Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beautiful Saturday in San Diego - and the Second Crafting Idea

I'm loving the weather in San Diego this summer.  I've been here for six summers now, and usually I get pretty bored with the constant pleasant weather.  I love rain and wind and storms, and like it when the seasons bring different types of weather.  We don't get enough "weather" here.  But this year is so strange, lots of rain, even a bunch of thunderstorms.  Here it is the middle of August and I've turned my air conditioner on once - for a couple of hours.  We've had the usual "Grey May" and "June Gloom," and now this year "Bummer Summer."  Or so they are calling it.  I love it.  Overcast mornings, very pleasant days, and cool, cloudy evenings. 

Yesterday I said I'd show you another craft item I've been making.  It's a basket, and you need a sewing machine (I guess you could do this by hand, but I wouldn't want to).  The materials needed are fabric strips, glue stick and clothes line.  You have to get the right kind of clothesline, though, or it won't work.  A sewing machine needle has to go easily through it. 

Check out this link How to Sew a Fabric Bowl, this is a photo of a bowl from this website.  Isn't it beautiful?

I've made this one with the handles that is shown in the book.  Mine was all one color, though. You'll be surprised how easy these are.

You can make them all one color, or with different layers of colors, and the funny thing is, even though you do the same thing with the same fabric wrapped cord, when you are done sewing the basket, each one is different. 

I bought this book, It's A Wrap, and followed the directions and suggestions, they seemed the easiest and worked best for me.  I got it on

Well, I'm not intending this blog to be about crafting - but I like to pass on things I've learned and enjoyed, and I'm hoping I can continue to do this kind of thing when I'm fulltiming. 

Question:  Is full timing - fulltiming one word or two?


  1. Barbara: Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on our blog. I love those fabric baskets and may just have to order that book as if I needed any more projects! I did take the longarm with me last winter when we traveled south to AZ (we haul a sports car in an enclosed trailer behind the motorhome and I used that trailer for quilting) but this year I am only taking my sewing machine.
    We wish you well with your journey toward fulltiming. I've put you in our blogs that we follow.

  2. Thanks for your comment! A LONGARM?? You are probably the only RVer who has ever traveled with a longarm ;) I am hoping to bring my sewing machine, though. I hope you do order the book - in my quilting class last year one woman brought in a basket she made, and everyone else started making them. If you do...include a photo in your blog.
    Thank you for your good wishes.

  3. First comment on your Blog

    "Question: Is full timing - fulltiming one word or two?
    One thing I have seen others do is Google both, and use the one with the most results. It may not be correct by some dictionaries, but if someone ever "calls" you on it, you can whip out the Google results to prove you are not careless. Love your blog. Reading for RV tips. I saw your video interview with Bob, and traced you to here.


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