Thursday, April 21, 2011

Verification words, going through boxes

Tuesday night, as I was commenting on blogs, I dutifully typed in the verification words requested - here are two of them:  impoup on Kim's blog and horni on The eBay/RV Life.  One right after the other.  Now, come on!  Why  not, imsweet and contnted?

Do you every get funny words or words that sound funny?  I've had a few really good ones!  I usually add them to my comment if I think of it in time.

So I started last night going through boxes, drawers, etc.  I have to organize things somewhat - I guess I'm just too OCD to let someone into my home and invade my privacy too much.  Besides, I need to make sure I don't leave anything that's boxed up that I might want to keep.

I've had Word Processing/Resume businesses for many years and I've kept every invoice and all the documentation for each.  I have taxes going back to the 80's. I have all the docs for every car and home I've bought. I'm finally going to purge it all. I don't think there's any reason at this point to keep any of it.   My last active business closed the last part of the 90's, so I won't be needing anything for tax audits anymore.

I found my two fishing reels, my darts, it's going to be fun to see what else I find.  I've been here for 6+ years, and some of these boxes were put on shelves and I've never opened them.

I am filling boxes that I'll start bringing to The Palms this weekend.  I've gotten a couple of storage things to use.  The bunk where I'll be sleeping is long, and there's lots of room I don't need at the foot of the bed, so I plan to put my printer up there.  I think the plug will reach to an outlet in the nearest cupboard, and it will be handy, but out of the way up there.  I also bought two picnic baskets at Walmart the other night.  $12 each, and large enough to keep office supplies or craft things in - they looked nice sitting next to each other and will fit well there, I think.

I have good storage in The Palms, but a lot of it is high, ceiling high, and I can't reach up that far.  I guess the thing to do is put stuff up in those cupboards that I won't use often.  RV living must be easier for taller people.  Oh, but I do have an EZ Reacher.

 EZ Reacher - this will really come in handy!

I used to work for the company that manufactures and sells the original EZ Reachers, they are here in San Marcos, and I have one.  I forgot about it, I never use it here because I don't need it, but it will really come in handy in The Palms. I'm going to make sure to stow it somewhere handy in the rig this weekend.

 From Me and My Dog, have a nice Wednesday, everyone! : )


  1. I have a two-step fold-up ladder and couldn't do without it, in an RV or in an apt.

    Does your computer sometimes come up with a suggestion as your are typing something? I was entering one of those stupid non-words yesterday, and darned if it didn't come up as a suggestion after I entered the 1st 2 letters. So they recycle the words? I don't mind typing the dumb words but I hate it when they are so cramped together that you can't figure them out. That should be against computer-law!

  2. We also have a folding two step ladder AND an easy reacher in our RV. They both come in handy. I never thought of myself as vertically challenged until I started RVing!

    I'm with Gypsy on the scrunched together security words. Sometimes they're impossible to figure out! lol

  3. Wow! With that EZ Reacher, I could get my dog's fetch-balls that fall behind my washer and drier that are tightly fitted, sort of "cubbie-holed", in a recessed wall area.

    Enjoying you blog very much!

  4. Just thought I would mention this...please check with your accountant before purging your previous house papers. We were told quite some time ago, that you had to keep those papers. I think it has to do with capital gains and proof of costs/improvements/deductions etc. It may have changed but didn't want you to toss something you might need later on :)

  5. I took a lot of papers to the shredder last fall . Two large grocery bags full cost $7.00. I have several garbage bag full of papers in the garage right now, that need to go. I just wanted to wait until after taxes to take them. I think I will make one more fast pass thru them though. I am keeping 7 year of back records. We have a business and after I tossed some, I read I needed to keep ten years. For personal records, three is recommended.

  6. It seems like no matter how much paper I shred, it keeps multiplying and the process never seems to have a bottom. Do you have you rental sign up yet?

  7. How exciting everything is!

    Don't forget when you are loading up the Palms to take weight distribution into consideration. Also try to keep heavy things low to avoid becoming top heavy. It was difficult for me not to have everything logically organized!

    Also think of things flying in a sudden stop - don't want them crashing ontop of you or Katie!

    Have fun!


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