Friday, October 2, 2015

Lunar Eclipse in New Mexico

We were at Caballo Lake State Park in New Mexico for the lunar eclipse and we had a perfect view.  The air was clear, no clouds, no utility wires in the view and no other RVs in front of us to block our view.  It was a beautiful night.  I took photos intermittently until the eclipse was full, then stopped.  The rest of the eclipse would have been the opposite of the first half, so I didn't keep going out with my camera.  I remember seeing my first lunar eclipse at Quartzsite and it was amazing.  I think this one was even better. 

The moon itself started turning a rusty color as the eclipse evolved, but my camera - in order to get a good clear close-up - didn't pick up the red color except in one of the last photos that's not as clear as the others.

Here's the full moon coming up over the hill across from the campground.  You can barely see Caballo Lake on the bottom right.

Almost cleared the mountain, and it looks like the eclipse is beginning.

Isn't the moon beautiful in this closeup:

The lunar eclipse is starting.  We sure had a front row seat - it was right in front of The Palms:

Closeup of the lunar eclipse.

 Almost complete:

 Here's the almost complete eclipse with a different camera setting:

This one shows some of the reddish color - when I had clear photos, I lost the color:

Pretty much total:

And here's the total eclipse, you can hardly see it (move really close to your screen and you can see it right in the middle):

It's going to be a while before we see another one.  I wonder where I'll be for that one?   If it's in a city, I'll never get shots like this!

Katie is doing so well, she even wants to walk more.  I'm not wanting her to walk too much because it always enlarges her seroma when she overdoes it, but she's gained weight, and of course walking is good for her.  So, she's walking a little more now and riding in the stroller most of the time, still.  I took her to get a bath the other day and the groomer noticed she has some gingivitis on her left fang.  Luckily the vet is in the same building, so I went out and asked if they could look at her.  I thought the gum was infected, but not yet.  We scheduled a teeth cleaning for the end of October to get Katie's teeth back to pearly white.

Here she is sleeping with the tip of her tongue sticking out - I love that.  My little fatty:

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  :)


  1. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Glad Katie is doing better.

  2. Good for Katie! It's hard to keep a good girl down. Nice eclipse photos!

  3. Great pictures, we could not see a thing with our heavy cloud cover.

  4. Excellent pics of the eclipse , you had the perfect setting.

  5. Beautiful pictures! We had clouds, so couldn't see most of it :(

  6. Glad to hear that Katie is doing much better. Looks like you got great shots of the eclipse.

  7. Such great news about Katie. Sure do like it when our girls are feeling good. No eclipse for us with all the cloud cover so it's fun to see the pictures that others were able to take.

  8. You got GREAT shots of the eclipse! We stood in our driveway in suburban Detroit and watched it, but didn't get any great photos. I love what you saw! Great closeup!

    I'm also very happy that Katie is feeling better. She's such a cutie.

  9. You always get the best moon and hummingbird shots! SO glad to hear Katie is on the way to feeling more like herself!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I didn't get to see the eclipse with all the trees in my neighborhood. Where will you be next eclipse? Well I hope you are "Oh the Road Again" (insert music by Willie Nelson).

  11. Hi! So glad to have found your Blog. I'm a New Mexico single RV female who is just about to start my big adventure! I will not be traveling full time but plan to be out for several months at a time, throughout the year. I hope do do mostly boondocking, so we will see! Thanks so much for your great writing and photos. Hope to follow your travels.


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