Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We've moved to Imperial Dam LTVA

WELCOME to our newest followers, Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog.  They have a Lazy Daze motor home, and have been RVing at least since 2005.  Right now they are planning their next trip, which is to leave about April 10 and return home in mid-December.  Heading west.  Maybe.   Ed and Carol, we are happy to have you along with us, and we hope you are able to leave on April 10!  :)

I am writing this from The Imperial Dam Long Term Visitor Area, which is located North of Yuma on the California side of the Colorado River.

 We are at the edge of the RV site area, the lake is down a hill and over a bit.
Not right  next to us, as it looks in this photo.  I wish!

Morning view of the lake. 

It's pretty nice here, so far. Very different from Quartzsite.  This campground is on the top of a flat hill/mountain on a level gravely, dirt type surface.  

Lots of places to park this late in the season.
The vegetation is all around us, but not in the camping area, except a few cactus here and there.  We are overlooking a green area of trees and bushes that's next to the lake, which is low at this end.  Still very pretty.

 View from my dinette window looking northwest.

View from my dinette window looking southeast.

Last night after dark, I heard the wild burrows braying right near our site, and this morning there was burro poop right near us.  Katie was barking like mad as I opened the window coverings to see if they were at all visible.  I didn't realize there were wild burros here, but I'll try to get a picture if I can.

There don't seem to be any birds or other small critters near our campsite, I expect they are more comfortable closer to the vegetation that gives them cover.  There was one red breasted hummingbird that flew up to the dinette window this morning, though.  I immediately got out my new hummingbird feeder, filled it, and now its on my window ready for any birds that come by.

The weather yesterday afternoon and so far today is perfect.  Last night I had the best breezes going through The Palms, and it's warm and breezy now.  So far I like this LTVA better than Quartzsite or Hot Springs, except that there isn't a town close by.  It's 25 miles from Yuma, AZ, and I don't know how good the roads are that way.  I came in from Highway 95, going south from Quartzsite, and the road here was longer than I expected, and after a while, not the best dirt road. 

The Highway 95 entrance to this LTVA goes past the Yuma Army Proving Ground. At the road entrance off 95 are these guns, one on each side of the road:

Then, up the road a bit is a display of lots of tanks and artillery from different wars.  I was a little emotional looking at them, and only took one photo.  It's sad we need these:

I've been trying to get a photo of this cactus in flower for a while now, and all of a sudden, they are everywhere.

 There were hundreds of these in bloom along 95.

 Parked at the entrance to the Yuma Army Proving Grounds

These are thorny, dry looking cactus, 
but the flowers are delicate and beautiful up close.

Katie was even willing to sit outside by herself for a little while this morning.

  She walked around a little, stretched out on the dirt for a few minutes,
and then sat on the bottom step, looking in, then whined.
She's such a wuss - just like her mom. :)

When we were driving up to Senator's Wash on our way to the LTVA, there was an area that had been burned in a fire.  Have you ever seen a palm tree after a fire?  I thought it was kind of pretty in an eerie way.

I was ready to leave Quartzsite, and wanted to start heading back to Glendale, AZ to have my solar system checked out by Ron, the owner, then I'll know everything is good with my electrical system, and I'll be able to head north with no worries.  I talked to Ron, and he said he'd be happy to check out my system, just let him know when I want to come in.

So, we'll hang out here for a while, I'm not sure how long I want to stay.  

From me and Katie, see you next time!  :)


  1. Those blooms you are seeing are Ocotillos. (Sp?)

  2. You seem to have a few more neighbors at this LTVA than others that you have shown pics of. Are there any trees in the area? I have this blm LTVA on my list as one I want to visit. How are you doing without solar?

  3. Looks like an interesting new place. Would have been nice if some of those trees were up where you are for a little shade.

  4. I would think it would be getting pretty warm in that area by now. We also checked out the Imperial Dam area but agree with you that it was so far from town. That part we didn't like. We're still looking for that perfect place. Keep posting and we'll see if you find it for us!!

  5. Loved the photos. The flowers are beautiful.

  6. I have neve been in Arizona. How beautiful it looks. And, I love how the cactus always seem to have a surprise in store for the viewer. Really great pics. And, btw, neither you nor Katie are wussies,just appropriately in tune with your surroundings. (())'s to you both.

  7. That area can be very windy but it seems this year it was not too bad. Hope the winds stay away so you can enjoy it until you have to move. Good luck with your Solar, it's the only way to go when you are boondocking.

  8. One of those cannons, ( the huge one) is the Attomic Annie. They were capable of firing an atomic warhead shell, many ,miles, never Thank God used in anger there are not many examples left. a truly remarkable example of Cold War Diplomacy. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  9. Beautiful area you're in.

    Katie isn't a wuss...she's a baby!

  10. Great pics. from all I have read and that you have been through, would not agree you are a wuss. just the opposite. Now Katie could be a different story, but then remember majority of her world is like King Kong in comparison to her--wouldnt we all be wusses in that environment?

  11. Nice pictures! My late husband and I hauled military freight to the Yuma Army Proving Ground after 9-11, in our trucking days. Sounds like you and Katie are out there haveing a good time.

  12. Senator Wash is an interesting area. If you check near the restrooms there is a box with a schedule of activities taking place. It may be winding down for the season but when we were there they had exercise classes, hikes, group cookouts, trips to Yuma, etc.

  13. Some day we'll accidentally meet up. We're outside Yuma on the California side. We've got the joint almost to ourselves, although if I step out and walk a few hundred yards, I can get a glimpse of another rig in the distance! :D

    The Good Luck Duck

  14. I rode up around that way on my bike a few months ago. Liked it and thought it would make a great boondocking spot - but like you said it is just too far from anything.

    I will likely check it out though for a week or so next year.

  15. You have a nice view of the lake for sure. I guess Katie is getting pretty comfortable in the full-timer's lifestyle, huh?? She is such a sweetheart.

  16. i like that last pic, the burned area is almost like it is in silhouette. It is beautiful in it's own way, but vastly different from where I am at, lots of green.

  17. Very nice! I am on my way down to Imperial Damn the day after tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

  18. Very nice! I am on my way down to Imperial Damn the day after tomorrow. Thanks for the info.

  19. Senators Wash, boy does THAT bring back memories. My family used to take the tent trailer to there. One year my Dad heard someone yelling for help. A young man was drowning. Two others went in to get him and they got into trouble. One managed to get back and my Dad went in for the 1st person and the other 'rescue' person that was now in trouble. He brought them both back in to shore. My Dad was a Marine and used to teach Drownproofing when we were stationed in Quantico, VA.


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