Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Apointments, apointments, apointments, and apointments

One nice thing about staying put for a month is that I can get a lot done.

Tomorrow at 10:00 Katie is going to the vet for her annual exam, rabies shot and the other vaccines that are due. I'm also going to have them look at her nose.  Today after one of our walks we got back and I looked at her, and both of her nostrils were brown.  But... it looked like dirt, and it wasn't all there before our walk.  I got some foaming soap and warm water on a washcloth and carefully washed off her nose, and - what do you know? - it all came off.  Now I'm wondering if the brown spots are just dirt that stuck on her nose when we were walking and she was sniffing the ground.  If her nose was running, maybe some of the dirt and dust stuck.  So we'll see tomorrow.

Then around 1:00 a company staying in the park for a Safari RV Rally is coming over to weigh The Palms.  They weigh each wheel and then will give me a report.  I've been told with the size of my rig there's no way I can be overweight, but I want to make sure, and also make sure we are balanced.  If we're good, then I won't worry anymore, if there's something that needs to be fixed, then I can fix it.

Then on Friday I'm getting my hair cut.  The woman across from our site is a hairdresser, and she's going to cut my hair for me.  She said she charges $10, but I said I'd give her $15, $10 doesn't seem like enough.  That's still less than anywhere else I can get my hair cut, and I usually give them a $5 tip at the cheap hair chains, so I'll just consider the extra $5 to be a tip.  It's still cheap.

Monday around 9:00 another company is coming by to give The Palms a wash and wax.  He charges $150 for a small rig, $175 for a larger one.   That's what I paid last year at Santee Lakes RV Park in San Diego. The owner came over to look the rig over and give me an estimate. I wasn't sure about him doing the roof since I have the solar up there now, and I was worried about it.  He said we should definitely do the roof, otherwise the dirt on the roof drips down the sides, leaving streaks on the clean rig.  He said they would be very careful up there.  I told him I wanted him, the owner, to do the work and would wait until he had a free appointment.  I've been wanting to get The Palms clean and waxed for a while, so it will be good to get this done.

My neighbor checked my tire pressure this evening, and they were good.  The rear tires were a little low, but he said they are fine.  He checked the front and rear inside tires, but we couldn't find the valve for the rear outside tires.  He said maybe the hubcaps need to be removed to check those tires.  I think I'll hop on one of the forums and see if the answer is there.  But at least I know I'm good on 4 out of 6 tires so far.

I got a couple of bird feeders, one for finches and a new hummer feeder.  Unfortunately I don't have a tree in my site and there's nothing to hang the feeders from, so I also bought two window holders with two suction cups. They will hold up to five pounds, so I put each feeder on one.

It was interesting to watch the finches, but they were making such a mess on the rug and concrete pad below the window, they were covered with little black seeds.  I finally took that one down and stored it for when I'm in the forest or desert.  I put the other hummingbird feeder there, so now I have two hummer feeders up.  I'm not getting many hummingbirds yet. The man across from me found a hummer laying on the concrete, and he picked it up.  It has a purple band around it's neck and was very pretty.  He put it in a bush, and it later flew away.

There are a lot of birds here, mostly small ones, and the birdsong in the morning is really nice.

Katie is always extra ready to go outside, in fact she bugs me a couple of times a day - and it's not for a potty break.  She loves chasing after the lizards that hang out under the rocks and bushes here.  There are tons of them.  It's kind of hard on Katie since she is on a leash, but she doesn't give up.  I was outside reading my Kindle the other day and Katie just stood "on guard" watching the bush behind The Palms.

Boy, are these guys fast.  I don't know if Katie could catch one if she wasn't leashed.

This Green-tailed Towhee (thank you, Sondra!) was around the dog park area - he was really pretty, lots of different colors.

Green-tailed Towhee

Cottonwood tree in the park.

Pretty terrain across the street from this RV park.  One of the volunteers said there are fossil imprints in the soft white rocks in this area.  Katie and I walked over and checked it out, but we didn't find any.

I'm interested in getting results from our two appointments tomorrow.  I'll let you know what happens.

