Monday, August 30, 2010

Craig's List Update

Quick post tonight.  My Craig's List sales started with a bang, but have fizzled out lately.  I did sell the dog carrier tonight - the one my dog would NOT sit down in, so that was good.
I just finished adding a few new things, and re-posted the rest.
Remember the little Smoker/Bar-b-que - the Ancient Type 2 Kamado that I showed a photo of earlier?  Well...  I was going to sell it at a reduced price to a buyer, but before I did, I again offered it to my son who had originally wanted it.   And he did decide to buy it.  He said he loves "the art of bar-b-queing" and was looking forward to trying a new type of bar-b-que.  
He's had it for a week or so, and today I asked him if he had used it yet.  He's cooked on it twice, fish and meat, and said it just might be the best meat he's ever cooked.  Whew!  I would have felt really bad if he didn't like it.  But from all the research I did, I thought he'd be happy with it.  
Off to bed, I have an early morning tomorrow.
Good night, all.


  1. You never know when you sell something to family. It may work out, or it may come back and bite you in the rear.

  2. I have only tried to sell one thing on Craig's list, that was my MG midget. It sold in one day, at asking price. But I left the ad up and had no there calls the rest of the week. I guess I was just lucky.

    My problem is where I live. It is a little hard for people to get to my home and I'm wondering if I should plan on meeting them in town. But what if they don't show up? My time is worth something!

  3. Exactly, Pidge! But I would have returned my son's money if it didn't work for him. He said again today it was the best meat he's bar-b-qued, so I think I'm safe. ;)

    And Marikay, I'm lucky to live in a populated area in San Diego (or unlucky...) As far as Craig's List goes, it works. I wish I had an MG Midget to sell. :) People have been very good at showing up, or calling if their plans changed. At least so far. Don't you wish we were already done with this stuff, and on our way?

  4. Hey, just found your blof thru following Travels with Emma. I retired in 2002 and was just able to get an RV & am on the road!!! It was been a steep learning curve! am here with my dog Luci. Right now visiting a friend in Iowa, but planning to winter in Florida. Good Luck to you! Will be following to see your progess :)


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