Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Sunday, not much going on today

Sunday...  and WELCOME Susan - thank you for signing on as a Follower.  We're both planning and downsizing with the goal of full timing, but it looks like you are about a year ahead of me.  Lucky you!  I hope we meet up some day to compare notes.  : )

There wasn't much going on today for me.  I spent the morning cleaning a Smoker/BBQ for sale, and clearing off a baker's rack that a woman was coming today to see.  Also gave a good polishing to an antique platform rocker so it'd look nicer.

The barbeque is a Kamado that came with my condo.  I hadn't heard of them, but they have an interesting history that goes way back.  I did some research to try to price it, and had a heck of a time finding one like mine, so I guessed.  In fact, I couldn't find one similar anywhere on the web.  There are new ones for sale, big ones mostly that look like pieces of art, covered in tile. But I couldn't find a single used one anywhere.

There's a small cookbook from 1976 that was inside my Kamado, and it has information and recipes. It shows the three sizes of the "New Models" and the five sizes of the "Ancient Type." Mine is an Ancient Type #2.

Here's a photo - anyone out there know anything about these?  If so, can you put a value on it?

It weighs 80 pounds so it's sure not coming with me!

I was very excited to receive two e-mails from people wanting this.  Unfortunately they wanted to pay with Cashier's Checks.  What's with these people?   Their scam must work often enough for them to keep at it.

But I did sell three things today, so I'm rolling along...

I haven't done any searching for RVs for awhile.  I'm almost afraid I'll find one I want, and I'm not ready to buy yet.  In about five more months I can start seriously looking with the intention of buying something if the right one comes along.  But for now, I can still look, so that what I'm going to do right now. : )

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