Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fix

WELCOME to our two new followers:

JudynEd Rice, who are showing no information.  JudynEd, if you guys have an RV blog, let me know!  NOTE:  Judy left a comment - and she does have a brand new RV blog: Woo Hoo! What a Ride!. Check it out. :)

Sam Livingston, who loves to eat and hike, and lives in Gig Harbor, WA with a sweet dog by the name Bonnie.  Sam, I don't see a blog listed for you, either; if you have one let me know.

Thanks to you both for following along with me and Katie on our full-timing adventures - we're happy to have you aboard.

Remember when I was coming out of the gas station on my very first trip (north to my daughter's house in Vacaville) and I scraped the drivers side of  The Palms on that pole in the gas station as I was turning?  I ordered a new cargo door and decals from Forest River and my son fixed and cleaned up the fiberglass damage, and re-installed the new door and decals.

Later I noticed this in the front corner of The Palms:

I didn't think much about it, but in the last few days, two different people told me I was going to have some water damage if I didn't get that trim piece back where it belongs.

Gary told me when he was waxing that area how to do it, but I needed a longer screw than the original one.  I planned to go to Walmart this week and added a package of different sizes and lengths of screws to my list.

He said to tap it with my rubber mallet from the center of the trim piece down to the edge, and tighten the screw a bit with each tapped area, as it goes in closer to the corner.  Hopefully when I got to the bottom of the corner, the piece would be flush where it belongs. 


Today Katie and I drove to Walmart, and I got some longer screws so I could  fix the gap.  It turned out pretty well.  I couldn't get it to sit flush, but it came in pretty close, so I put some clear silicone gel along the edge and in the small opening that was left.  It's supposed to be dry in three hours.  I checked it a couple of hours ago, and it was good.  It' water tight, and that should take care of it. :)

Pretty flowers along our walk in the RV Resort.

 Our gorgeous sky at sunset this evening.

From me and Katie, have a great Wednesday night, everyone!  :)


  1. Glad you fixed that edge, it feels a bit rewarding when you fix things yourself doesn't it!

    Katie needs to pose in the posies for a pretty picture! And that sky is amazing!

  2. Good job and now you won't have to worry about water leaking in.

  3. You're really getting the hang of all these rv issues, aren't you? Good job!

    That's a beautiful sunset picture.

  4. good job on the fix!..and you did it all yourself!..way to go!

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  6. I agree with Texcyn. Nice to be able to fix it yourself. Minor maintenance saves you from big problems later on.

  7. Sorry about no link to my site. I am just starting this whole adventure in blog land and it took me a while to figure that out. Great job on the fix. I see by your profile you like Enya and Celtic Women. Such beautiful music.
    I love your your confidence in being so independent. It inspires me.
    We are headed out on the road in Sept., so can't wait!

  8. Way to go girl. You did an excellent job on the fix.

  9. Keep it up and you can go into the repair business lol!! Looks good.

    Katie looks so cute sniffing around the flowers and that sunset is gorgeous.

  10. Good job Barbara ! You're becoming a real handy-woman !

  11. Great job! You did good, ya gotta keep you and Katie dry,


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