Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here's my card, keep in touch

WELCOME to my new Follower! Thank you for dropping by to read my blog, and I hope you stay to follow along until I FINALLY have an RV - and beyond. I'll try to keep it fun!

And I wanted to thank everyone who has left comments. I appreciate all of you, and the great information you're giving me.

I have a question I've been wondering about. When a reader leaves me a comment, what is the best way to respond? In my blog? In my comment section? In the commenter's blog comment area? By e-mail? Any of the above?  Do you always respond, or only when a response seems fitting? 

Here's my card - per the suggestion of Ed at Camping World. Can't wait to hand it out. I think this was such a good idea.

I wanted to make sure there was an RV on it, since my blog name and URL don't mention RVing.  I had to use a generic RV clip art since I don't know what I'm going to end up buying.  If you click on the card, you will see the RV more clearly.

I LOVE having cards to hand out.  When I had my own business, I always made myself cards.  I guess I could hand these out to anyone I wanted to keep in touch with, not just RVers.  Or to friends who want to follow my blog.

Work tomorrow - in our new digs.  My company moved over the weekend, the last of our desks and the boxes we packed up at the end were moved for us and put in place.  So, tomorrow - a beautiful new office! And it IS beautiful. 

Have a good evening, everyone! : )


  1. nice new card!! for responding..depends on the question..or if there is an email address attached to the comment??

  2. Oh I need to do those cards too once we get on the road! Great card!!!

    I personally like to comment back if someone comments (if i get the comment in my email, sometimes blogger doesn't do that and I catch it much later!)
    But it is your blog. Whatever you feel comfy with is fine with us!
    Some people don't even comment back or make mention, some make a back comment right away, and some just say something quick on the next post.
    Up to you :)


  3. Ditto with Sue and Doug. Every comment won't always need a direct reply. Sometimes if it is a question that I feel may be of interest to a lot of readers, I'll make that the subject of a future post. Direct e-mail reply works if you have an e-mail address.

  4. Nice card! That's a great idea.

    As far as responding to comments, I generally just respond with a comment within the blog post unless otherwise requested.

  5. Nice card. I had a company do mine, but am going to try to do my own next time.

    I think the comment situation is a puzzler. I would like to reply to every comment, but there is just no way, unless you have their email. Most of the time they are just a comment, and not a question, so I have been answering on my blog.

  6. If someone asks a question, I usually will answer it in a blog as appropriate.

    I usually don't respond to most comments. I read them all of course, but usually don't have anything to say back about them

    When I leave a comment, most of the time is is to just let the blogger know I am reading his or her blog.

    If I ask a question, I will check back to see if they leave an answer in a follow up comment.

    I guess it is best to do what feels best at the time.

  7. Thanks, everyone. I, too, usually leave a comment just to let the person know I'm still following along, and don't expect an answer. It sounds like answers aren't necessary, in most cases. I appreciate your feedback.

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