Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quiet and warm, my kind of day

A big WELCOME to our newest Follower, Lisa Levin.  Lisa doesn't have any information listed, so I can't give her blog a plug, but we are very happy to have you along with us on our adventures, Lisa.  Welcome aboard!  :)

Yesterday morning after talking to the converter manufacturer, see below, I needed to get on the road.  The weather was finally pretty calm and sunny and  I was out of propane and had a little grocery list, so I decided to drive to Parker, AZ - the nearest Walmart.  It felt so good to be on the highway again!  I've said it over and over and I'll say it again: I just love driving The Palms!  It was about an hour each way, and sure felt good.

Some of the cactus were in bloom, and there were tiny purple flowers along parts of the highway.

When I got back I filled the gas tank, so now I have a full gas and propane tanks, and full fridge, freezer and cupboards.

I'm also in a cooking mood, and made myself a casserole - I haven't done that in a while.  Chicken, rice, artichoke hearts, green beans, spices, wine and cream of mushroom soup.  It's enough for about five meals, and I've already had it for dinner twice.  Really good!

 It's really good, but I would have liked MORE artichoke hearts.

I checked the website of my converter manufacturer, Progressive Dynamics, and it showed their 2-year warranty, and how to go about having a converter replaced under warranty.  I e-mailed them yesterday morning and received an answer very soon thereafter, asking me to fax/e-mail them a copy of my receipt. About 15 minutes later they called and confirmed my mailing address and said they would be sending me a new unit Fed Ex that day.  Wow!  It was so nice to deal with a great company!

I'll send them the failed converter by return mail in the same box, and one of the men here at Quartzsite said he would install it for me.  Basically it's just plugging it in and attaching two wires, but I'm afraid of wires, so I'll happily have him do it for me.  I think that will be the end of my electrical issues.  Won't that be nice?

Thank you all for your moral support - it's so nice to have people behind me when I'm going through difficult times, and you guys are just great!   And your suggestions are always right on, too.  As soon as the warranty is completed and The Palms is back to 100%, I'll post the name and address of the Utah RV shop, and start sending letters and e-mails to the various places, and I'll include the places you all suggested, too.

This is an interesting way to level your rig if you don't have levelers or leveling blocks. One of the men here, Mike, levels his Class A like this:

 See the mounds of flattened dirt? 
They were on the right side if his rig, which needed to be higher.

After the last few days of lots of wind and rain, the morning after brought out all the little critters. 

The little guy below spent a lot of time eating leaves on this bush.  He stood up and held some branches down with one arm, and grabbed higher limbs and pulled them down with his other arm, and ate. Then he climbed up on the rock and climbed the bush and continued eating.  He has a long skinny tail like a rat, but I was told he's a squirrel. I thought squirrels had bushy tails, but I didn't feel like researching it.

There are a bunch if them that have holes they've burrowed under these bushes, and they go in and out and chase each other around. 

 Is that a squirrel's tail?

Beautiful sunset last night.

From me and Katie, see you next time!  :)


  1. I'm so glad you are going to get the converter issue resolved, and that you are dealing with friendly folks who want to take care of it.

  2. I don't like wires and electricity stuff either. Glad you found someone to help.

  3. Love the pictures you get of the critters!

  4. The sunset pic is beautiful! I'm so glad you will have the converter problem worked out soon. I enjoy going to Wally World too. I went the other night at 1:30am because I couldn't sleep!

  5. so happy for you to finally have a the converter problem solved!..good for you for being so diligent!!
    enjoy the sunset!!

  6. Yes, good things DO happen to good people !!

    Safe travels to you and Katie ...


  7. So glad that it sounds like a fix on your problem is imminent. You have been through enough. And we will all be looking forward to seeing who the bad guy is so we can all avoid him. Great pictures. Dinner looked good too.


  8. YAY!!!! Glad you have your electrical issues on the mend! I know that is a huge relief!

    I don't know what that little critter is but he/she is cute. I agree with you...never seen a squirrel with that kind of tail. Interesting!!

  9. Looks like a gopher to me. Glad your Palms issues are getting resolved!!!

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  11. Its a ground squirrel Sorry couldn't figure how to post it right. Just copy and ...you know.


  12. Glad your electrical problems are solved. I have had my own, recently, and like you I'm scared to death of electricity!

    I was going to ask if the critter was a prairie dog, but I see someone beat me to it--gopher is the same thing, right?

    Rich was fortunate to see a Kaibob Squirrel at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Of course no camera in hand.

    Your casseroles have inspired me. I think I'm going to make one, today. I wish there was a good shopping fairy who would go to the store for me. LOL Not going to happen.

    You have such a cheerful outlook of life so it's always a pleasure to read your blog.

  13. Well, I was just blog hopping around and found you...don't ask me how- I don't know. I like your spunk, gal, and I will be following along on your adventures now. I retired but hubby is still working part time. We hope to be RVing at some point..although we are pretty connected to kids and home right now. I do blog..it is usually a funny, sassy little look at life-today not so much- but usually people check me out for a morning smile.

    Good luck to you and I WILL BE BACK...threat or promise? Your choice!;>) Hugs- Diana

  14. So glad the company honored the warranty - hope all your electrical problems are behind you. Love the little critter pictures.

  15. I really think it is important to post reviews on those places that have such awful service. Might save someone a headache in the future.

  16. It's good that you got help installing the converter. I changed mine out myself & made a how to video of it. But I'll admit that I sat on it for a few weeks first as I wasn't sure of doing it myself. It ended up being pretty easy.

  17. I found your blog when I went to comment on Wandrin Lloyd's success story post on MDA. It looked so interesting I decided to start reading it. I have never traveled in an RV though I would like to someday. I love dogs too, and can relate to the fact that you are traveling with sweet Katie. I currently have two chi's. Quinnie and Amber. wisher you and Katie the very best in your travels.

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  19. It is funny how seeing a photo brings back memories. For me, it was your Prairie Dog visitor. I lived, for eight years, in Yuma. They were all over the place.


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