From Me and Katie, have  great Wednesday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. You are sure going to be busy. Nice to get caught up on stuff though. We really need to get Therapy all cleaned up too.

  2. It does kind of sound like dirt on Katie's nose. Keep us posted on that. Yes, the roof is very important to have cleaned too. but they can do that with a soft auto brush. I'd not use a power washer on the roof, but then, I don't use one on my RV at all. But still important to keep that roof clean too.
    The little bird feeders are cool!
    Sounds like a busy week for you for sure.

  3. Barbara, That really is a good price for a haircut. The minimum I've ever paid - and that's at those cheap places - is $20 just for a trim.

    But the price of washing and waxing the rig seems really high to me. While I was boondocking at the VFW in Yuma they were coming around offering to do it for much, much less than that.

    Glad to see you are getting lots of stuff done and out of the way. Weighing my rig is something I haven't had done either and it's always on my mind.

  4. Hello:
    being able to easily check tire pressure is very important. You can't just look at a rear dual tire and tell if it's properly inflated or not because only one tire is capable of holding up a side. One rear tire could be completely flat and you wouldn't know it until you had a blowout because the one tire supporting the side could not handle all the weight for very long.
    Almost any RV dealer sells, and installs, valve stem extenders. They are not very expensive and are a major safety item. Extenders plus a tire pressure gauge are two critical safety items.
    Once you get your rig weighed, look at the tire manufactures website to determine the correct inflation pressure for the front and rear tires.
    Tire pressure really is important. A blowout is potentially very dangerous. Not to mention costly.

    Enjoy your travels.


  5. It's always so great to get all those types of appointments done and over with. I checked on having our rig washed and waxed here in Apache Junction and the cheapest I could find was $250. Our girls love to chase those lizards but they definitely can't catch them.

  6. Dual tires are difficult to check the air pressure. To alleviate the problem I installed the Doran Pressure Pro and now I can check air pressure by looking at the monitor on the dash. Cheap insurance.

  7. I had my hair cut today and paid $ 35.00 so I think you are doing really well.
    I agree that the roof of an RV should be washed as well as the rest of the RV. It should not hurt the solar panels they are pretty rugged. Ours never gave us any problems.

  8. I hope all goes well with Katie at her vet visit.

    I asked to have extensions on my rig and the guy said I didn't need them. But he never did tell me I had them already. Mine where under the hubs. I hope yours are there I hear they are very expensive. Good luck with the weight load.

  9. I like your bird feeder. We have one on our window for the smaller birds. I want to get a hummer one too.

  10. its so interesting to feed and watch the biggest problem is keep the darn squirrels out of the feeders...katie is so cute..glad its just a dirty nose :)

  11. I totally agree with what Ed, Carol and Gopher the dog said.

    Your tire pressure is WAY more important than a wash and wax. On an Rv, you have to know what it weighs and then look up the correct tire pressure from the tire manufacture charts. Underinflated tires can cause blowouts. You don't want to guess!

    We have a TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) on all the MH and toad tires. We always know what the tire pressure and temperature of the tires are.

    Before we had the TPMS, Al would check the tires EACH time before we moved!

    BTY...we use "The Solution" for cleaning and waxing our motorhome. It works very well and is quick and easy to do. Safe for clear coat paint too.

  12. The finches are so pretty. I have a hummingbird feeder at my house in CA, but since I've been gone I'm sure it has emptied out and I'll have to attract the birds back if I can when I get home.

  13. Wow, you are getting a lot done! I'm catching up with you and little Katie. Glad you are continuing to thrive in your new life.

    Thanks for the Kindle download suggestion. I just did that and will start the book tonight.

    I just want to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Your support means so much. Things are looking up and I'm refusing to give up my dream of traveling.

    Take care and talk to you soon.

  14. a great shot of the green tailed towhee!

  15. Agree w/ everyone else on the tires. We check pressure each and every time before we travel to make sure it's where it needs to be. When you get the rig weighed that should give you exact tire pressure to keep each tire at. Valve stem extenders will help you measure those rear tires.

    Great deal on the haircut!


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