Sunday, August 17, 2014

And here's why they tell us....

...not to put levelers down when we're overnighting at Wal-Mart.  I always wondered what difference it would make - I don't have levelers so I don't worry about it, but it doesn't seem like a big deal.  Well, I saw the other day why they ask is not to put them down. 

So I took a couple of photos.  I took pictures, too, of the huge truck towing a large fifth wheel with the addition of a car in between, just because it was so different and cool looking - I've never seen that type of configuration before.  Then I thought, I really can't post their photo, that wouldn't be fair and they probably don't even know what they did to the parking lot.

The whole surface of the lot is perfect, except exactly where their levelers were all night in the soft paving material.  That spot now looks like this:

I guess that's why they tell us not to put levelers down when we're parking lot camping.  Now I know, and maybe by posting this, some people reading it won't put their levelers down while overnighting in parking lots.  I'd hate to have that option taken away from us.


After a huge rainstorm a couple of weeks ago, everything seemed okay until the next morning when I went to unplug my camera battery charger from this outlet under my overhead cupboard...

... and a few drops of water were on the battery charger.  It wasn't WET, just a few drops, but that worried me.  Especially after the ferocious rains we had the night before.

This is where the outlet is:

 under this cabinet:

So I pried off the outlet cover and pulled the plug down and there was ONE drop of water in that area.  ONE.  I checked the plug and the wires and everything was dry.  I got out my hair drier and blew some hot air in that opening, on the wires, and on the plug.  Then I blew more air on the battery charger.  They all seemed dry and just fine.

Then I climbed up on the roof and checked everything out; all the connections seemed fine until I found this (and it's right above that cupboard):

See the crack in the material around where the wire enters the roof?

I figured that had to be where the water came in from, and put a ton of GOOP all over that area.  No problems since then, but I think I'm going to have to take off all the waterproofing sealant soon, and re-apply new material to keep the roof water tight.  That's going to be a job!  This was just a "fix" for now, and it should be fine until I do a permanent seal.  I was lucky I found that small leak before it got worse. 

I guess since it's Sunday, I can be a little preachy:  remember to check your roof once in a while to make sure eveything is okay up there.  Wash your solar panels, check the seals, make sure everything is still on tight

And by the way, I was a little hesitant to use that plug for a couple of days, but when I did, it worked fine.

Here's a beautiful sunset we had the other night:

On a final note, there's a saying, "Nice guys finish last," that has always bothered me.  Bad boys usually seem more interesting and they often get the girl or the job, but they don't usually keep pace for the long term.  This morning I had a quote e-mailed to me:

It is not true that nice guys finish last.
Nice guys are winners before the game ever starts.  --
 Addison Walker

I like that, it's so true!

And that's it for today - From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. Yeah, people like that guy with the levelers who think the rules apply to everyone but them are going to ruin it for the rest of us.

  2. I hardly think the guy didn't know what damage he caused.

  3. If they would have put a 3 foot length of 2x6 board under each 6in square leveler pad that would have spread the footprint and weight out and the damage wouldn't have happened, I put boards under my 5th wheel pads no matter where I park even on concrete.Some people just don't care.You can't fix stupid.

  4. Yep people need to take a lil time and put boards under there levelers. Glad to see you caught that leak early!

  5. We use a 16 x 20 fiberglass kitchen cutting board under each leveler. This worked quite well even when we had a 40-foot DP. Super easy with our now smaller Class C. Haven't ever stayed in a Walmart parking lot, but don't see why those same boards couldn't be used there just like at a campground.

    Virtual hugs,


  6. Good job catching and repairing that leak when you did. I won't even comment on the parking lot damage.

  7. How could he not know the damage he did. We always use boards or pads no matter where we are. Great catch on the leak. So far we seem to be doing good in the Bungalow after Jim fixed the leak at the skylight in the bathroom. Always something to keep an eye on.

  8. Nice to find those pesky little leaks early.

  9. You are now a certified leak detector and a certified leak sealer!

  10. That's disgusting to see what the parking area looks like now. I can't believe the people who were responsible didn't see it or know what they did.

  11. I'm sure they know what they did, and have done it plenty other times too. That's what causes shopping centers to quit allowing RV over night parking

  12. Thanks for the mention in your previous post! And... Nope, I haven't started my blog yet though my best, oldest and dearest friend keeps nagging me... lol... I will though... Now... About that landing gear... I've driven truck tractor trailer (lady driver) for over 30 years. And, there have been times in the major heat of the summer gone to a distributor or place to pick up a loaded dry van (trailer) and the "landing gear" was literally sunk a foot into the asphalt sometimes... Too bad that RV'ers like that one will get the rest of us banned from overnights at the Wal Marts... I think I would have notified the manager to maybe give the travelers a friendly knock on the door. I'm sure some people don't know the "rules"... But, WOW they really left some damage... Did you get your control panel problem figured out? What was wrong and did you have to replace it? P-Nut sends kisses to Katie!

    1. Hi M N M! No, haven't gotten it figured out yet. Actually I think I just need to bring it in to be fixed, but not ready yet to spend that money, and so far haven't really missed having it operable. It is handy when it's working, though, so I'll probably have it done early next year. :)

  13. Great save on that leak. Sunday, we had one appear on our drive in the rain. It is a fooler because where we had the drip.....nothing is above it. I think the water was wind driven, so we will be checking in front of the leak area today.

  14. Wow on the levelers and what they do.
    Glad you found the drip and where it's coming from. I stocked up on "as you see on tv" Flex shot but I know we have GOOP somewhere.
    Beautiful sunsets pictures!!!! :-)


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