Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meeting neighbors, chasing coyotes

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When I woke up Tuesday morning, there was a Class A rig next to me, and a car, and she was getting situated.  She parked just in the right place, so hopefully there won't be another rig trying to park in between us.

You never know what your neighbors are going to be like, and here, where we're camping for so long, it's even more important that you don't get a bad neighbor.  Of course, you can always move, but I like where I am, and I hoped for the best.

A little while later she came over, and we introduced ourselves.  Turns out she is a solo, too.  I invited her in, and we got to know each other a little.  Her name is Hazel, and she travels with two rescue Greyhounds, beautiful, sweet dogs, and two cats, but I didn't see them today.  She is going to be a fantastic neighbor, I think I really lucked out.  She's been here before and knows the town, where everything is, very knowledgeable about Quartzsite.  She offered to take me shopping to buy an outside rug when she went into town to the post office, and I took her up on it, so an hour or so later, off we went.  We ran a few errands, and I almost completed my shopping list that was on my phone app.   Super nice lady!  I'm going to enjoy having her as a neighbor.

After that I just puttered around, put the rug out and nailed it down, put up more solar lamps outside, re-checked yesterday's blog and hit "publish" and out of the corner of my eye, I saw another coyote.  He was moving behind Hazels rig; he had come up out of the wash, and was soon walking behind The Palms.  Of course I grabbed my camera!  (The photos through the screen didn't work - all screen, no coyote!)

I was keeping my eye on him, because when Katie and I came back from our walk, I noticed a little dog on a leash tied up outside a nearby rig, with no owner around that I could see.

Circling around to the neighbors on the other side

Their coloring sure blends in well.

All of a sudden, the coyote circled around, got down low and looked like he was stalking.  He started slowly running toward the rigs where the dog had been, and I grabbed Katie's leash with the whistle on it, and went running.  I blew on the whistle, and the coyote stopped and looked at me, and kept going, so I blew again and ran toward him, and he turned and went out toward the middle of the camping area.  He was in view for a long time.

When the coyote was across the street, Darlene, my other next door neighbor, came out of her rig with her little dog on a leash, so I warned her to be careful, and we watched the coyote until he was behind bushes and rigs and we couldn't see him any more.   She's been coming here for a while, and had lots of coyote stories to tell, and lost dogs, and dogs coming home hurt, bitten, etc.  There was one dog in the row I'm in, down at the end, she said, who was taken by a coyote when the owner was standing right there with her dog on it's leash.  Whoosh, the dog was gone.  Can you imagine?

I told her about seeing the dog tied up outside, and she knew who's dog it was.  The dog wasn't there then, so I don't know what the coyote was going after, maybe the birds.

This happened right after 4:30, it was still completely light out, so these coyotes are not at all afraid of us (except maybe they will avoid those of us blowing whistles).  I'm not going to let Katie out of my sight, and I got out the SPRAY SHIELD, Animal Deterrent Spray that I had gotten when we were rushed by those dogs a few months ago. I had put it away, but I'm going to keep it handy now, that's for sure.  I put the whistle on her leash handle to protect me if I felt scared about a human that was threatening, but it's nice to know it might also work with animals if you blow it loud enough.

I hope if any of my other neighbors saw me outside blowing a whistle, they didn't think I was trying to gather them all up for the Pledge of Allegiance, or something.

So I met another neighbor, Darlene.  She was really nice, too; everyone here has lots of stories about the people, places and happenings in Quartzsite.  I love hearing all about it.  This is the only time I'll be a complete newbie here at Q, so I'm soaking up the atmosphere. 

When Hazel and I were at the store, I got bird seed for the window feeder I bought last year. I've never used it on the road, but loved it on my slider in the condo.  This is such a good place for birds that I took it out and got some seed.  I also got a hummingbird feeder that has a suction cup for the window, and now we have bird feeders on the couch window and the dinette window.

Almost right away we had a Verdin land on the hummer feeder.

What the...?

Where's the food?

This can't be that hard to figure out...

 Oh, I get it.

I asked Judy which book she would suggest for me to help identify the birds I'm seeing.  She recommended  "The Siblely Guide to Birds."  My neighbor, Hazel, has the book and loaned it to me to try it out and see if I want to purchase it.  She also has the app on her smartphone with the same info the book has, so I could get the book or the app.  She told me this bird is a Verdin, and I looked it up, and sure enough, it is. 

 Sunrise on the Q this morning.

 Doves on a wire.

I thought once we got here, things would become kind of boring, but so far, not so much... It seemed like a pretty full day, and even Katie was tired early.  We seem to be living by the sun coming up and going down, and we are both in bed earlier than usual.

From Me and Katie, have a great Wednesday, everyone!  :)


  1. I've heard of a lot of other RVers having problems with coyotes too. You and Katie need to be really careful. I'm glad to hear you were so proactive with the whistle and also have some spray ready to take care of yourselves.

