Monday, April 20, 2015

Exciting new RV upgrade/mod - Part 3 of 3

Here we are, ready for the...

The pantry box with the hinged door attached was ready to be attached to the wall in The Palms.

This is the "before" photo showing where the pantry will be.  It's a perfect size and place for the pantry.

Tom put it on the wall to be sure it still fit after he inserted the top, center and bottom interior cross boards, and it still fit.  He leaned it against my closet and went back for his tools.

Next, fitting the pantry between the floor and the two finish strips on either side of the wall space.  He nudged it a little here and a little there, and then started drilling in screws on the top corners and bottom corners and the middle section on both sides.  There weren't any studs inside this wall, so he double-screwed the center and each corner and it's very secure.


Next step was attaching the four "double roller catches with spear spikes."  The catches were screwed to the inside of the Pantry wall.

Some of these pictures were taken after the pantry was in use.

Then attach the four spikes to the inside of the door.

Next was inserting the "spoon" cabinet shelf support pins into the drilled holes and laying the selves on them.

These are the original cabinet handles in The Palms.

Tom had this knob in his bag of cabinet hardware and it was such a close match, I decided it was perfect and we used it.

Here it is, all done and full...  very full!

View from the dinette:

It is only four inches deep; the room I lost was so minimal, I don't notice it.  The cabinet is 75" tall, 20" wide, and 4" deep and has 11 shelves, counting the bottom of the pantry. I took out one shelf to get a taller space - they are adjustable for the things I need to put in there. And as you can see, Tom matched the stain color perfectly. 

The Roadrunner knot in the wood is on one of the shelves.  :)

And that's the Pantry upgrade mod install.  I can't tell you how much

The morning it was finished, Tom headed up to Disneyland to meet up with his family spending the day there and I took off east to wait for a week for my next doctor appointment.  When I stopped at Viejas Casino, I was beat, but got super energized as soon as I got things settled in the rig and walked Katie.

I started putting things inside the pantry and filled it completely.  I was on a roll and had so much room in the cupboards now, I was able to move things and re-arrange some of the spaces. I totally cleared out my shower (so now I can just jump in and turn on the water), and threw away bags and bags of things I no longer needed or never used. I had four bags of "good" stuff to give away, and did that when I went on to Hot Springs.

The funny thing is, from the first day I filled the pantry, I've never accidentally reached up for the cupboard that used to hold most of my non-refrigerated food.  All my spices are in the pantry, dry goods, canned goods, sweets, grains, oils and vinegars, etc.  It holds a ton of stuff!

When I drove back to San Diego for my last doctor appointment, Tom took me out to lunch and picked up a few things that I needed him to store for me, and he looked in the pantry.  "You've really utilized this space!" he said.  You bet, every available inch, and I can find everything.  I used to have my spices in a small decorative suitcase in the cab of the truck, and the canned/dried foods four deep in an upper cupboard in the kitchen.  I didn't realize I had four cans of re-fried beans!

All that reorganization led to a major cleaning frenzy, too, in the rest of The Palms.  Funny how one thing leads to another.

THANKS, TOM! for doing all that work for me, spending so much valuable time on my project, and picking up the cost.  Win/Win/Win for me, and I so enjoyed spending the time with you and watching how you work.  I'm so proud of you and the way you handle yourself, your work ethic, and all your skills.  And the pantry is

From me and Katie, have a great Monday, everyone!  :)


  1. Thats a wonderful job that he did and is so handy, love our pantry too!

  2. Looks very nice, Barbara. I'm sure you will enjoy having all that extra room for your cooking related items. Good to see you have such qualified help in the family.

  3. I can't believe how much that pantry cabinet holds! Tom did a beautiful job, and it turned out to look better ever than any professional job - imagine what you would have to pay a craftsman to build and install it.

  4. That is a perfect pantry, so much nicer to see things and in easy reach. beautiful

  5. What a wonderful addition to your life! You seem to have a lot of nice storage in such a short rig, and this really makes your things easy to get to. I am SO jealous! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  6. Tom did a beautiful job. It really does hold more than you would think.

  7. Looks amazing and for such a small cupboard, it sure holds a ton of stuff. It will be put to very good use, I'm sure...

  8. Great Job Tom! I think that pantry is just perfect. Because it is so tall you really have space and with all the shelves, you can group and gather to your hearts content. I so happy for you.

  9. Beautiful job. The wood matches perfectly. Becki

  10. What a wonderful son you have and what fabulous work he does. You are and should be very proud! Enjoy your lovely and "special" son built pantry!

  11. Tom did a beautiful job and you sure have made use of it already. When you live full time every inch counts.

  12. I could sure use a guy like Tom. Great job for sure! It's funny how when they make Motorhomes, they never have enough shelves.

  13. Looks so good, Tom did a great job. Didn't take you long to fill it up.

  14. What a great modification! So pleased that you were able to make it fit. I have looked and looked here in our motorhome and cannot find enough room. whaaaa. Poor Roadrunner....has to stay inside the pantry....

  15. Pretty fancy for sure! And, gorgeous too.

  16. so hard to match stains and it looks fantastic!

  17. Wow, that is so fantastic! He did a terrific job matching everything, it looks like it came with the Palms :)

  18. It's good to know that you're done with the upgrades for your RV. Well, the new pantry looks good and I love how everything is neatly placed on the shelves. For sure, that arrangement will bring lots of benefits to you. I admire you for taking so much time and effort to improve your RV. After all, that's your home away from home. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that, Barbara! All the best to you!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV


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