Monday, August 16, 2010

The Kamado

Update note:

I ended up selling the Kamado smoker/bar-b-que to my son, Tom.  I charged him what I would have offered a potential buyer who was low-balling me, and I was going to offer to split the difference with him.  Then I thought, I'd rather sell it to my son for that price, and Tom decided he wanted it.  I'm glad we kept it in the family, and Tom is a fabulous bar-b-que'r.  Hopefully I'll get to taste how good it works.  I'll let you know...

Don't think I'm cheap for SELLING it to my son instead of GIVING it to him. 

The whole idea of selling everything I can is to:
1.  Make money to pay off debt, and
2. Get rid of everything. 

I've already given my kids anything from the past that was of value, everything else will be sold until the end, then it will be a free - for - all or give to AmVets, who will pick up unwanted things.

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