Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lots happening now : )

Things are finally starting to happen. Yesterday afternoon around 5 o'clock, after doing nothing since the doctor visit on Tuesday  morning, I finally got some energy and realized I was feeling better.  I got Katie in the car and we drove to Walmart.  I was looking for two things for The Palms. I actually started at Target, then one Walmart, and they sent me to another Walmart, where there were OUT of the item listed as in stock.  I was still really too tired to do all this driving around.  But I did also get a loaf  of Walmart's Roasted Garlic bread - to die for!  Toast it up with a little butter, yum!

Anyway, I was able to get a new, small one-cup Keurig coffee maker. I got it home, cleaned it off, ran through one cycle with just water, then made a cup of the BEST coffee.  Yup, this little guy brewed coffee just as rich as the big Keurigs. And it will fit MUCH better on the kitchen counter in The Palms. Here it is:

The other thing I wanted was a small toaster/oven. I saw this one recommended on a forum, did a search, and supposedly they have them in one of my Walmarts, but nada.  So I just ordered it on-line.  Here it is:

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-in-1 2-Slice Toaster & Oven

Isn't it great?  Small enough to keep out on my kitchen counter.

I also got this table on Tuesday when I stopped at Camping World for the repair kit for my losing fight with the tree branches:

I've been using it in my living room, and I really like it.  I don't have a coffee table in the RV, so this should work out fine.

This afternoon my son, Tom and grandson, Gavin met me at the storage lot. Tom wanted to see the damage and assess what should be done.  The cargo door was bent and actually opened up, he said it would probably be easier to just order the door. He'll get some metal edging that goes along the bottom of the rig wall, paint it and attach it where mine is bent.  Then he can sand out the scrape on the fiberglass wall, repaint it, and I'm back in business.  I hope I can order the small piece of decal, but if not, we'll take it to our sign maker and he can cut an exact piece and Tom will paint it to match and apply it to the new door.

It sounds easy when Tom explains what he'll do, but it is a lot of steps.

He also took the patch kit and fixed the little tear at the edge of the roof over the driver's door.  You know, I could have very easily done it, but there is something about having an expert do things for you.  I would have cut out a little piece and applied it.  Tom cut out a piece about an inch all the way around larger than I would have. From the ground, it looks like a strip that goes across the roof to the other side.  You can't even tell it's patched.  So, now I am all secured as far as rain and leaks.  Before they got there, I climbed up the rear ladder and crawled across the roof carefully to see what's up there, and what kind of shape its in.  It looked really good.  Everything looked well caulked, no rips or tears (except mine).  I was pleased.

And finally...the Moon over Walmart last evening.  It was beautiful.

My estate sales is scheduled!  More about that tomorrow.

From Me and Katie, have a nice Sunday evening, everyone! : )


  1. Sounds like you are getting things all set up. Glad your son was able to do some repair work for's nice to have the help.

  2. glad all the repairs are done! are very lucky that your son is so handy!!..have a great week!!

  3. I like that toaster oven! Just the right size and it makes bagels too!

    I bought a couple of Rubber Maid containers the other day. They are deep enough to hold regular size spice bottles. I have stashed them in my drawer fro now since I don't have a rig to put them in.

    I do a lot of looking though!

  4. Sounds like you are having fun getting everything you need for the Palms. One of my best finds was a set of Snap Ware at Costco. Works better than anything I have tried before and never leaks.

    I bought the Toastation too after reading about it on the Lazy Daze user's group. But I found I really didn't have room for it inside. I think I will just use mine at home. Looks like a good one though.

    Glad you got all the repairs under way or completed. What a nice son!!

    Love the "Moon Over Walmart"

  5. "Moon over Walmart"! Nice picture and possibly a great movie title. Right up there with "Under the Tuscan Sun".

    Your enthusiasm is contagious!

  6. Looks like you're getting things ready to take off! I love that little table...perfect size.

  7. I really like all of your purchases for 'The Palms'. Nice shot of the Moon over Walmart too.

  8. The Toastation is great! I looked for years before finding it--everything else was just too big for my rig's kitchen counter.

    Here's a tip: get yourself a silicone rubber baking sheet (cheap ones can be had on Amazon; no need to pay big bucks for a Silpat) and cut it into two pieces: one to line the Toastation's baking tray (make the piece about 1/4" undersize, or it'll buckle when heated) and one to cover the toast slot on top when baking. The metal shutter that's supposed to do that job lets through a significant amount of hot air, but putting a 4" x 12" or so piece of silicone rubber sheet on top stops that and makes the Toastation cook better.

    Happy toasting and happy trails! :-)

    Andy Baird

  9. I think I was just looking at a similar toaster over at Fred Meyer. I decided against getting it since I rarely eat toast. I have a convection oven in Olivia and I'll have to learn how to cook with it. Anyone with experience out there? I saw your emails late last night and will respond to them later today.

  10. Love the coffee maker! I want one!

    Things are moving rapidly and falling into place beautifully. Good for you and Katie.


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