  2. I lost a great dog to those nasty coyotes and would recommend something stronger than a whistle. I would tell you to get a gun! If that is not a workable idea, get a can of wasp spray.(those cans will shoot 30 ft. or better) The coyotes are kind of cute, but they are not 'little dogs' and must be treated as predators.

  3. Hopefully someone will inform that owner of the dangers of tieing a dog out and leaving.
    We worry about Sadie as we have fox, hawk and eagles in our area and she is so tiny. Riggs is too big for a critter to carry off.

  4. Your new neighbor sounds like a good thing! I admire her ability to drive a Class A with a toad.
    The coyotes will certainly keep you on your toes. Can not believe someone would tie a dog out. With the brush as close as it is to the campers, I don't think I could even go inside to get a drink of water if my dog was tied out with me. Wonder if there are little cans of wasp spray? Carrying around one of those big ones would not be to convenient. I love the hummingbird feeder. Never seen one like that.

  5. We keep a close eye on our girls out here in the desert. Not really much chance of a coyote here in the park but I still worry about the big birds of prey. I'm going looking for a small can of wasp spray.

  6. Keep her nice and close! We have lost a couple of cats over the years that we were quite sure were taken by the local coyotes. Katie is about the same size.

    You can't blame the coyotes, for them the RVers are "meal on wheels" delivery vehicles!

  7. Glad you have good neighbors there. Bad ones are the pits...whether you live in an RV or a S&B.

    Coyotes are so used to living around humans they don't have much fear any more. I remember as a kid on the farm they would try to entice the dogs to chase them over a hill just out of our sight...good thing the dogs were to smart for those tactics. What they understand the best is a gun and around here they get hunted enough to be a little more wary of people.

  8. Great pictures of the confused birdy on the bird feeder!
    Glad you are being protective with Katie... Hope everyone is.
    Not sure why you couldnt get to our blog. I always sign in using our google account. Its

    ~Sheryl Bright

  9. I'm glad you saved the dog. Hopefully its owner will smarten up.

    It's nice you have a Good neighbor. I'm sure you'll be good for each other.

    You have sure gotten the hang of this rv thing!

  10. Your coyote looks more like a fox to me.

  11. Little Katie would be no match for a coyote. I bet your moving towards the animal while blowing your whistle helped as much as anything. That's an aggressive posture for canines and usually works. Throwing rocks at it should give it pause too. Altho it wouldn't with a rabid one.

    I wonder if my 71 pound smooth collie would be in danger from coyotes or if they would steer clear of her. I'd rather not find out they would the hard way, tho.

    Sounds like you lucked out on the neighbors.

  12. LOVE the bird pics and the captions you put under them. So Cute. RV'ers are the nicest people !!

  13. Yeah, ya gotta watch those yoties, they're sneaky! A gun would be my first choice, but I also understand it's not for everyone. Being a cops daughter I was raised with them and being a single woman rv'er, I carry.
    How long are you going to be in Q? I'll be there for the big show end of Jan and to meet up with friends from the womens rv forums. Would love to meet up with you and Katy! Sharon

  14. I have always carried a whistle when backpacking or hiking, mainly because if you fall or get hurt or lost you can blow the whistle a lot longer than you can yell for help.

    When I was in Arizona last year I didn't even give coyotes a thought. I doubt if one would try to take Lady on though.

  15. That whistle sure came in handy!! What a great idea to keep it on the leash.
    So glad you have such great neighbors. That will make the experience even better!!

  16. Coyotes will go where ever they please and it doesn't matter how many people are around. We get them here where I live they look at you like they could care less your looking at them. I wish wasp spray came in smaller cans too. It is great stuff for critter or human. Be careful.
    Love the bird

  17. Coyotes will go where ever they please and it doesn't matter how many people are around. We get them here where I live they look at you like they could care less your looking at them. I wish wasp spray came in smaller cans too. It is great stuff for critter or human. Be careful.
    Love the bird

  18. That's really freaky about the coyotes, stay safe! The kind of people that tie their dogs out & leave are the same kind of people that say, dumb dog got itself hurt. I swear, makes the blood boil! I hope they learn & don't do that! Neat that you have good neighbors & it's great that you at least scared that coyote off!

  19. Glad to hear you got a nice neighbor. We have Coyotes here in Corona but never see them in the daytime. Sounds like your getting your site set up pretty nice with the solar lights and everything. Nice shots of Mr. Coyote.

  20. Glad you and Katie are having such a nice time there. New neighbors who are nice are a real bonus. Happy to hear you're taking steps to ward off those desert dogs! We're on our way back home to Eugene. In Medford right's 29 degrees out this morning. I miss the sunshine. You take care of yourselves. Give Katie a nice big hug for us.


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