Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Takin' it easy at Bluewater Lake

Our two weeks at Bluewater Lake State Park were easy and enjoyable.  We stayed in the same campsite for 14 days.  Usually I like to move my site once in a while, but this time I paid for two weeks in an electric site, so we stayed put.  Plus it was a nice campsite.  We had three sets of neighbors during our two weeks, and they were all nice.  And we were close to the new restrooms with the NEW SHOWERS!  Yes, after no showers for a couple of years, they are done and opened up over the July 4th weekend.   So Bluewater now has a working dump, potable water area, and showers.  That really makes it nice. 

Here are some of the photos I took while we were there.  Our campsite in the electric non-reservation area:

Here are some photos of the lake - I've never seen it so full:

There have been times I was there when this boat ramp had to be pulled out further into the lake, because it didn't reach the water line:

And I remember laughing at this sign, "ROAD ENDS IN LAKE."  I've never seen it end in the lake before this year, in fact the whole area that's covered in water in this photo used to be a nice, big, fairly level area to camp.  The lake being so full is beautiful, but it sure took away a lot of campsites for the fishermen and people who like to be closer to the water.   On the weekends, though, there were a lot of RVers down there, so there's still plenty of room, they are just parked a bit closer together. 

Some flower shots - I don't know what these are, but they were pretty:

A little yellow cactus flower getting ready to open:

These thistles open up into pretty purple flowers, but I like the buds, too:

Here's a shot of Bluewater Creek, a bit further down from where JP and I hiked a few weeks ago.  There was a nice riffle in the water.

One morning I was in the mood for a cheese omelette, so I put one together with cheese inside, and avocados and tiny heritage tomatoes sliced on top.  It was SO good. And of course, my usual catsup and sour cream on the side.  :)  Every so often, I crave this dish.  And I ate every bite!

And two little residents of the park:

That's it for this Bluewater Lake trip.  I'm not sure we'll be back this year, but it remains one of my three favorite New Mexico State Parks.  Bluewater, Storrie and Elephant Butte Lakes.  I love them equally!  :)

Katie and I are in Storrie Lake State Park now - after two weeks sitting still, I was dying for a road-trip, so I really enjoyed our drive over here.  We stopped in Albuquerque to shop and then headed over through Santa Fe to Las Vegas, NM where Storrie Lake is.  The weather here has been SO NICE!  Warm and then cloudy and rain.  Some electrical storms.  We're in MONSOON SEASON.  Finally.

I'll post some photos of Storrie Lake next time.

From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!   😀😊😎