Friday, October 6, 2017

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted! (Again)

Katie and I have been at Elephant Butte Lake State Park in Truth or Consequences for a little over a month, and have now moved to Caballo Lake State Park.  I've been busy and not particularly in the mood to sit down and go through all my photos, you Bloggers know how THAT is!  Tonight the mood hit, and here I am.  Finally.

We really enjoyed our stay at Elephant Butte.  Did lots of walking, lots of visiting, some lunches in town, walked around TorC a little, and did some sightseeing.  All in all great weather and an enjoyable stay.  I'd have to say the same for our time at Caballo Lake, too, so far.

Below are some of the photos I've taken in the last month.  Most of my favorites were Roadrunner shots, but I've taken a few of other critters, some campsite pictures, a rainbow and some sunsets, the usual.   Sometimes I think I'm re-taking the same photos as I'm staying again and again in my favorite campgrounds, but I still can't resist.  And trust me, I'm sparing you all the lizard shots, I'd swear it's the same lizard as last year, the moon photos that look exactly like every other full moon I've posted,  and the endless birds that live in this area.  Etc., etc., etc. 

Here's one of the sites we stayed in overlooking the lake:

Elephant Butte State Park has these really pretty trees, and when they're in bloom they are just beautiful.  I love these little flowers, in fact I'm using the photo below as my screen saver right now.

The third and fourth weeks we were at the lake, we were lucky to get the end campsite with a great view.  After one of the rainstorms there was a rainbow going completely over the lake:

Lots of Mourning Doves - I knew they had blue rings of featherless skin around their eyes, but didn't know until I saw the photo below, while he was blinking, that their whole eyelid was blue.  Interesting. 

See his blue eyelid?

Of course, I had to post a couple of bunny photos.  They are running all over the place here, these cottontails and also jackrabbits.   They're so cute - the jackrabbits run when they see us, but these little guys think that if they stop and stay still, we won't see them.  (?)  I guess that's what they're doing, sorry little guy, I can see you!  

On one of the especially hot days, the rabbit below hopped into the shade, fashioned himself a nice cool depression in the sand, and laid down in it.

This large grasshopper Preying Mantis (Thanks to Anonymous and ndenim for the correction) was on my tire when we were moving to a new campground, and I had to flick him off the tire.  I was afraid I'd run right over him.   Pretty small wings for a big insect - they look like a skirt, don't they? 

And my Roadrunners.  They've kept me entertained.  Twice in two different campsites I've looked up and there was a Roadrunner on my truck hood, looking at me through the window.

They have so many different poses, it's fun taking pictures of them.

Do you remember when Mello Mike had his Annual Roadrunner Photo Contest a few years ago?  I ended up winning First Place the first year.  I haven't seen a post from Mike in two years now, but every time I take a Roadrunner shot that I especially like, I always think, "This could have been a winner this year."  These are two of those shots:

There were three Roadrunners seeming to fight over a piece of food, and the two on the left were jockeying for position to grab it while the roadrunner on the right and the rabbit behind him in the photo looked on.  Later I thought maybe the center bird was the mom and the one with the open beak was her baby.

After the center bird finally chased the bird on the left away, she went over to the food and picked it up and offered it to the other bird.  It doesn't look much smaller than the others, though, so...  I don't know what was going on, really, but it was very entertaining to watch. 

Below is a sunset photo from Elephant Butte - the sky was so red around the setting sun:

I just scheduled my annual medical appointments in San Diego and will be heading west soon.  I'm sure going to miss New Mexico, but it's always nice to get those appointments out of the way for another year!

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone! ❤❤


  1. Replies
    1. Great seeing you, too, Roxi! Hope the next time won't be so long. :)

  2. I think the "grasshopper" is a praying mantis. Good shot of it.

  3. Love it there in T or C and Elephant Butte state park is excellent. The Roadrunners sure are fun to watch great photos.

  4. Good to hear from you. We enjoyed a few days at Elephant-Butte State Park last year on our way down. Very nice state park, hope to visit it again sometime.

  5. Good to hear from you and see your great pictures. Good luck with the doc appts.

  6. Good luck with the doctor's appointments.
    Loved that State Park. Looks like you were on the same level we were.
    Lots to see in Elephant Butte as well.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Quartzsite.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. I know how it is keeping up with the blogging. Glad to hear from you. Love all the photos! I had one of those praying mantis get in my camper one time and it took me forever to find him and get him out. They stay so still it's hard to find them! When I did finally find him I cupped him in my hands, and he bit me! I didn't know they could bite!

    1. Oh, geez, I didn't realize they'd bite us, either. Good to know!

  8. Nice to have a post from you.... I like Road Runners too!
    Was wondering, did you finally conquer the mice problem getting inside,
    also the pack rats in your motor?
    If I was camping alone that would stir me up fast! Lol
    I think you must be a hardy gal !

    1. Hi Linda - Pretty much. No more pack rats, but I did have a little mouse in the truck cab the other day. Tiny little thing was stuck to one of the sticky traps I keep there. But I hardly ever get them any more. :)

  9. I know what you mean about being busy and not finding the time to blog. It's been a month for me too.
    Love the roadrunner pics.

  10. Yes! Mantis ladies bite . . . In fact they eat their partner while mating. He just keeps on keepin' on, though.

    Roadrunners and bunnies are just too cute for words, so many pictures are just necessary !!!

    Virtual hugs,


  11. Your pictures are always fantastic and I never get tired looking at animals and sunsets!!!
    Love those Riadrunners!!

  12. I've become pretty lax at blogging too. Now I discover my blog is having trouble making it to reading lists so sounds like it'll even be longer. I think we're so bus doing what we like doing and sometimes recapping isn't as much fun. Enjoy yourself. Winter is coming and you'll be needing to leave New Mexico behind.

  13. Love the photo of the roadrunner taken from the front. Looks like he (or her?) has on a fur coat and I love that you can see the polka dots on the tail!

  14. LOL. I like the critter pictures too. Just keep having fun and let us know where you are.

  15. With all those critters near my bloodhounds, they would never get any sleep nor would I because I would have to go find them. You always seem to have great camp sites in NM. I enjoy the photos you have posted year after year in those areas.

  16. I'm going over to Cherry Creek today to see John. I'll find out about our favorite places to stay. Closing Thousand Trails will make the other places more crowded. I texted you a while back but must not have the right number.

    1. Okay, thanks, Dale. I sent you a What's App message. I'll check my text app, too. How are things at Cherry Creek?

  17. The tree pictured is a Desert Willow (chilopsis linearis), native to the area. I think it's actually a member of the catalpa family (judging from the blossom), not a true willow.


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