Sunday, September 29, 2013

We have a winner!

We have a winner in our Follower Giveaway for a FREE copy of  My Memories Suite Version 4 Digital Scrapbooking Software.  This morning I took all the names of interested people who left comments and printed them on pieces of paper, folded them and put them into a bag.  I asked my friend Hazel to pull out one piece of paper.  She did - and our Winner is:  (drum roll please...)

Yes, congratulations to Pam of Postcards from Pam and Larry! I'll be sending you an e-mail early next week with the Promo Code to access your free copy of  My Memories Suite Version 4 Scrapbooking Software.

Thank you to everyone who left comments to enter our Giveaway.  And thank you to My Memories!  Pam, I hope you enjoy your new My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Program.  :)

I have a birthday card to make for my Dad - 91 years old on November 10! - and I'll make it with my new My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software.  When it's done, I'll post it to give you another view of what you can do with this program.  The more I use it, the more fun I'm having with it.  Pam (and anyone who might purchase the software in the future), remember that there are Forum and Tutorial tabs at the top of their web page that lead you to useful information and many YouTube instruction videos.  These will give you the easiest, quickest, best way to do things with your software.  I'm willing to spend all day making a greeting card if I need to (because I love doing it), but if I can find a faster, easier way to do it, I'll take it.  And you might also see things you can do that you didn't know about.  That's what I found when I was going through some of the Forum files and Tutorial YouTube videos.

That's all for today - but next time, I'll show you a new engine mod that Andy Baird and I both did to keep rodents out of our engines, and nests that we found while working on the mod.  Ick! Ick! Ick! You will probably want to check that area in YOUR engines to see if you've been invaded, too.

Here are a few critters I snapped on my walk to Andy's rig yesterday morning.

There are lots of butterflies flittering from plant to plant all over the campground.

This guy has an orange head and rear, with an orange spiky tail and iridescent markings on his body. He was about four inches long. Moving right down the road. I wasn't sure if he was really pretty or really ugly.

Robber Fly (thank you heyduke50) on a large rock.  This is a CLOSE-UP, cropped to see him even closer.

Here's another one; he caught some lunch for himself.  I didn't see the green bug until I enlarged the photo. What big eyes you have, Grandma!

Again, congratulations to Pam - and from me and Katie, have a great Sunday evening, everyone!  :)


  1. nice pics but not of a grasshopper they call those Robber Flies

  2. Looking forward to seeing your rodent prevention mod.

  3. Great pictures. Insects can come in so many different colors its really kinda fascinating.


  4. Insects are interesting. Like the butterfly. My guess it is one of the Fritillary butterflies. They are so beautiful. I just read a sad news about the Monarch butterfly. Their count is at the lowest level ever measured. At some migration points nearly none of them showed up this fall. Very alarming!

  5. I haven't been reading blogs lately but I got your email and I just wanted to thank you again. I look forward to trying my new scrapbook program. We should be back in the New Mexico state parks by November so maybe we'll bump into you. Thanks again!


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