Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camping World and FREE Bike Basket

I went back again to Camping World RV Sales in San Marcos, CA this morning.  The first time I visited there, I was lucky to have Ed Graves, one of the sales people, show me what they had available in a small Class C.   He has an easy sales style and is really knowledgeable.  At that time they didn’t have very many small used RVs on the lot.  They had lots of trailers, which I am not looking for, sign of the times, I guess.  More people already have trucks and are looking for a trailer to pull with them.  Today they had more for me to look at, and Ed said they plan to keep more in their inventory, so I’ll keep checking back, especially as I get closer to being able to purchase.
Ed took so much time with me that first visit.  He answered all my questions and made a lot of suggestions and comments that were so helpful.  He was great, and I’ve been back three times now.  I always ask for Ed, although everyone there is very helpful.
Today Camping World was having a “coupon promotion.” I lucked out and was there at the right time and  I got my coupon for a $50 purchase across the lot in the store.   There was a woman at the counter and we chatted a little.  She has a Class C and travels with her dog, recently to Alaska, and gave me some tips.  “Thank you, Sandy, I enjoyed talking with you!”
When she left, Ed told me I should get business  cards with an RV in the corner, and my name and blog name and pass them out to people I want to keep in touch with.  What a great idea.  I’m going to make up my own cards today to have handy.
So, I walked over to the store and this is what I got:
Basket  from Camping World.  This isn’t us – it’s from their ad online.
Remember in a previous blog I said I don’t want a toad, I hope to get a scooter or use my bicycle with a basket for Katie?  I’ve been researching baskets on line to see what was available.  I wasn’t sure it would work with Katie, she HATED the carrier I bought and am now selling on Craig’s List. 
 Still not me and Katie – This photo is from the Outward Hound Carrier ad.
We never used it because she would NOT sit down and she has long legs, and she didn’t fit very well standing up.  It was awkward.
 So I’m walking down the aisle, not sure what I could get with my coupon – since I’m getting rid of stuff in my condo, and don’t yet have an RV – and the first aisle I turn down has the bike basket!  So serendipitous.  This one is even nicer than what I’ve found on the web.  It  looked perfect and so I picked it up, then I saw this:
 Perfect!  I have an old cracked orange plastic bowl  and a small water bottle that I use for Katie when we are in the car on a hot day.  UGLY.  This is so small and cute, and it has a string to hang it up.  So I got it, too.
Together they were under the coupon amount and so I checked out without owing any money.  What a great deal for me!
When I got home I put the basket together, very easy.  I put it on the floor and put Katie in, and she sat down in it!!!  She liked it!  Then I put the rain cover over her (which I’d probably use at first to make sure she wouldn't try to jump out) and she didn’t mind that, either.   She would be tethered in the basket with a clip that is attached, so if she DID try to jump, she'd still stay in the basket.  Of course, on the living room floor and on the bike will be very different scenarios, so we’ll see what happens when I try it out on the bike.  Might take some practice.  
Now I’ve got to get my bike out of my storage area, clean it up and see if the tires are okay.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
So, thank you ED GRAVES and thank you CAMPING WORLD!   You are My RV HEROS of the Day!


  1. Would like to see your business card when you have them ready if you can post it.

  2. Nice basket. Hope Katie does alright in it. Have you tried walking around holding the basket with Katie in it?

  3. I think the suggestion of walking around with her in the basket is great! It will get her used to being up in the air in the basket.

  4. Good thing you have a small dog! :) I wish I had a $50 coupon for Camping World. :)

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