Thursday, August 19, 2010

About that raincoat...

WELCOME Pam and Randy, and thanks for following my blog!  You have beautiful rig - enjoyed your blog, too.  You're one Follower closer to 150!

I got my dog, Katie, from a local humane society here in San Diego.  She was given up by a military family that had been transferred and couldn't take her with them.  She came with dresses, tee-shirts, toys, and a book about Chahuahuas.  She was obviously loved and well care for - I was lucky to get a dog that had been treated well and had some training.  The best thing is she comes when she's called - sometimes with a bribe of a treat, but she always comes.

She's been great dog and a wonderful companion for me. My grandkids all love her and she is good with them.  As I said in a previous posting, she is a barker if someone comes near the condo, but that's not always bad since I live alone.

She was born 2/20/06 and I adopted her on 5/19/07.  That first winter I wanted to get her a raincoat to wear outside during rainy weather (believe me, since this is San Diego, she hasn't worn it much!), so I went to the local Petco and the only one available that fit her at the time was the trench coat she has on in the photo.  The funny thing is, I only have one raincoat, and it looks just like Katie's.  Except mine has a hood.  Can you imagine walking down the street dressed like your dog?  I have had a few comments, but they've been friendly.

So, if you're ever out for a walk and see a woman walking her dog, both dressed in trench coats, THAT US!


  1. does it actually rain in San Diego??..found your site through Randy and Pam..gonna follow along..

  2. I am so glad that you decided to get your new companion from a shelter.

    "Why breed and buy, while homeless pets die!"

    I am an SPCA foster mom, all our adoptable pets are kept in private homes, and I am fostering a lovely little 6-year old Chihuahua.
    Twice a month he is taken to Adoption Day at Petco, and I hope he will get a forever home soon.

    Why don't I keep him, as he is so well behaved? Because I am a great grandma and he would outlive me, and be looking for a new home as an older dog, it would not be fair to him.

    Both my own personal pets, a cat and a dog, are 15 years old, but I also am fostering two sweet kitties.

    Thank you so much for caring about the animals.
    Penny, TX


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