Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Various animal/bird photos from last week

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I've been taking miscellaneous photos the last few days, and they were too much for previous blogs, so today I'm going to be lazy and put them all together here.

I've seen a roadrunner coming through my campsite every few days, and one day when I was outside talking to Roger, he came up right behind Roger's car and continued through slowly.  He'd stop, look around, raise his tail, and walk on, stop, look around, raise his tail and continue, until he was all the way across to the ditch dividing my site from my western neighbors.  He hopped across and continued on to their sites, going under their rigs.  It was so much fun to watch him, but - I didn't have my camera in hand, so I didn't get photos. Then a few days later, I saw him again outside my window, and I was able to get some good shots.

I'm on the lookout for Roadrunners all the time.  I think they are such interesting birds.

The picture below was taken on another day, the roadrunner walked back the other way into the wash with something large in his mouth, maybe a lizard?  I couldn't see what it was.  It hung from both sides of his beak. "Roadrunners are relatively large birds. They mainly eat meat, meaning lizards, mice, other birds, snakes and bugs. They supplement their diet with vegetation."  I got that information on-line, I was interested in what they eat, and what this "thing" he was carrying might be.

Bringing dinner home.

This little guy kept standing up by the bushes.
I wonder if he was eating the leaves?

It's hard getting photos of these rabbits!

There are three camp cats that roam free.
These guys were watching me from the little wash.

Below is Carol's cat, Dora.  She was stalking the doves, who didn't seem to mind that there was a cat nearby.  It took so long for her to move, I finally walked on.  Carol said she hasn't caught one yet, except the one that flew into their motor home.  Dora caught it and then put it down, and Carol checked it and saw that it was okay, so she put the dove outside and it flew away.

Dora stalking a couple of Doves.  
She thinks they can't see her hiding behind the water dish.

These doves have pretty markings.

I went to Bob's Generator yesterday morning, and I think he diagnosed the problem.  It's not the part he put in, the voltage regulator, but another part I had installed in another state that failed, probably right when it was installed due to something the technician did at the shop.

Anyway, I have a lengthy e-mail I'm sending to the owner of the shop asking him to send me a new part as well as partial reimbursement for the parts and labor I've spent in repairing blown parts because of their mistake.  I don't want to name the place right now; first I want to give him a chance to step up and do the right thing.  I'll let you know what happens.

I'm not trying to present a cliff hanger here, but wanted you to know the problem seems to have been finally diagnosed correctly, and if the shop owner doesn't come through for me, I'll FOR SURE let you know.

I have no problem with a shop that makes a mistake, we all do.  And when they admit they made a mistake and take care of their customer, then they get an A+ from me.  But if they are not willing to admit and correct the error, then I have a BIG issue with them.  I'm hoping these people are honest.  If he doesn't cooperate, I plan to take steps to recoup all the money I've spent.  I'm hoping he'll agree with my request so I'll be done.  If he doesn't, I'll order the part and installation through Bob's Generator and then decide what steps I'll take and how far I want to go with the other shop.

Full moon shot for March

From Me and Katie, have a great day, everybody!  :)


  1. Cats crack me up. They think they are so sly..but they take so long to stalk, by that time the birds know what is up!

  2. Great pictures. I enjoy watching the roadrunners too. They seem comical to me for some reason. Glad you finally found the problem with your generator. Sure hope the other place steps us and does the right thing. I think there is a web page to post ratings on rv repair places but I don't remember what it is. It's nice to be aware of good OR bad service.

  3. cats that roam free in the campground?..interesting, I am sure there must be a lot of 'food' for them..poor kitties..they look so cute peeking over the rock!

  4. I hope the repair shop comes through with the new parts and a refund for you. I saw some roadrunners in Texas, but didn't get any pictures. Cats are funny, they like to sit and watch before they pounce on something. Even with toys, my cat will stare at them for a long time.

  5. Hey, good roadrunner shots. I've only seen the one around here.

    Our doves here are smaller. Are yours Rock Doves (pigeons)?


  6. We've been in several campgrounds where cats have free rein. However, I think they are just looking for leftovers. I love the roadrunners and the other animals we see along the way. Very nice!

  7. Great photos! Loved the rabbit and the roadrunners.

  8. Love the Roadrunner pics and enjoyed the pic of the cats, LOL!

  9. Myabe that's the easter bunny looking for a place to hide eggs.
    Are u by chance a member of good sam club? they have an advocate that will intervene if/when you cannot get satisfaction for a repair shop

  10. Kit cats, roadrunners and bunnies, oh my! :) Great photos.

  11. I may have posted this before, but your determination reminded me of it in case you'd never read it. I laugh every time I read it.

    Hurrah for Dandelions

    It occurs to me
    that the official, honest-to-goddess
    woman-bearing flower is most likely the dandelion,
    one fantastic creation what got piss poor press,
    and has yet to recover full flower status.

    Howsomever and nonetheless,
    it goes on going on (to the chagrin of many)
    painting grass with sunshine,
    making tea, salad, chains, wine
    and carrying wishes on the wind.

    What else but a woman,
    (or one dumb dandelion)
    could withstand chemical warfare,
    decapitation, widespread denigration,
    being yanked out by its roots
    and other decidedly unfriendly acts-
    not to mention the piss poor press-
    and go right on blooming her fool head off?
    --Copyright 1986 by JG Masters

  12. Great photos! Loved the rabbit and the roadrunners.


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