Friday, March 6, 2015

Gettin' things done...Vet, Wash/Wax, Re-Cushion, Battery Check, Tire Check

Jeanne and I moved over to Sidewinder Road last week.  We decided we liked this area better, and it's closer to Yuma.  We're here for a few more days, then Jeanne is moving north and I'm going to head across the freeway to Pilot Knob for a week, then east to Hot Springs, and finally to San Diego.  Medical  appointments are scheduled, and I'll be able to spend some time with Tom and Trish and the grand-kids.  Then my daughter and son-in-law, Kristy and Matt, and their kids are coming to San Diego for Easter and we'll all be together for five days to visit and catch up.  I'm sure looking forward to that!  I have a project - a little mod in the kitchen - that Tom is going to help me with, and I'm really looking forward to that, too.  I'll tell you more about that later.

Here we are, right before the rain the other day.  The sky in the north got SO dark, it was really pretty:

While I've been here - near Yuma - I've gotten some things checked off my list:

1.  Katie's Vet Appointment

I wanted to get a second opinion about the Seroma on her right ankle, and she has a new lump on her left ankle.  What's with Katie and ankles?

I've heard good things about this vet hospital from Gayle and Jim, and Jimbo, so I called to see if they could get Katie in and check her out. Katie is such a trooper.  She was so scared - she just sat in my lap, quietly, looking scared the whole time while other dogs came in and pulled at their leashes, barked, etc.  In the exam room she didn't want to be on the table, but she minded me and behaved.  Such a good girl.

We saw Dr. Don, and I really liked him.  He seemed to know what he was doing, was super nice to Katie, complimenting her and talking to her as he checked her over.  He checked out the Seroma and the other cyst, and said the Seroma was obviously caused by a very painful, traumatic experience for Katie.  But at this point, he thinks the joint is leaking the fluid, and said it looks like she has arthritis in that ankle.  Her range of motion is so much greater in the left ankle.

Dr. Don said he could prescribe something for the arthritis, some sort of steroid, or I could give her baby aspirin as needed if that did the trick. Other than that, he said she was healthy and he wouldn't do anything else.  That was a relief!  So Katie is good to go and no issues with either ankle mass.  He thought my idea of getting a dog stroller was the best thing I could do for her, and for me if I wanted to still walk with her, and we should continue using it when we walk.  :)

2.  Wash and Wax The Palms

The Palms was SOOOO  overdue for a total wash and wax, I had to get this done while I was near Yuma.  Katie and I went into Yuma to meet the guys from Benjamin's (see info below). 

The two young men who came out to do the job were so sweet, very polite, and did a fantastic job.  I really didn't expect The Palms to look so clean and pretty when they were done.  The price for a rig my size was $99, but he gave me a senior citizen discount, and my final cost was $90.  I gave each of the guys a $10 tip, so all in all, $110.  Cheap at the price!

They spoke Spanish (and perfect English), and while they were working right outside my window I could hear them talking away in Spanish, telling stories, laughing, really enjoying themselves.  It's so nice to hire people who seem to like their work, and have fun while doing it.

Check out that ladder!  When I came outside to see how they were doing, they asked me if I'd mind moving the rig a few feet to the right.  Geez, of course!  I let them know I was VERY pleased with the work they did. I'll definitely use them again.

3.  Check House Batteries

I went to Interstate Battery Systems in Yuma to see if they would check my house batteries. I wanted to see if I needed new ones yet, or if these were still functioning they way they should.  The guy checked them out and said they were just fine.  All the cells were good, and I don't need to replace them.  That was good news.

4.  Check Tire Pressure

I went to Big O Tires on Frontage Road in Yuma and had them check the pressure in my tires.  When I had the tire monitoring system installed, everything was good.  Then I got two new tires and the front tires were put on the right rear. That screwed up the TPMS, and I needed to have each tire filled 3 psi over the recommended amount.  The way to re-set the TPMS for the tires is to let out 3 psi from each tire, then re-set each monitor.  I figured I could release 3 psi, re-set each monitor, and then drive into town and have the tires pumped up, or I could have them filled, and add an additional 3 psi.  Then when I release the 3 psi, I can re-set the monitor and be done.  I haven't released the air yet, maybe tomorrow if this super windy spell stops.  But I'm almost done with that chore. 

5.  Re-Cushion the Dinette Seats

I sit at my dinette all the time, and after 4+ years, the centers of the cushions are sagging - in spite of the fact that I'm as light as a feather.  Ha!  Periodically I flip the cushions, then switch them out but honestly, the cushions were shot.  So, first Gayle and Jim mentioned the place they've used, and I also called Al's RV Service and Supply on Fortuna Rd in Yuma and they recommended the same place.

While I was in town getting The Palms prettied up and Katie checked out, I stopped by Action Awnings to see what it would cost me to have the seats re-cushioned.  I figured if it was under $200, I'd do it.  I brought in one of the cushions and Robert got a 5" piece of foam, put it next to the cushion and said to try them both out.  The new foam was so much firmer than the existing cushion, and he quoted me $189 for two cushions.  What I thought was nice was when I asked him what it would cost for one cushion, he quoted exactly half. I figured it would cost half plus a percentage.

Anyway, the price was right, so I ordered two foam cushions.  Jeanne and I went into town Thursday for shopping and laundry, and dropped off the second cushion, and a couple of hours later, picked them up.  They look perfect, and are so much better than the original foam.  They seem to be a better quality, a denser foam, so hopefully they will last and last.

