Friday, March 30, 2012

Update on services for Imperial Dam LTVA

I was talking to the camp hosts the other day, and asked about the nearest services.  Turns out there are services going each way out of here.  The closest is about a mile down the road if I turn left going out - there's a type of convenience store there that has most of what I'd need.

Going the other way, there is a Christian Center, I remember passing it on the way here, that is open a few hours four days a week at this point, I think, where I can leave mail and get free drinking water.

Also, anyone can shop at the Army base a little ways past that.  At the base we can get gas, use their restaurants and there is a place to shop (not like "military people" shopping with the deep discounts).  I have no military connections, but there are a lot of things civilians have access to on the base.  They also have a church anyone can attend.

Katie taking a walk on the path by our site.

The camp hosts also said this is a great LTVA because if there's a medical emergency, the medics at the base come, and are here in minutes.  If it's a true emergency and the patient needs to be hospitalized right away,  they will fly you out. Hopefully that doesn't happen very often, but nice to know. 

Jim and Gayle left a comment that when they were here, there were activities like group meals, planned hikes, trips to Yuma, exercise classes, etc. that were scheduled.  For someone like me without a car, the trips to Yuma would have been good, I could have chipped in for the gas, and tagged along for the shopping. The season is coming to an end, though, and I didn't see anything planned on the board.

Finally got a hummer photo - unfortunately his beautiful colors don't show.

One problem at this LTVA is the Verizon is spotty here.  I keep dropping phone calls and have to stand outside and not move around, or my call is lost.  Kind of frustrating.  Without a TV, I rely on my Internet connection to watch TV after the shows have aired, and I can't do that here.  The camp hosts said there's a place down the road right past the Christian Center, up on a hill (I remember it coming in) that has really good reception.   You can actually see the Verizon tower, so the line of sight would mean it's probably blazing fast.  I'm going to move there today.  It's also on the way back to Highway 95, which is the way I'll go when I leave this area, so it'll reduce my drive a little.

I heard the burros braying again last night, and they just started again, this is the first time during the day I've heard them.  I wish I could get a look at them in the daytime - and some photos.

I've been keeping up with everyone's blogs, but the slow Internet won't allow me to see most of the photos, and won't let me leave comments most of the time.  I'm still keeping up with you all...

Pretty sunsets here, as usual.  Arizona's got such great sunsets:

I'll let you know how I like the campground I move to with the (hopefully) good Verizon signal.

From Me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone!  :)


  1. Hi Me and Katie!

    I enjoy your picture and your blog each time I read.

    As far as Verizon service: Especially when you move around a lot, once per week dial *228 (option 2) and it updates your roaming and the towers in the area you are in. Once in a while (like my son's apartment) you get in a dead spot--very rare, however.

    This would be a good time to test it. Let us know if you get better reception after updating, will you?

    RVSue is out looking for burros, too! What a great life you are all living. I always have DVDs and my VCR in my trailer. I pick up various DVDs when I see them, so I'm never really without TV.

    Keep enjoying life. Katie is the sweetest little thing--give her a pat for me.

  2. What a great shot of the hummingbird. It is tough to catch them as you have! You have inspired me to get my feeder out of the attic and ready to hang later in the season. (()) to you and Katie.

  3. Katie seems to look a lot bigger in that phoot of her on a hike. :)

  4. Sounds like a great place you found to camp in especially if you can get better Internet by moving a little ways. Glad that the military will take care of people if someone really needs help. Do have to update you a little though. My husband and one son retired from military and other son also served. Not really sure what deep discounts you have been told we get because it isn't true. The only thing I usually buy from the commissary is meat because it used to be a little cheaper--otherwise, we shop at Walmart or HEB--they are cheaper most of the time. Don't buy a lot from the BX either because, although the brands they carry cost a little less than they would in an expensive store, they are more expensive brands than I would buy. It's true that they don't charge us taxes on the purchases but they don't have big sales often either. Another misconception is that military don't pay into social security--not true. We certainly couldn't live on my husband's retirement pay alone so most military need that social security. Thank heavens we saved as much as we could and planned ahead just like you. Sorry, didn't mean to get on a soap box but people really do think military get a whole lot more benefits than what they actually get.

  5. great sunset picture tonight and the shot of the hummingbird is pretty good too!!..enjoy your stay...hope that the internet service improves with the move!

  6. I had to laugh at your comment about having to move around to get a decent Verizon signal. Some years ago I drove truck in the days when cell phones were really starting to catch on, but when there weren't a lot of cell towers. I can remember places in S.D. and NV and UT where I had to stop my truck, and climb up on top of my cab or my flatbed load to get high enough to retain a reliable signal. Oh, the days when I sat shivering in the evening dusk while talking to my sweetie in the wind!

  7. Happy Friday to you, too! It sounds like you are on quite an adventure. I know how awful it is to have crummy reception with the internet. It keeps us all so connected in today's world!

    Praying for a good week for you nd Katie! Hugs- Diana

  8. I know all about the frustrations of a lousy internet connection. For some reason, it's worked pretty good today so I've had a chance to catch up on blogs and even comment. Hope your move makes things better for you.

  9. Great sunset pic. Even though you can't see the color of the hummer, it is a great capture of the hummer.

  10. Just thought I'd weigh in, too. When you rely on internet for connection and it's weak, it's nice to know people are thinking of you. And we are!!

    - Lisa & Trotters

  11. Hope you find a good signal. I hate being without internet. It's always good to know that emergency medical help is close by. Hugs to Katie!!

  12. I hope you can find better signal. So much of us rely on cell signal for everything. Verizon (and others) should catch on and get more towers out there!

  13. Your pictures are so refreshing. Thanks so much.

  14. Barbara, I'm like you - gotta have my Internet signal as it is my evening's entertainment.


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