Sunday, March 1, 2015

Photos from American Girl Mine and Sidewinder Road

Jeanne and I left Mittry Lake last week and drove over to an area off I-8 that I've been wanting to visit.  There are free boon docking areas along the 8.  The first, heading west, is off Sidewinder Road, and then further down is Ogilby Road to either Sidewinder Road  or American Girl Mine Road.

First we tried American Girl Mine Road.  Jeanne has camped there before and we went down the road a ways to a place she had been before.  After spending one night there, we decided to head back to the Sidewinder Road area so I could see what that was like.  We both agreed we liked this area better.  Plus it's closer to Yuma and we had things to do in Yuma over the next couple of weeks.

I've taken it pretty easy, but have gotten in a few short walks and done many inside chores as well as a couple trips to town. 

Below are some photos I've taken of this area.   It's just regular desert, like most of the places in this southern part of the State of Arizona, with beautiful mountains in the distance (actually not so distant in this area) and gorgeous sunsets.  We've had some windy days, some beautiful days, some cloudy days.  Today we're expecting rain around 5 pm, and according to my app forecasts, it should last all  night.  That'll be a good drink of water for this desert area.

The first photos are the views out my windows near American Girl Mine Road:

In town for Yuma's Tuesday Farmer's Market last week - I love this little cactus garden outside a law office on the main street.

We walked down one of the side streets to check out the little businesses.  This one has two doors, Enter and Exit.  The various businesses were painted different colors, and it was a nice little diversion from the farmer's market vendors.  We actually headed down that street because someone had told Jeanne about a candy shop there.  I think we forgot about it, though, after window shopping on the way.  The candy shop was at the end of the street and we didn't go that far - probably a good thing.

Here's the Bold Crew - Jeanne's Lazy Daze pulling her toad.  I followed along on the way to Ogilby Road.

Here we are in our little camp off American Girl Mine Road:

Then at Sidewinder - Jeanne took this photo of The Palms and the mountains in the distance.  Notice The Palms has her socks on.  After having to buy two new tires, she will wear her socks from now on when we're camped in sunny weather.  :)   (I put only two covers on the side that has the afternoon sun beating down on it.)

Here's Jeanne's motor home in the sunset - the pink reflection was so bright, but I wasn't facing the right way to get a good photo of The Palms in the sunset.  Just a little off.  But I thought this was really pretty and caught Riley in the photo, too:

The next four photos are sunsets on four different evenings - they were all just beautiful:

We've been throwing the ball for the dogs a little - they get tired of playing long before we do.  Katie has bright yellow tennis balls, but here she is stealing Riley's red/blue ball.

That's about it for now, there's not a lot going on.  Tuesday I'm taking The Palms to Yuma to be washed and waxed, and then over to the Vet's for Katie.  I want her Seroma re-checked and I've found a little growth on her other ankle.  Hopefully she is fine, but...  better safe than sorry.  While we're in town we have a ton of other stops to make, so that will be a long, busy day.

From me and Katie, warm and snuggley in The Palms waiting for the rain, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. It's wild. Who ever thought growing up that you would end up with the adventures you share. I can't say that is the prettiest camps you've ever shared but the sunsets are really gorgeous. I think this traveling you do will open your eyes to different types of beauty that some of us will never see.

  2. I have to agree in that the sunset photos are spectacular. We've been to the American Mine area and actually we didn't think it was bad at all. You need to get out your metal detector and start looking for some of the gold the miners missed.

  3. Gorgeous sunset pics....I'm sure they are even more breathtaking in person.

  4. Can I ask what vet you picked in Yuma? Emma is due for some shots.

  5. The mountains look really close there. I looked for you 2 at the Farmer's Market on Tuesday. We got there a bit later than you, probably. Lovely sunsets! It's good to see Katie playin' ball.

  6. The sunsets are absolutely stunning.

  7. We did alot of jeeping around the Georgia Girl Mine and Chocolate Mountains when we were in Yuma last year. Enjoy!
    Katie is as cute as ever!

  8. Just love the sunsets in the desert, the best anywhere!

  9. Your sunset photos are gorgeous, Barbara! Hope Katie has a good visit with the vet. Choosing sites is an interesting process. Once we've found a good one, it's hard to leave. I nearly cried when we left our perfect spot at Las Cienegas--it had everything. There was a great place to take walks, solitude, beauty, proximity to town & Ari loved it! Cow pies to roll in (many times) & lots of places to run. It's raining right now here at Pancho Villa SP but hey, that doesn't bother us. It's an improvement over the day-long windstorm. Have a good day today--nice clean Palms & all!


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