Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Craig’s List Tonight

Today was a long day.  When I got home from work I warmed leftovers for a quick dinner and then started arranging things on my dining room table to get photos for Craig’s List.  I just sat down to transfer them to my computer and get started when my Dad called.  He and my mom are 89 this year, and are going through some age-related difficulties, and they are making a move in a week or so.   It is going to be hard on them, and I’m too far away to help right now, but my sister and brother are retired and close by, so they will be there for them.   If I was traveling in my RV, I could head west and visit and help.  Maybe next  time.   
 My Dad was worried that they can’t take their dog, a three-year old Chihuahua smaller than my Katie and a really cute dog with a great personality.  I knew my daughter and her family loved the dog, and have been looking for a small dog, so I called her and she said they’d love to take her.  I called my Dad back and he was really relieved.  My kids will LOVE that dog. 
When I finish this, I’ll get back to the listings – I guess I need to do some research on the web to find out what I should list the items for.  Some of them are large, like my dining room table and chairs – round table with a glass top and four chairs – and a decorative mannequin. I hate to sell the mannequin, I put an old feathered hat on it from a costume I have and she looks very fancy in my bedroom corner.  But it won’t fit in my RV. Now that I look at them, most of the things are small enough to ship if I need to.   

I’m hoping it will be easy and go fast, and I plan to add more items every night.  (That’s going to get old...)   I’m anxious to see how I will do.
That’s it for now.  

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