Thursday, December 1, 2011

Katie's beautiful neighbors, and look at this moon from last night

I welcomed Jeff and Sheryl Bright  the other day, and didn't see their blog, but they definitely have one.  Thanks Sheryl for letting me know.  They are in Las Vegas, and staying a bit longer than planned because of Jeff's sprained ankle - ouch!

Hazel and I took our dogs for a short walk last evening.  Aren't they beautiful?  That's Fleur in the front, a female, and Val, short for Valentine, is a male, behind her.  They are both very well behaved.

Fleur is more energetic than Val, who is very laid back, but she is also a couple of years younger.  I think Hazel said they are 8 and 10 (or maybe 9 and 11).  They are rescue Greyhounds.  Such sweet, happy faces, their snouts go on forever.  I'd love to have a rescue Greyhound.  I've heard nothing but wonderful things about them.

Val and Fleur 

We were rocking and rolling last night!  There was a wind advisory for the area, in fact a lot of areas, so I folded up my chairs and laid them down by the door just in case. 

 Female Gambel's Quail

 Ground Squirrel

And away he goes - look at the beautiful colors on his coat.

Common Ground-Dove

 Ringed Turtle-Dove

Last night's pink sunset. 

 Last night's moon - click on it and you can clearly see it's craters.  
It's hard to believe I took this with my Nikon hand held digital camera.

As I said in my last post, I asked Judy which book she would suggest for me to help identify the birds I'm seeing.  She recommended  "The Siblely Guide to Birds."  My neighbor, Hazel, has the book and loaned it to me to try it out and see if I want to purchase it.  She also has the app on her smartphone with the same info the book has, so I could get the book or the app.  I used her book to identify the birds above.  I knew they were quail and doves, but not what kind. I think I am going to get the book.  If I got any wrong, let me know. 

Today is cold and windy.  I was up early to help stack some firewood, but because of the weather and other circumstances, it didn't come off as planned.  I kind of landed in the middle of a group that has come here for years, and they have a large, deep firepit.  More about that later.  For the rest of the day, Katie and I are going to stay inside and keep warm.

From Me and My Dog, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. Hi Barbara, It was windy here too! I hear it got up to 100 mph over in the coastal side of the mts. I will call Ed to see how bad it was in San Diego. He has moved to a different friend's property, one that has septic!

    Afraid that soon his trip home on the weekends will be harder as there might be snow and ice. He may have to go all the way up to San Bernadino and then back down.That will add about an hour to his 2 hr. drive... even more during heavy traffic!

    I still hope that you can stop by here for a visit this spring. It will be free accommodations for you and company for me :)

    Those greyhounds are so beautiful. I hear they are calm pets and very loving. I bet Katie liked them after she got used to their larger size.

    I would LOVE for you to join my Christmas Pet Parade! It is a party that your group may like as it is not about decorating, and most travelers (sounds like 'Gypsy' lol) have pets!

    If you post something I can link it up for you if you like... although linking to a party is very easy. I even have directions on how to link up. (Instruction are on my sidebar 'Pages')

    Your photos are also something that I think you should share! I think I have mentioned that before... but you have better pictures than most. I have some photography party links I can share with you if you like.

    I hope you are still enjoying your life on the road and making new friends every day.

    xoxo Margie

  2. Those greyhounds are gorgeous. And I have never met one that wasn't well mannered. I was wondering how you guys were doing out there with all the wind. The news isn't good out of Los Angeles with all the trees down and all the people without power. So hang on tight to that cute little Katie when she has to go out.

  3. REally cool shot of the moon! I can't believe the strength of that camera, really good.
    Rescue Greys are really sweet. Greys in general are sweet dogs though, I just don't support the track thing. It's awful how the dogs are so easily discarded. :-( I'm glad there are rescue groups for them.
    I usually fold up my chairs too if there's wind or rain & toss them under my RV. Unless it's really looking bad, then inside the chairs go.
    Keep warm today!

  4. Love ur posts and pictures. They bring enjoyment every day and spur my desire to hit the road....if only I can convince my husband. lol This ole sticks and bricks is becoming way too time-consuming at this stage and age of our lives. Thx for letting us "travel along" with u and Katie.
    Those greyhounds r so beautiful! Like TexCyn said I also hate the way they r simply discarded after their so-called usefulness ends. Thank Heaven for the rescue people!

  5. Sibleys is the best. You can't go wrong with it.

  6. Ya what a day huh ! The wind has not calmed down at all. I've spent the day under the quilts reading and napping.

    Awesome shot of the moon.

  7. that is one amazing shot of the moon wowzers...I love greys they are so calm and well behaved..glad to see they were your blog..

  8. Great job on the picture of the moon! You are having the best time, I can tell. We're not far behind you!

  9. Had a friend with a retired racing greyhound. His name was Valentine also! I could not get over the muscles in his hips and legs. Loved to watch him just walk. So graceful. Hope you survived the wind.

  10. Love the photo of the moon. Looks like we are in for a few days of cold and rain. Keep warm.

  11. Wonderful moon shot, i love the new digital cameras!

  12. Moon shot is amazing. I was going to start looking at and for a new didgital but the store was a zoo as I got there to late.
    Wind was nasty and now its raining. But we are still better off than most.

  13. sounds like 'blogville' needs to 'battin' down the hatches' is windy everywhere tonight!!..hang on to your hats!!

  14. Yup, we are rockin' and rollin' tonight too. If it doesn't calm down, we won't be driving tomorrow. Don't put a dress on Katie - it might become a sail!!!

    Love you photos and you are even learning to identify the birds. Cool! The moon shot is great. Almost like Kate's in Cholula Red.

  15. I love that you love the quail..They were my dad's favorite bird and we could watch them together forever! Makes me happy and sad at the same time to think about it right now..but I thank you for the sweet memory tonight.


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