Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Font referral I promised

I mentioned yesterday I'd refer you to a great blog that has some really different fonts.  At least they were different to me.

I like to collect fonts, and over the years I’ve gotten lots of free fonts on the web.  But then I found this fun website, Kevin and Amanda.com, that has very cool fonts that you can download to use on your digital scrapbook pages, for card making, or in your word processing docs and I really LOVE them.  My header with Katie in her raincoat above is a digital scrapbook page, and the font that I used for   Me and My Dog    is from this website.   The font’s called Pea C-squared.  The fonts are what brought me to this site, but she has lots of other interesting stuff, too.

When I found Amanda’s blog I spent a lot of time just browsing.  If you like this kind of thing, you’ll love her website.

Great recipes (lots are scrapbooked like this one for Carrot Cake), decorating ideas, crafty things, really good directions and tutorials, good referrals to other cute sites/blogs and the free fonts (she will make you a font from your own writing – for free).

Very cute couple, very cute dogs, very cute blog.

The blog has gotten much bigger than it was when I first started visiting, and she now has quite a following.  You will see what I mean if you read the posts of her recent travels.

This is a link to one of Amanda’s posts - The Beginning of Summer. My Dogs are Possessed.  I thought this blog post was soooo funny, the dog photos and her captions.  Her dogs have their own blog, too.  Miley and Howie are the dogs, and their website is MonsterPaparazzi.com.

That's it for now.   I'm going to read all your blogs and the spend some time with forums for Wannabes and Newbies and see what's new.  Maybe even do a search for a 22' to 28' Class C and see if there's anything new and wonderful on sale right now.

Have a wonderful evening, everybody.

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  1. The research and shopping stage is fun. You will feel your head spin with all the information out there. Look at a lot of rigs before you buy one. You might consider renting one for a week to get the feel for what size you want and can comfortably drive. Also think about having a towed.


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