Monday, February 20, 2017

The future is here! Right here in Quartzsite!

Teslas in Quartzsite.

When David and I were in town searching for antenna stuff the other day, he said there was a charging station here in Quartzsite and he wanted to see it.

Model S

He got the location on his phone and we drove over to Carl's Jr., at the far west end of Main Street.  The charging stations are behind Carl's Jr., and we were lucky to see three different cars charging.

New Model S

The car below is the newest model.  David was pretty stoked to see them, and especially this one.  His dream car, I think?

Model X

Here are all three Teslas taken through the windshield of his Jeep.

Model S, New Model S, and Model X

Very sleek looking cars, for sure.  Beautiful.  Of course, they come with a hefty price tag:

Base price for the 2017 Tesla Model S sedan ranges from $68,000 to $134,500, depending on the package; the 2017 Model X crossover ranges from $88,800 to $138,800. Additional cost for available upgrades.

We also saw a blue Tesla parked by the Post Office in town.  You never know what you're going to see when you're out and about in this little town. 

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!    😎🚗🚘🚙😎


  1. In all the tI'm es we've been there, we've never seen a car charging at a station. Very cool.

  2. My son-in-law has one. but then his 16 year drives his used Volvo, and my daughter drives a Lexus. We have always had used cars and trucks. I guess it is good to see your kids doing so much better than you did!

  3. I will keep my old Jeep. It will go places that fancy car will not.

  4. The counrty where most Teslas run pr. capita is NORWAY, where cars have outrageous prices starting at around $50K going to $300K and even more for luxury models. There is a number of European countries which will prohibit registration of new fossil-fuel driven cars from 2030. I think this goal not to be realistic, but we will see whether the power providing companies will be able to satisfy the enormous need for charging all vehicles and at the same time providing enough electricity for households and industry. Main problem today is the average reach of an electric car with the relatively long charging time. Also batteries for these cars are extremely expensive and will represent a veritable waste/recycling problem once they they are exhausted. So it still remains to see whether electric cars are going to be the future. I clearly see it useful for driving within city limits.

  5. We are seeing more and more charging stations around in our travels as well. In this campground one camper has his Chevy Volt plugged in at their site.

  6. These charging stations are Tesla branded. My brother has a Chevy Volt. I wonder if they allow other makes and models to charge there too. Maybe Tesla just sponsors it for the advertising they get.


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