.

  4. Katie should have invited everyone to follow you! Drive safe Barbara. --Dave (

  5. You sure have made a lot of great friends over the last years full timing huh.

    Really looking forward to seeing you again this year. I'm only 432 Miles from Las Cruces right now - if I detour down 54 and 70.

    But I'll likely stay on 40W - or maybe I won't ?? haha

  6. Oh what a beautiful sunset!! And all you gals around the table sure look like you are enjoying yourselves.

  7. It so nice to look at all the photos, and see that the friends bunch of ladies and dogs are all looking so happy! The snowy egret is always my favorite bird until I see another bird, or red dragonfly, or etc.
    Hugs to Katie!


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