Monday, March 5, 2012

And everything is good again (fingers crossed)

Good news!  It appears when Roger changed the converter fuses, that fixed the problem and now my electrical system is working.  The way it should.  I'm so glad he helped me out.  Yeaaaaa Roger!

And now my computer is also downloading lightning fast - I thought it must be the camp sites I've been in, but David just came by and said the faster downloads are probably due to so many people leaving the area, thus fewer people on the Internet.  He's a computer guy, so he's probably right.  It sure is nice to have some speed again.

I moved into a great new site this afternoon - not the Santa one, this is still in the same area close to the rest of the Dingbats.  Now I have to walk even further to the dumpsters!

Our little corner of the world.  I feel like I'm "home" again in this site.
I'll probably stay here until April.

When Katie and I took our afternoon walk, I noticed a GREAT site that was available.  I had forgotten a couple of Dingbats left early this morning, and their site was still vacant.  We walked over to make sure there wasn't anything there holding the site for someone else, and it was completely empty, so we went back, packed up our chairs and table and little rug, and drove over.

The first site I had in 2011 was on the highway side of the sites abutting this wash in the rear, and this site is at the other end of the wash.  It's a good size, too.  It's in a corner with other rigs fairly close by, but it feels very private.  I'm backed up to a wash with large trees and bushes, and I've already spread birdseed around the bushes that are visible from my windows.  Hopefully tomorrow morning we'll have some little visitors.

The chairs, table, American flag and solar lights are out, again. :)
This little sitting area is tucked away behind the rig, overlooking the wash.

The first dove to come kind of close was in the wash and I got a photo. (Thanks, commenters, quail - not dove. :)  )

It will be nice to sit and watch the birds again.

I'm in a spot where I can see the sunset out my dining table window with no rigs or wires in the way.  Before I always had to walk quite a way to get a clear shot, or I'd end up with lots of rigs in the photo.  That's fine sometimes, I guess, because I am at Quartzsite, but I'd rather get a clear landscape shot of the sunsets.  The sunset tonight should have been a good one, because it's been overcast with lots of clouds in the sky.  Clouds always make a better sunset, I think.  Unfortunately there was a really thick bank of clouds on the horizon, and it hid the sunset. Here's one as the sun is coming down.

It was a beautiful day again, hot, but the cloud cover cooled things down a bit.

It looks like I might have my condo sold, too.  My Realtor e-mailed me this morning - I had a buyer and the offer was accepted, but then the buyer withdrew the offer due to illness.  She was afraid she wouldn't be able to complete the deal.  Today it seems she changed her mind and is going through with her offer.  I sure hope this deal goes through so I'll be done with the condo.

Silly Katie with both her ears back. I've never seen her like this before.
Like a little girl with pigtails.

Tomorrow Hazel is going to town and invited me to come along with her.  We're going to Parker to the Walmart.  I have something to return, and another list of things I want to look at.  It's always fun to go shopping when I've been in camp for a number of days.

From Katie and me, that's it for today!  :)


  1. Nice to see you all set up and back "home" once again. You need to have some sun and relaxation, and that looks like a great place to get it. Give Katie a nice pat from us.

  2. Glad your electrical issues are resolved. Looks like a nice spot you moved over to. Best wishes on the condo sale going through.

  3. Glad the electrical is fixed, but now you have to buy a TV? The spot you have now looks great. Question, you said you are putting out solar lights, are they a string or what? Thanks, Julie

  4. hope the condo sale goes through!!..nice new spot you have..looks like a good one!!

  5. Katie needs some pink bows in her "pig tails" lol!

  6. Hi Barbara,
    The shot of the bird is great. But it is a female Quail. There more fun to watch to. :) You must like the heat to stay until April.
    Enjoy your shopping trip.

  7. So glad you are finding rest and a good spot!

    I thought that looked like a quail too. I'm sure there are lots of them running around :)

  8. Glad to hear your latest problems are resolved. I don't know that buying a new rig would have changed anything. I hear lots of stories of problems in new rigs too... and that would REALLY make me mad!

    Good luck with the condo.

  9. Isn't peace of mind wonderful? I'm glad everything is finally fixed the way it should be.

    Also, thanks for such detailed blogs. It has helped us know what to look for on our travels by going back to your earlier blogs on your travels.

    Great job and great blog!

  10. Looks like a great site. How far away from your first site?
    Say hi to Katie from Angel.

  11. Cute, cute Katie in her pigtails. Love your site and your pics. Glad the electrical issues are resolved too, but "fun shopping" and at "Walmart"? We part ways there. LOL. :)

  12. Barbara, So glad you were able to get your stuff back.

    Katie is just TOOOOO cute !!

    Fingers crossed that the condo sale goes through.


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