Saturday, February 25, 2017

Moved again today, but not far...birthday lunch, and generator maintenance

Kim came back to Quartzsite to get some things done on her Roadtrek, and since she is camped on Plomosa Road, I moved up there for a few days to visit.  This is such a quiet, peaceful camping area now that all the groups are gone. 

All the recent rains have really greened up the desert - there's even a field of grass growing right outside The Palms. 

Below is the view out the window over the couch - field of green, desert, and mountains.

I saw my first flowers today, too - this tiny purple flower was by itself, but there are hundreds of them not quite blooming yet that will be really pretty once they're all in bloom.

I met Gaelyn at the 2017 Bloggerfest a few weeks ago, and today I got to know her better.  She's camped here at Plomosa Road, too - we all took a walk in the afternoon, then sat outside and chatted.  Gaelyn is a summer seasonal Park Ranger and gave us lots of information about the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, a future destination for Kim.  She also has LOT of knowledge about rocks, which made our walk on this rocky part of the desert really interesting.  So much fun to meet up with old friends, and meet new friends!  Thanks for a great afternoon, ladies!  😎

Kim and I went to town on Friday while she was having LED lights installed in her rig, and we walked over to Taco Mio for her Birthday Lunch.  Geez, I love their enchiladas - we had a great time.

My generator has been running great, but it was time for the annual maintenance, so I brought The Palms into Bob's Generator to check it out, change the oil and fix an oil leak.  He's such a pro, he always seems to find problems easily.  I guess the valve cover wasn't completely sealed, or one of the screws wasn't tight enough, and oil was leaking from the lower right corner.  So he took it off, checked it out, cleaned it up, and re-sealed it.  So far, so good, it's not leaking any more.  It's so nice to have local vendors I can take The Palms to when she needs maintenance or repairs.  Especially when they are good and priced fairly.  :)

Phil, Bob's assistant, changed the oil for me. I should probably be doing that myself, but it's SO much easier to take it to Bob.

So now the generator is all set for another year.  I've been going to Bob for six years now - and still highly recommend him.  His shop is the big open yellow building on Main Street, near Highway 95.
Bob's Generator
Bob Dummer
(623) 224-7655

That's about it for now - this should be a quiet week just doing chores and laundry, etc., and visiting with friends.  On Thursday I'm heading out of town for four days, then back to Quartzsite.

From me and Katie, thanks for stopping by!  😊🌮🎂


  1. Nice to spend some time with friends out there. And Yes Bob is a great guys had repaired our generator a few times over the years.

  2. Can I ask about how much Bob charged? DH has been doing the work himself but that's getting harder for him to do.

    1. Hi Fran - he charged me $25.45 for the air filter and one hour for his/Phil's time at $120. Total was $145.45 for annual maintenance, oil change and finding/fixing the oil leak. I had my own quarts of oil, so no charge for that.

      The maintenance I had done last year included other items that aren't due this year, so I skated on those items I paid for last year.

      I always bring out my Owner's manual to check the maintenance timeline chart to ensure what I'm getting/paying for is accurate for the particular service that's due, and everything he said made sense.

      I hope this helps. :)

  3. Looks like you had a great day. Nice to get those jobs done and you are keeping the guys in business by getting them to do it. :)

  4. Glad you are still visiting with Gaelyn and Kim in Quartzsite.
    Keeping up on Preventative Maintenance is far cheaper then dealing with Breakdowns.
    We'll look forward to visiting more next Winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Looks like you all are having a good time. I am having generator issues and am so glad to see your recommendation of Bob Drummer. I am camped on Plomosa Drive on mile marker 13 eight miles West of Bouse. I will stop in there tomorrow and make an appointment with Bob.

  6. So glad you were able to spend time with friends. I love Gaelyn's photographs. Very stunning!!
    Hey, if you have someone you trust to work on The Palms that's worth a lot!!
    Enjoy and take care!!

  7. Sure enjoyed spending more time getting to know you and Kim. Sneaky that neither of you mentioned birthday. Quarzsite is a good place to get upgrades, maintenance and repairs. I already miss the desert.


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