Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Goodbye to The Palms

Goodbye to The Palms. She sold today, and will continue on with a new couple who have two little dogs. She'll be much happier with them, exploring new places, roaring down new roads, than sitting on the side of my house. Onward and upward, sweet motor home. She was perfect, and I'll miss her. This is one of the early photos I took of her, visiting my kids.

So...  that chapter of my life is closed, and I have lots more adventures ahead.

Right now working on the new house is on the top of my list.  Landscaping, fencing, changing out windows and doors.  Patios and pergolas. Shutters and window boxes.  Big things and little things.

She's finally furnished and comfortable, and is going to be a great little house for me and Charlie - who just dug a huge hole in the backyard.  It looks like he's trying to help the contractor dig post holes.

I think about all of you out on the road.  I'll keep in touch from time to time.

You all take care,

Me and Charlie  🐾🐾 😊


  1. I'm glad you'll check in once in awhile. Jim and I are grounded here in AZ for the summer. Mot sure what next year will bring. Enjoy your new adventures.

  2. Everytime I see that empty spot at La Posa South I think of you hanging your laundry to dry. LOL.
    Safe Travels in the Future. Enjoy the House and don't forget to drop a line.

    It's about time.

  3. I have been wondering what you decided to do with the Palms. Been reading about lots of people hanging up the keys but very few in the really cold climates. You did that part of your life and now you have another one to enjoy.
    Take care

  4. She was a great home and it's good to know she'll continue to be that.

  5. Yes, we also sold our rig this month. It was time and looking forward to different adventures.

  6. Gosh this is such an end of an error for me. I've traveled through you and Katie for years. I'm sure you made the right choice buying a house, a new big dog love and now parting with the Palms. Wow. So much change but it will all lead to so many new adventures. Enjoy and keep us posted.

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  8. Another new chapter, so glad that we met you a few times over the years and enjoyed some friendly stories and fun times. Now you and Charlie can enjoy some fun times in your new home.

  9. Good for you! New chapters are fun :) We are in the process of trying to decide if we want to move to a new chapter. Good luck, hope things go well!

  10. Glad to hear you sold her. I bet it was a little emotional. We've been doing the same things and getting settled in our new house. We are so looking forward to having a yard with place for flowers and a garden. Enjoy your new life and keep in touch.

  11. I'm glad I discovered your blog. For a few days I've been reading everything from the beginning. It helps a lot because you put a translation gadget on the blog.
    Do not stop writing, please.
    I want you a lot of luck in health and love in your future adventures.
    Sorry for grammatical errors, I use google translate.
    Greetings from Croatia

  12. I’ve sure enjoyed following your blog for a long time and
    will miss your travels and the Palms.....but looking forward
    to your new adventures. Hope you give us a view of your
    new digs one of these days. Best wishes to you!

  13. aaaawwww... the end of a time, on to new exciting things... Take Care and God Bless

  14. Best wishes from Dawn and my Katie girl to you and Charlie on your new adventure.

  15. When the wandering bug hits again, there are other options that make a heck of a lot more sense for you now. It's annoying enough - not to mention expensive - to keep one vehicle insured, maintained, inspected & in working order let alone two one since they tend to degrade mechanically without regular use.

    Maybe a demountable truck camper that fits in your garage when you're not road tripping would work well for you. Some of those are so nice now & so much more maneuverable in more of the out-of-the-way places which you could explore not far from your new home that you won't even miss the bigger rig.

    Best of luck to you & that gorgeous puppy of yours in your wonderful new home, both of which probably provide you daily with plenty of ways to satisfy any cravings for new adventure, at least right now!

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  17. Hi Barb,
    I've been lurking in the background as you transition from full-timer to stick built dweller and I hope it goes as well for you as it did for me. I know it was difficult selling the Palms just like it was for me selling Mel, but we move on. Honestly I've never been happier. I think there is a time every full-timer decides they have seen and done what they want and are ready to move forward. I know you'll like EB, I still have friends there from the many springs and falls I spent in the area. One last note, sorry to hear of Katie's passing, she was such a lover. Enjoy you new life going forward and every once in a while remember the memories we both made on the road.

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  25. That must have been fun owning an rv. Are you planning on getting another one to replace it later on?

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