When I was walking to the rig after completing all the chores on Tuesday, I looked down and saw a shiny quarter.  It was a good day.  Everything we did and everywhere we went, we had good news.  It was a busy, but very good day.

When Jeanne and I were heading toward the freeway on our way home on Thursday, we were behind a motorcyclist with his dog in a cart - so cute.  We thought the dog should have doggles, though.  What a set-up, huh?

Notice the hitch-hiker on the side of the road?  He had on a weird red wig, and the dog checked him out when they passed.

Here's the final photo for today.   Instead of a sunset, this is a sunrise the other morning.  I've posted a few sunrises, and honestly, I think they look just like sunsets.

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. Sure glad to hear that Katy is OK. My pups want you to say hi to her for them.

  2. Those are some dramatic photos of the dark, dark clouds!!! So glad Katy is ok... I always have a better chance of seeing a sunset than a sunrise!!! Those sunrises are always so early!! haha

  3. Sounds like you are getting things in order and enjoying the great weather.
    Good deal on the cushions.

  4. Those clouds sure look threatening! I'm glad they went away.

  5. Those clouds sure look threatening! I'm glad they went away.

  6. I love your cloud pictures. They are just gorgeous. We use Benjamin's also and have had such wonderful results from them. Glad to hear that Katie is good to go in her stroller. Looking forward to good times with the family.

  7. You sound like us with your Yuma to-do list. Hope Action put the right foam in your cushions. Last year we thought we were getting the good stuff, but apparently we did not. There was a different manager at the time who may have been trying to cut corners. Got our chairs back yesterday and they seem much better but it will take a few months before we know for sure.
    That storm the other day sure made for some interesting clouds.

  8. Good news all around! Two minutes before reading your post, I saw the Benjamin's van cruising through the RV park and wondered what that was about.

  9. Don't you just love it when you get things done and checked off your list. You sound so organized! I'm trying to get organized for my upcoming drive east, but so far have just made a few lists.

  10. Very good news about Katie--having a vet you trust is so important. We'll check out Action next winter--by then, the cheap foam in our dinette benches should be completely flat. You've been busy--it always seems to take longer to get things done than you think they should.

  11. Loving your photos and blog.
    I am looking at smaller Sunseeker similar to yours. You have had your Forest River for a few years now, What would you say about its quality at this point? How many miles have you put on her? and have you spent more or less on maintenance than you expected?
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Scott - I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! About the Sunseeker, it is better made than I was expecting, and the quality of everything has been very high. I put on about 5,000 miles a year, all in AZ and NM where it's hot and dry. Honestly, the maintenance has been super easy. Other than the generator which gave me lots of grief, but when I bought her, the generator had never even been broken in and was five years old at that time, so I was probably lucky it lasted as long as it did. Other than that, the cabin systems have all been great, as well as the truck! Four years on the road and counting.

    As I'm typing this I'm remembering... Obviously the cushions on the dinette bench seats weren't the highest quality, but they lasted a couple of years before starting to collapse, and I sit in the same place every day, so a couple of years was probably good. What I just had put in - the denser foam - I'm hoping will last much longer.

    Also the drawers - I've had to re-do the slider on three lower drawers. Two slide under the dinette bench seats and are very deep. I probably put too much weight in them, and the third drawer is my pot drawer under the oven. It, too, has a heavy load. I don't think it's the fault of the drawers, but of the "operator." :)

    I can't think of anything else. So all in all, I'd give Forest River an A+.

  13. Excellent! and thank you for taking the time with the great reply. Forest River does seem to have several features putting it just above the competition in this same class/size...
    Thanks again, and Happy Campin'! :-)

  14. So glad to hear little Katy is well. I've used Benjamin's several times over the years with good results also.

    My dinette cushions will NEVER wear out because I NEVER sit there - far too uncomfortable for my back.

    Miss you already !!

  15. Interesting to compare notes on the great services (and prices) available in Yuma. I've used Dr. Don at Foothills Animal Hospital too. Very compassionate and reasonable. I also discovered Benjamin's a couple days after paying a different company to wash and wax my rig. They were in the park restoring a faded, dull 5th wheel with spectacular results. We commented on their work and mentioned how my "restoration" did not seem like much of an improvement. So, one of the Benjamin guys grabbed his buffer and ladder and walked over to my rig to do a quick demo of what he could do. In 10 minutes, he managed to remove a pesky yellow water line stain down the rear side of my rig, so I slipped him some cash and a giant thanks. Will definitely use them again!

    Thanks also for the upholstery shop recommendation! That's on my list too as my dinette cushions are in desperate need now that I'm full-timing in the rig.

  16. I'm with you. Sunrises look just like sunsets! Isn't your cushion hot in this weather? I sit on mine and it is so hot. Just wish I could find a cool cushion, but since I want a table and chairs....why worry about a cool cushion. The report on Katy is a delight! She is such a sweet girl.

  17. It seems that the Lists are endless. "My Spot II'sure needs to be washed and waxed, but have no idea when that will happen.
    Angel says Hi to Katie and were glad that she is doing well.

  18. Just saw a story on the CBS evening news about the Social Security office declaring people deceased, and thought of you. There's going to be a bigger story this weekend on 60 Minutes.

  19. What a good advert for a resourceful and enterprising local workforce. With all the RV 's in that area they provide all the services needed.

  20. I'm considering the full time RV life style. I like the class C RV not only does it look easy to drive but also the safety factor over a TT. I notice that you do not pull a car. Has that been much of an inconvenience? Besides what I read in the above Some people are just clueless. Do you move around a lot? I hope you don't mind all the questions and any advice is much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    Donna Ehlbeck


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