Friday, May 18, 2012

The Fires

There have been some bad fires in Arizona, four that are being reported on in the news, and when I went outside the other morning, the sky was dark with smoke. I went to the office to talk to them about it - I wondered if we were in any danger if the fires kept moving.  They weren't worried, but were watching it. They said they'd let us know if there was a chance of the fire getting too close to us.  Wow, I took one of my usual short walks with Katie and I could see a difference in my breathing when we got back, and it was a short walk. We stayed inside the rest of the day, except for short potty breaks for Katie a few times.

The last few days haven't been as bad - I know the smoke is there, but it's not as thick.  I guess it depends on how the winds are blowing.  Today is windy, and I can see more smoke in the skies.  I'm glad I'll be leaving on Wednesday.

This was the sky in the East yesterday evening. The smoke was swirling, very unusual looking.

This morning a big rig came in towing a large trailer.  Look at the size of this duo, and the neat graphics on the enclosed trailer.

I asked her if they had a helicopter inside and she laughed.  They have a Jeep in there and a golf cart, and a bunch of other stuff, but no "bird."  I think her husband flew helicopters in Vietnam.  Cool cargo trailer.

I ordered some of The Solution and also a spray bottle of Amaze, which is for getting bugs, black streaks, etc., off autos and RVs.  I ordered it on the 7th, and I've been waiting for it since then. I finally checked my AMEX account on-line, and there have been no charges. Then I checked on their website and I don't see anything about a pending order for me.  I must not have completed the on-line order form. Rats!

I'm afraid to order it now, I'm leaving in five days.  I guess I'll order it again when I know I'll be somewhere for a couple of weeks again.

I think this time of year I drive more and get more bugs and road dirt on the rig.  Now that The Palms is so clean and shiny I want to keep her that way!  Once the season for the LTVAs (Long Term Visitor Areas) starts again in September, I'll get an LTVA Permit and drive less.

 Smokey sunset on Wednesday

 Thursday's Sunset. Can you see the smoke?

Laters.  (Anyone else read the books?)  From Me and Katie, have a great Friday!  :)


  1. I ordered The Solution and its easy to use and does a good job. I did not order "Amaze".

  2. Wow! I love that graphic on the back of the trailer! Wouldn't it be fun to be following that in traffic and see the reactions? Be safe out there and breathe easy! :)

  3. I have gotten about half way thru Dancing Winnebegos. Amusing, but not really an RV story.

    But the price was right.

  4. when we left Phoenix the other day we drove north just past the large plume of smoke of one of those nasty fires...

  5. I really liked The Solution. I followed up with Meguiars--just because :)

    I remember driving down through Idaho with fires right up to the road. I had to stop at ranger stations to get the go ahead. In McCall, I camped right across from the fire jumpers and saw them dumping big buckets of the orange flame retardant. Quite and exciting adventure for a gal from the east!

  6. We've been pretty lucky down here in the valley because the smoke has mostly been blown north. But I feel so bad for the firefighters in this heat, with all the rattlesnakes, and the mine shafts all over.

  7. Read "How not to Rv" very funny and informative at the same time.

    ALso, read "The Tinyest Mansion", good advice for peeps who want to stealth camping in a city. Interesting!

    Currently, reading "Orthomolecular Medicine For Everyone: Megavitamin Therapeutics for Families and Physicians". Abram Hoffer, Andrew W. Saul. I beleive in taking control of your own wellbeing.

    Downloaded: "The Frugal RVer" and "Start a Freedom Business" and "The Dance of the Winnebagos".

  8. Great smoky sunset photos!

    Too bad about your Solution order - it's great stuff.

  9. Too bad about the fires and all the smoke in the air - but it does make for some nice sunset photos.

    That graphic is amazing. Bet it was expensive.

  10. Hahaha... laters.. Yes i did! Got "the solution" too!!1 BUT do NOT like it on the windows. Smears. Took off the water marks but smears. washed them again today with just my water and dish washing soap & hope that takes care of the smearing.

  11. Those sure were pretty amazing graphics on that cargo trailer.

  12. When olives in AZ, we got stopped for over 4 hours once, because of fires. My sister went another way to avoid them, but I stayed and got home before she did.


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