Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Palms is clean and shiny

FYI, our new Follower from May 4, Harriet Mayeaux, has a brand new blog, Giddyup! Gumbo, which is the name of her future RV.  She plans to RV part time, during the Spring and Fall, hopefully starting this Fall. Good luck, Harriet, I'm looking forward to reading your posts as you prepare to purchase your rig and get on the road this fall!  :)

I have a bright and shiny RV again.   In the afternoon the sun was shining so brightly off her chrome, The Palms looked like she was smiling.

The last time The Palms was washed and waxed was June of 2011, so she was due, boy was she due!  I didn't realize how dirty she was until Gary was finished and I saw her again in all her super white glory.

Washing and waxing The Palms took him most of the day, he started right before 10 a.m. yesterday morning, and finished right before 4 p.m.  Six hours.  That's a long time, and he got everything that was dirty, streaked, caked with bugs, and also all the black areas that got over-spray from the wax job last year. Gary said that shouldn't have happened - you should never get wax on those black areas, but the black parts all over the rig had been sprayed. Around the windows and all the other openings on the sides, right below the front windshield, the black below the bumper, all over.  Last year they sprayed on the wax and buffed it out on the body, but there was a lot of over-spray and they didn't take care of it. 

Gary puts the wax on a cloth and rubs it in, then buffs it out with another cloth.  First the white areas, then the decals, which bleed their color on the cloth and will end up on the white if not done separately.  It's all man power.

 Cleaning bugs off.

A couple of interesting things Gary said that I thought I'd pass on.  Like most people, I thought I got a cheaper price than the big rigs because The Palms is only 24 feet.  Gary said it actually takes him longer to do Class C motor homes because they have a lot of chrome and they aren't a flat surface.  They have all the little places he has to fit into and get clean that aren't part of the one-piece, rectangular Class A's and buses that have long, clean lines.  I guess that makes sense.  He also said the siding on my rig is more porous than the clear coat on some of the big rigs, so waxing takes longer.

 See that sticker on the window, lower right? It's been there for a year.
I tried to get it off, and it flaked, but Gary got it off with a razor blade.
I love my kitchen. :)

 Katie was pretty good, considering Gary was outside all day,
but she didn't like him getting near the windows.

Ruff! Ruff!
Now The Palms is good for another year. Thanks, Gary, you did a great job!

The Palms with the big moon rising Sunday night.

Every time there's a full moon, I want to get a GREAT photo of The Palms with the full moon behind it.  Usually the moon looks really small or there are RVs in the photo that are distracting.  Some day I'm going to be in the desert or forest with no close neighbors, and the moon will be that big orange orb slowly rising behind The Palms, and I'll get the perfect photo.  When that happens, you'll all be the first to know!

That's it for me and Katie for today - have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. Looks like it was a busy day. You spent it the best way.... watching someone else work! Lots of excitement for Katie.

  2. Yup it's just the same as when you wash and wax all your floors at home. Gives you a really great feeling..well done.

  3. Wow! The Palms is indeed smiling! Washing our 5er is on my list hopefully this month sometime, but the weather really is not cooperating. Wish there was a reasonable mobile service nearby but looks like I'll end up doing it myself again. Lucky you, too - you got to see the Moon! It was too cloudy here in New Jersey. Lookin' great!

  4. I wish that all PALMS only had to be washed and scrubbed once a year.

    Jim & Cathy PALM

  5. Katie did such a good job of protecting the Palms, probably deserves an extra treat.

  6. I like your Moonrise Over the Palms photography series :)

    That Katie is such a cutie. Standing on the couch and defending the windows.

  7. nice to be all clean and shiny!!!..enjoy it!

  8. Nice job. The Palms looks show room new, maybe better.
    I love rear kitchens.

  9. Nice that you found someone to do a super job for you. Made me go do a search for a mobile RV washer here...no luck :((
    Guess we'll just have to do it ourselves! The Palms looks great and I love those photos of Katie being so protective.

  10. The Palms looks very nice. I think he's right about his prices. We find that our current larger motor home is much, much easier to clean than the old filon exterior one. The clear coat makes a huge difference!

    Katie was so cute "helping"

  11. Looks great!!

    Katie is going to need a nap after being on patrol.

  12. The Palms really does look beautiful, and I thought she was beautiful before, lol. I think you got a great deal, and someone who cares about doing it right really is priceless, and harder and harder to find these days. Feisty Katie is such a character, she never misses a trick, enthusiasm seems to be her middle name and I love that about chi's in general too. Hugs to you and Katie (())


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