Friday, August 27, 2010

Fulltimers - the luckiest people in the world!

I see I have some new Followers today - I even recognize some of you - WELCOME!  I'm so happy to have you following along with my journey.  I know people pop in and read my posts and then pop back out.  But it's nice to put a name and/or face to my readers, so THANK YOU. : )

Fulltimers:   Do you just feel like the luckiest people in the world?

I remember when I was younger and living in the San Francisco Bay Area. We would drive to Stockton, Yosemite, Big Basin, or some other place where we traveled through little towns, farm towns, country towns. As we drove by the houses I’d wonder what the people living in them were doing, what their lives were like, what did they DO all day living way out there? I thought they were SO LUCKY to be able to live in such a place.

Later when I moved to Placerville, CA and then up Highway 50 to Camino and then finally Pollock Pines, I found out. They do the same things my family did, but it was a smaller community and friendlier because you knew everyone, or knew of them. There was more freedom there, people were allowed to be who they were, even the ones who were a little different, and they were appreciated for their differences. When a group got together, whether it was at a Chamber of Commerce committee meeting, or in a local bar, you knew everyone - and liked everyone - and it was fun. Working and playing together.

When I lived there I felt very lucky, and wondered if other people driving by through town ever looked at my house and wondered who lived there.

This was my little Pollock Pines house with it’s shingled, covered front porch - right in the middle of my little cedar tree forest. Right on the snow line. I was so excited when I moved there.

I’m thinking it’s the same thing with RVers. I see rigs driving by on the freeway, or parked in a lot or on the street, and I wonder what are they DOING in there???  Where have they been, where are they going? They are so LUCKY!

I’ll bet you all do some of the same things I do, but you’re in a special, small community, and when you get together at Nick’s Gypsy Gatherings or the Escapees Escapades or other Rallys that I am reading about, you've got a community in common, RV stuff to talk about, places you’ve gone or plan to go, issues with repairs to discuss and help each other with, meals you're sharing.

You’re cooking in your kitchens, lounging in your chairs watching TV, sitting at your dinette table with your computers checking e-mail and paying bills. Just like I do now, but I think I’ll like to do those things more in an RV in the desert or in the forest, or in an RV park.

So… I wondered about the small town people and their lifestyles, and I finally got to LIVE THERE and BE a small town person myself, and I loved it, it was my favorite place to live.

Now I’m wondering about the RV people and their lifestyles, especially the lucky fulltimers and I want to LIVE THERE. And there. And there. I want to be part of that community. And I think I will LOVE it, too.


  1. Just found your site and will try to read all your posts asap. I like what I have read so far.

  2. Hi there! I hope to be one of the LUCKY ones some day soon! I found your blog via one of the other blogs I am following.

    Your dog, Katie, is such a cutie. :)

  3. I take something from your experiences. You seem to have lived in many places and tried a lot of different things. You seem to have courage to make changes.

    We have only one life, may we live it to the fullest.

  4. Noticed your comments on some of the other blogs I follow, so decided to stop by. Hope to meet you on the road some day. :)


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