Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One more week...

Just want you to know Katie and I are doing fine.  We have one more week here at Distant Drums RV Resort; we leave next Wednesday morning. Things have been pretty quiet around here, it's been hot in the afternoons, but the mornings and evenings are perfect. With the A/C on in the afternoon when we need it, the temps in The Palms are perfect, too.

I folded up my chairs and laid them on the patio the other day because of the wind.  When I put them back up, this little stick critter was stuck inside the chair.  Isn't he cool looking?

Walking Stick

I don't think I posted about the night last week when a noise woke me up, just as Katie was jumping down from the overhead bed onto the couch.  In the middle of the night!  She jumped off the couch and went into the kitchen where she vomited on the little throw rug.  WHAT A GOOD GIRL!  Thank you for not vomiting in my bed. :)  I got up and cleaned it up and put her little bed on the couch and got out the little down blanket that we used to put on the couch for her to snuggle in. I covered her bed with it, which makes a nice little nest, with the rest of the blanket on the couch.

Katie's bed is under the blanket.  At night, I cover her up with the extra.

I used to put her bed and blanket on the dinette bench seat during the day, then move them over to the couch at night.  Then it got cold and I put her bed on the dinette seat all the time, put the blanket away, and Katie slept with me in the overhead bunk.  Of course, I had no way to know she missed that blanket.  When I got it out the other night, she acted like she found an old friend.  I'm going to have to keep it out all the time, she really likes it.

Afternoon nap on her favorite blankie, totally zonked with her tongue peeking out.

Since I got that blanket out for her, she's hardly gotten off it.  I had forgotten how much she loved it and layed on it all the time.

So Katie is sleeping on the couch at night now - as long as it's warm enough.  When it gets cold at night, I'll bring her up into my bed again.

 Katie is making a friend.

Katie is really getting socialized, as far as small dogs, but some of these little guys are playful, and Katie doesn't want or know how to play with them.  It seems to scare her.  She's really friendly with people now, though. She will walk right up to someone, even walks up to them sitting in their chairs in front of their rigs if they look friendly. People seem to love her.

When I took down the bird seed feeder for the finches, they kept coming to the window.  Some of them even tried out the hummer food.

Hummmmm - this doesn't look right.

But I'll try it!

 I'm not sure they get anything - their beaks are so short.

That's it for now - from me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Katie looks so sweet on her happy blanket. I thought Poppy was the only one who slept with her tongue peeking out like that - it's too cute. That photo of the bird on the hummingbird feeder cracks me up.

  2. Birds are creatures of habit just like we are. :)

  3. It's as much fun to spoil fur babies as grandbabies....She sure loves to snuggle in her blankee!

  4. Katie is such a cute little model. She sure does look happy with her blanket.

  5. What a sweet little friend you have in Katie! I think that picture with her tongue peeking out is the cutest.
    Enjoying your posts, thanks :))

  6. So adorable! I had to put that photo on my desktop background.

  7. Our girls like to sleep in their nest on these hot summer nights. But as it cools down during the night they end up back in the bed with us. I'm so glad you thought to get out Katie's blankie. She looks so happy with it. So did you turn your stick friend free or keep him around for another pet? lol

  8. Wouldn't it be nice to be that cofy in our beds? OOOozoooo, sounds sooo nice.

  9. She is very cute. It's good she's relaxing with meeting so many dogs and people. The little dogs are often nervous about strangers - they are more vulnerable. She may not know how to play or is just not trusting enuf to play with other dogs. It's a skill they have to learn like any other.

  10. It is amazing how the dogs adapt to their surroundings. Luci got really socialized too. Never did did adjust to big dogs tho, they make her drool like crazy. But small dogs and men she really got to like!!!

  11. Do you think Katie could have a little talk with our cats about courtesy? Ours like to get to the highest possible point just before they yak.

  12. our son had a dog that had to have his stuffed bear or he couldnt sleep

  13. Katie is such a sweetheart. Angel doesn't have a "favorite", of it is soft and she likes it, ot's hers. She especially likes pillows.

  14. Ahhh....the blankie! Katie looks so comfy....happy dreams I'm sure snuggled with her old friend.

  15. I swear that Katie and Bennie are the two most spoiled dogs in the whole world !! LOL


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