Monday, August 9, 2010

It’s Monday, and back to work.

It’s Monday, and back to work.  I like Mondays, they are usually busy and before I know it, I’m ready to go home.  I work from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm, so I miss our heavy San Diego traffic both ways and have a light commute.
When I find the RV I want to buy, I’m thinking about leasing the condo and moving into the RV and living in an RV park for a while.  There are some in the area where I could stay for six months, leave for two weeks, and move back, or move to another park for six months, etc.   That would give me a start in fulltiming while continuing to work and getting paid every two weeks.  If I can keep the condo rented, my mortgage will pretty much be paid by my tenant each month.  
I was talking to a friend last night, and she mentioned keeping a closet in the condo locked when it’s rented so I can store some of my stuff, and I realized  I have a pretty good sized storage room in my carport area where my washer and dryer are, as well as my bike, golf clubs, boxes, etc.  It’s separate from the condo, a good sized, secure space, and it locks.  I could keep it for my private use, it’s not attached to the condo, my accessing it would not affect my tenant, and I’d have a “storage unit” for FREE.  That solves one of my issues – I didn’t want to get rid of everything, but didn’t want to pay storage costs, or ask anyone to keep boxes, etc. for me while I’m on the road.  It would be off limits for my tenant (I won’t even mention the washer and dryer), I would keep it locked and could store quite a bit of stuff there, for FREE!
My only worry staying at an RV park while working is keeping Katie in the RV all day.  When I first  “rescued” her, I had a problem with her barking during the day, she’s very aware of noises outside and always barks.  It was suggested I keep her in an inside bathroom during the day.  That’s what I did, added a dog bed, with a gate in the door jam, and that worked. 
According to the dog trainer, she only feels responsible for that area, and she doesn’t bark anymore when I’m gone.  I’m planning on a smaller Class C, though, and it won’t have separate spaces where I can leave her behind a closed door. 

How do fulltimers leave their dogs in their rig without the dog barking when they are left alone?


  1. I leave Angel in a crate while I'm at work (4 10 hour days), and when she is in the car. It is her den. She seems to be fine with it. It did take a while to train her with lots of lovin' and lots of treats.

  2. Thanks, Susan. I do have a crate for Katie, and she doesn't seem to mind it. I bring it when I'm visiting people just in case, but don't use it often. How large is Angel's crate? It must not be too big if you crate her in the car. I'll definitely keep the crate to use. That just might work.


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