Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hey, is that a leak? :(

My first leak.

So, yesterday afternoon I'm sitting here reading blogs and watching Dr. Phil, feeling really good that I've gotten so much done.  What's that saying, "*Pride goeth before a fall?"  I glance over at my couch.  Is that water leak line longer than it was before?

I noticed a month or so ago that there was a line, like a salt water line, on the bottom of my couch where it meets the carpet. The first time I used my new shower head, I had it too high and when I got out of the shower, I saw that I had water running from the bathroom, out the door, and down the rig onto the carpet.  I assumed the water was wicking up the couch material, re-adjusted the shower head, and that was the end of it.

The water line stain.  I hope my carpet cleaner spray will take it out.

Today, however, I got down and felt the couch and it was wet.  SHOOT!  It's one of those jack-knife couches that pulls out into a flat bed, and I have a large storage area under the couch seat.  I pulled out the couch partway so I could see under into the storage area, and it was wet.  Some of my stuff, my white cowboy boots (I'll probably never wear them again, but still, I love them), some clothes, my sleeping bag.

I took everything out, putting anything wet into a pile for the dumpster.  (Shouldn't the person putting things into the dumpster be called the dumpster?)  I haven't used any of those things in a year, so I'm sure I won't miss them.  Some of the dry things of importance that were saved were the RED cowboy boots, the silk two-piece top and Capri pants - my only dressy clothes, and the cool snowy weather cover up.  Also my digital pictures frames.

I put my hair dryer on it for a while, then because I forgot the A/C was on and the circuit breaker tripped, I turned it off, figuring it was hot enough to dry on it's own.  I put my little stool between the couch seat and bottom to keep it open so it'll dry.  This full-timing is really a two steps forward, one step back. 

Katie can't figure out what's going on. She keeps looking at the couch.  She likes to lay on it, or on the back of the couch in the sun, and her blanket and toys are in one corner, that's where she eats her treats.

Hey Mom, what's going on?

There is a black plug that screws into the top of the tank and it wasn't screwed on tightly. I think I overfilled the tank yesterday morning and caused it to leak out of the plug.  That's were the water is coming from - the plug.  So I tightened the plug, turned off the park water and turned on my water pump and let some water flow out of the tank.  I'll use it all up, and then when I leave here, I'll re-fill it, but not quite so full. I'm hoping that will take care of the problem.  But I won't put anything back under there for a while. I want everything totally dry and want to make sure it was just overfilled with a loose plug.

Water tank under couch with strap holding it down, and black plug.

Texas Yellow Rose left a comment asking what the plug is for.  I've never used it, I fill my fresh water from the outside fill opening.  I don't know why this tank has this plug, or when it would be used.  Maybe when winterizing, or cleaning the tank?  Do any of you use this plug on your tank?

I dried everything I could, and put a towel over the plug.  When I checked it later, the towel was dry, so I'm hoping that was the problem. I didn't realize the plug was loose, and I always fill my water until it just starts to come out, but I won't do that anymore. With the plug on tight I hope to be okay. 

I learned more about The Palms today.  Boy, I'm getting tired of this learning experience stuff.  At least this one didn't cost me money, just my white cowboy boots and sleeping bag, and the rest that's now in the dumpster.  Is that the way you all learn about your rigs?  When there's a problem?  My advice to you:  you might want to check your plugs.

This morning Tom and Lonni (Weigh To Go, LLC) stopped by to put covers on the tire valve stems that were missing the little covers. He said dirt could get into them, and you always want the covers in place.  That was nice of them, certainly something they didn't have to do, and they didn't charge me. Thanks again,  Tom and Lonni! :)

Today was laundry day.  When I put in a load of laundry, I hop over to the showers to get a shower in one of their really nice bathrooms.  Big full length mirrors.  So this morning I got all the wash done, the bed stripped and re-made, long, hot shower, and now everything is done for the day.  I made a salami and cheese sandwich with chips on the side, and I'm back in full-timing heaven.

Moon over The Palms last night.

From Me and Katie, have a great Saturday, everyone!  :)

* It's actually King James Version, Proverbs 16, " Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."  Per my Internet research. :)


  1. Knowing nothing mechanical about The Palms or similar RVs, I'm curious. What's the plug for? Is that your fill input or do you have an exterior fill line? Our fresh tank is filled from the outside . . . Hope that's all it was!

  2. One of the things I have done in my vintage trailer is put plastic storage containers (I measured the size to fit before I bought them... it serves a double duty. I know everything stays dry and keeps the varmits out.) Keeping things dry in a vintage trailer is an ongoing enterprise. Hope yours stays dry !

  3. Well, disappointing that you lost stuff, but I'm glad to hear it was a simple fix. Annie did a lot of repair on a cracked water tank before she hit on the fix-fix.

  4. Glad you didn't lose too much! Good grief!
    Water damage is nothing to sneeze at, I'm dealing with old water damage and delamination in my rig.
    Living and learning is part of growing, and we never stop growing!
    katie is so cute!


  5. I guess it's always something. I may have to check if my tank has a plug like that. I never fill my tank all the way up, but I don't boondock.

  6. We had a leak when we first got the Alfa. She needed new seals on the slide. But we knew that to start with.

    An old trick a plumber taught me is to put brown paper bags dow in areas , such as under a sink, where you suspect a leak, or where a leak has been repaired. Any new water will show easily on the paper. It will alsostain the paper so if it dries before you check again, you will know there has been drops yhere.

  7. glad you solved the water issue!..I like Merikay's idea of the brown paper!!

  8. Water damage is no fun. Hopefully, you've gotten it taken care of.

  9. So glad you fixed the water problem and found the reason as well. Kudos to you. Sorry you may have lost a couple of items, but it could have been much worse.
    Take care!

  10. You are definitely resourceful! Fixing your own leaks...
    Isn't that moon gorgeous?

  11. Hope ur problem is solved...always have hated water leaks, usually so hard to discover the real source. Don't know if our's has that on top or not. We fill ours from outside and the only place we can see them from is the bay where they are. I like Merikay's idea too...gonna remember that one. Love ur pics and posts, thx for sharing.

  12. Great moon shot. Sure hope that is the end of your leak problem. Never any fun when you have a leak. I still think you're doing great as a full-timer.

  13. Many years ago we had a small 5th wheel and I remember filling the tank from inside the rig threw a cap like that. Maybe its a standard thing in that size tank.

  14. Great job! Would you come find the origin of our new leak? We love RVing challenges~

  15. Glad you found the problem and that it wasn't more serious.

    BTW, I didn't get your roadrunner pics for the contest.

  16. Good job on the fix. I've never seen a setup like that where the fresh water tank has an inside cap.

  17. The plug could be an air vent that allows air to escape as you fill your tank from the outside. This give the air somewhere to go instead of trying to come back out the same pipe you are filling the tank from.

  18. I have never noticed a black plug on my fresh water tank ? I'll have to check that tomorrow to see if it has one. I also fill my tank until the water comes out of the overflow tubes under the rig.

    Living full-time in an RV is really no different than living in a house in that there is always something that goes wrong or that needs to be fixed...and then we learn ! LOL

    My 'learning' has always been when something goes wrong. I have a leak under my kitchen sink that I check almost every day. 4 days it's dry - the fifth day it isn't ?? Still haven't figured out the source of the leak.

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