Monday, September 23, 2013

This and that... and where we are now

We left the park this afternoon - and here is where we are right now:

I sent this photo to a friend of mine in San Diego and told him to check out the price of gas.  He said he just paid $4.05 at Costco - good old California.  :)   I'm going to return to Bluewater Lake State Park one more time, and when that two weeks is up, I'm going to head to Quartzsite.  The weather looks like it will be in the 80's the second weekend of October and will stay in the 80's or below from then on, so that looks like a good time to head out. 

I wanted to show you what I ended up doing with Lauren's birthday card.  Instead of sending three cards, I put the three on one card - front, inside and back.




Lauren got the card in the mail on Thursday and she called me to say thank you, in her little 6-year-old voice, for the card and $$ I sent.  She said she especially liked the back of the card - the photo of her.  So cute, only a 6-year-old could be so honest.  I told her to put the card on the mantle with that side facing the living room.  If she gets tired of it, she can turn the card around to see the cupcake side, and then she can also fold the card inside-out and have the inside cake showing.  I told my daughter I was afraid the three-in-one card was a little overdone.  She laughed and said, "Nothing is overdone for Lauren! She loved it."

Turns out I was wrong about her having a cupcake party.  They did a gymnastics party, using all the gear that Lauren has, a low beam to balance on, pads to somersault on, etc.  They made up different stations for the kids to go through.  And the cupcake decorating.  And making friendship bracelets.  Etc.  I love kid parties like this, that's what I used to do for my kids and it was so much fun planning and then having the party.  The kids always had a good time.

I wanted to show you something I make for lunch or dinner sometimes.  It's  just a baked potato, a big one, and when it's done, I scrape out all the potato onto a plate, add lots of butter and grated cheese.  This time I had some bacon, so I crumpled that up and also I sometimes put chopped up green onion.  Then plop some sour cream in the middle.   

It was soooo good.  I had it for dinner the other night, and couldn't even finish it.  I had about a third left that I saved for the next night and had with a regular chicken and veggies dinner, so it rounded it out nicely.  Yummm.  (The daisy on the top right is a graphic I stuck in when I was playing with ribbet photo editing, a free program. I really don't "fancy up" my paper-plated meals with flowers. LOL)

Here's a photo I took of the Osprey I posted last week that was trying to pull the big gold fish out of the lake.  This was the day before and I got him flying overhead.  Isn't he beautiful?

I've gotten some pretty nice photos of humming birds at my feeders in the last few years, but these are the first shots I've gotten of a hummer feeding from real flowers. 


And now...  a couple of "Ohhhh, poor Katie!" photos.  The first one is of Katie in trouble.  We were in Hazel's car and Katie kept barking at something and wouldn't stop, so I pushed her down on the ground by my feet and told her to stay.  She was so shocked.  She hardly ever gets in trouble.  It was hard not to laugh at the look on her face.

This second photo is from when we were at Joe Skeen Campground at El Malpais.  Katie and I were taking a walk with Nancy, when Katie stopped walking, looked at me and held up her foot.  She wouldn't walk on it.  I looked and there was a large red ant between two of her little pads.  It had bitten her, and must have really hurt.  I had to carry her back to The Palms, and together, Nancy and I tried to help her by putting some ointment on it, but Katie wouldn't let us near her foot.  She finally jumped up in her car seat and stayed there for a while, licking her foot and holding it out away from her body.  

This photo was taken later in the evening when I gave her the peanut butter dollup that goes into her Kong toy.  That's her favorite treat, and the last one of the day. She has never refused it.  Here she is, licking out the peanut butter, holding her foot up in the air.  Poor Katie!

She wouldn't stop licking her foot and she felt really hot, so I gave her a baby aspirin and I think it helped. She finally stopped licking and fell asleep.  Luckily, the next morning the pain was gone, and she was again walking normally on that foot.  It's so hard when our little critters are hurting.

WELCOME to our newest Follower, Wayne!  Wayne, do you have a blog?  If so, let me know in a comment.  Katie and I are happy you are following along with us - Welcome Aboard!  :)

Also, one of our followers that we welcomed the other day, Patti, left me a comment that she is not RVing yet, but hopes to in the future.  She does have a blog -There's a neighbourhood in my basement!  Check it out!  :)

And finally, beautiful cloud cover at sunset after a storm the other evening.  It was beautiful!

From me and Katie, have a great day, everyone!  :)

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  1. I always carried Absorbine Jr with me when I was motorcycle camping. I had two Yorkies that traveled with me. Here in Texas we have a lot of fire ants and the Absorbine Jr works wonders on their bite for dogs or people. Even yellow jacket stings! Within 20 there is no pain at all.

  2. Poor Katie. It is so hard when they hurt. I just hate it. So I'm sure glad she's better today. And she looks she sad when you scolded her. Once again - gorgeous pictures especially that osprey one. I'm sure hoping the desert is in the 80's when we get back down there in a couple of weeks.

  3. I'm saying "ouch" for Katie since she can't say it. You're right. Arizona is cooling down so it won't be long until everyone heads that directions.

  4. Love the card you did for Lauren.

    The osprey picture is beautiful.

    Hope to see you in Quartzsite.

  5. Love the special card, that is very cool! Always enjoy your blog, just don't always take time to comment. Lovely photos...

  6. Keep Benadryl on hand - it works great to stop the itch and irritation. If Katie licks too much she might get a hot spot. Poppy used to do that. Also a baking soda poultice will do wonders to take the sting out. We had some baby socks we would put on Poppy's foot to keep her from licking. She had a terrible time with lick sores (hot spots). Those photos are definitely "Poor Katies" photos. She is so cute. Great picture of the osprey and the hummers too.

  7. Oh yes, that card was adorable. You are so talented.

  8. What a cute card and an adorable grand! Oliver is like, DON'T YOU COME NEAR MY FEET!

  9. Okay, that pic of Katie in trouble was hilarious. I almost spit out a mouth full of water when I saw it. :)

  10. I never like to hear of a dog in trouble, but she seemed to survive and come out of it in good condition. Give her a pet for me and tell her my three pups said hello.

  11. Barbara, I'd follow your Blog just to look at all the gorgeous pictures you post.

    What a great job you did on Lauren's Birthday card.

    Wish I were able to head to Q RIGHT NOW !! LOL Going BONKERS waiting.

  12. Beautiful photos, love the Hummers!! The last photo of the sunset is very pretty!

    Katie has lovely eyes and they are very expressive!

    Have fun your last two weeks at Blue! Safe travels!

  13. Between the opsrey and the hummingbird, I can't choose, but I choose Lauren for human cuteness, Katie for canine cuteness, and you for the great pictures!

  14. Very cute card, using all 3 together. I like to make collages and would probably do something like that for my granddaughter. You received a lot of good suggestions for Katie. I have used baking soda made into a paste for stings I have gotten and it worked very good and is cheap and easy to do.

  15. The hummingbirds and Indian Paintbrush are absolutely stunning!

  16. Awww..poor Katie, getting big by an ant and getting in trouble.

    Love the hummingbird pictures.

  17. Poor Katie. I haven't had that experience with Buddy - ant bite or any bite like that between pads. Poor girl. PS: Love the cupcake card with Lauren's picture.


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