Thursday, August 12, 2010

The old Cashier's Check scam - and my first sale!

This was an interesting day.  I was so excited about the responses I've had so far from my listings on Craig's List, especially since the first one was for my dining room set.  He asked if it was still for sale, and I replied that it was.  He answered by saying he would pay me more money to take the ad down, wait for his Cashier's Check, and as soon as I deposited it, let him know and he will send his "shippers" to my house to pack it up and send it off to him.  I wouldn't have to do a thing, they would do all the packing/shipping.  Would I please send him my name, address and phone number, and he would send the Cashier's Check today.  Of course, that was the first e-mail I opened since it was the highest priced item, by far.  As I read through his second e-mail, my excitement faded fast.  I responded that I would only accept cash, and never heard from him again.  I've heard of these scams, but never expected to be a target.  Thank goodness I'd heard about this, so I didn't fall for it.

Then a lady who responded to another ad came by and bought a small sewing machine, an Easy Sew.  My first sale... hopefully the first of many.  I bought this a while ago and never used it, isn't it cute? It's really small - I hope it works for her.

I listed more stuff tonight. And that's all I'll say about the listings... for a while, anyway, unless something really exciting happens.  I doubt anyone but me is interested in a detail by detail description : )

Welcome to Wild Blue Yonder, my FIRST FOLLOWER!   And thanks for your comments.  I really identified with the words in your profile. And thanks to RB as well, it is nice to know someone out there is stopping by.

I think that's one of the many things that draws me to this lifestyle.  I'm sure I am very different from some of the people whose blogs I am following.  But there's something that I connected with in each one.  Men, women, younger, older, single RVers, couples and families, dog and cat lovers, and turtle people.  At first I was searching only for full timers who were single women, preferably older like me, but as I clicked on their lists and read some of the blogs they followed, I found these other people very interesting and wanted to follow them, too.  I hope that by the time I'm on the road, or at least have my RV and am able to take some short trips, I'll meet some of you and some of them "around the campfire," as Wild Blue Yonder said.  Oh, I can't wait!!  You full timers remember that feeling, right?


  1. I hope you have lots of luck in your sales! Good thing you outsmartted the scammers! I had one like that too, only on my house!
    They lived in another country and wanted to buy the house to rent out and make money on. They wanted to send me their cheque and I make the title arrangements here?
    Wow. scary!

    I am glad to follow your blog, you are an interesting writer and I look forward to following your journey!


  2. Thank you! I'm glad you're along for the ride with me. I've been "lurking" in the background for months, but will start commenting on the blogs I follow, now that I know how nice it is to receive comments!

  3. Thank you for you wonderful comments on my blog. I have been running around and this is the first morning I have had to sit down and read other blogs.

    I camped next door to a couple who had a yappy dog. The first time they left, that poor thing barked until her throat was sore. Then she barked some more. The reason I noticed it was they asked me to listen. It took about 5 trips away from the camper before she settled down. I have faith your little friend will figure it out. If not you might have to consider kenneling her. BTW she is a little cutie.

    You will love the full-time experience. There is something new everyday, new scenery to see out the window, and the freedom is indescribable. I have a friend who just purchased her van and was planning on visiting three states.... She is in Oregon which is way beyond 3 states and is living in it full-time. Remember wherever you are is home and wherever YOU are is home to Katie. I had my old friend with me the first two years. She passed away two weeks before her 18th birthday.

    I will definitely follow your blog and watch your stories and Katie's as well unfold. Safe travels. Oh and thanks for the tip on Fishdom :-)


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