Monday, February 20, 2017

Jack's Alive! :)

Good News!  New Jack is Alive!

This morning I called Satellite Advantage to see if they had any King jack antennas in stock and they DID. They had two!  I asked her to hold one for me, I'd be right down.   I think those were the only two left in town.

David and I texted back and forth - and I bribed him with breakfast in town if he'd come right now and get me.  He put the bacon he was cooking in the fridge, jumped in his Jeep and was at my door in minutes.  (Always bribe a man with food, it works!  πŸ€“)

First we drove to Satellite Advantage where I snagged one of their two boxes with the jack inside, the woman opened it and showed us that all the parts were there, I paid and we were on our way.  Whew!  Score!

Next we went to Bad Boy's Cafe again for a delicious breakfast.  Great as usual.  Then a little shopping, and back home to The Palms with the new jack antenna.

Ta Daaaa:

Jack is alive once again!  And I get 24 clear channels.*

 *  This photo is not Photo-shopped.  LOL

The TV is an Axess 12V/110V, 13.3" TV.  I got it on-line at for only $116.67.  It has a stand so I can put it up in my bunk or down by the dinette.  I have 12V plugs in both places, so I can easily move it around.  It will also fit better than the old TV on the swing-arm attachment if I want to screw it into that, up higher by my upper cupboard, but that's too high for comfortable viewing from the couch or dinette, so I'll use the stand it's on instead.  Right now I have it plugged into the 110 outlet, but will use the 12V outlets if I want to move it to the overhead bunk, or if I want it powered directly from the batteries.

Here's David - relaxing on the couch, taking a well earned rest after climbing once again on The Palms' roof in the hot sun.

Thank you, thank you, David!

And finally, this was the sunset last night - another pretty one.

From me and Katie, with a new TV, have a great Monday, everyone!  πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ“ΊπŸ˜πŸ’—


  1. How good is that?? AND how good is David?? Very pretty sunset!!

  2. YAY!!!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ David looks like he's getting a well earned rest!!

  3. You have a real friend there when you can call a man away from his breakfast, although offering to buy him breakfast no doubt helped your cause. Glad to hear about Jack - hope he has a long life!

  4. Nice to meet up with all us fellow rv'ers that are willing to give a helping hand. Nice to have David around and now Jack is alive once again !

  5. We are at HI Jolly north of Q. Would love to get together with you again.

    1. Donna - send me an e-mail and we can touch bases. :)

  6. We have two little 12V TV sets too. Sometimes they have really come in handy.


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