Thursday, December 19, 2013

Can you tell the difference? And new camp furniture and a new camp ; )

I think these are so clever - notice the large eyelashes on the mom and the thin eyelashes on the baby:

Don't you just love these clever water towers?  They are at the edge of the parking lot where the big tent will be in January.  A family - Mom, Dad and Child.  Very cute, and you can't miss them when you're driving past - what a cool way to advertise.  I don't know if they are full of water, but I'd bet during the Quartzsite Big Tent event, they are.

I got some new chairs a couple of days ago - from K & B Sales on Khuen Street - $39.99 each, and $87.97 including tax for two.  (High sales taxes here at Quartzsite - which I don't mind at all.  We RVers who come in for brief periods of time, or even the whole season, are using all the facilities, roads, etc., and paying no taxes to the town, so the sales tax is the only way we can help out, and that's fine with me.  First time I've happily paid a tax.)  So far I'm really liking the chairs.

They have a side table that folds down when not in use:

And the other side has a number of storage compartments  attached - for a Kindle, cell phone,  camera, etc. Two are fastened closed with Velcro, one zips and the largest is open at the top.

I've put them on my new rug, an 6 x 8 I think it is.  Just the right size for my small camp, and it'll be easier to store when not in use.  I had a larger one last year, but I gave it away.  It was just too big to store.  This rug has some brown touches in the center flowers and they match the chairs - wasn't that good luck!

Merry Christmas to me!   :)

Oh yeah, this is kind of embarrassing, but I forgot to tell you.  Katie and I moved camp again.  I decided I wanted to stay in this area, but I really wanted to get TV if I'm going to stay here for months.  So the other day when I left camp to fill my water tank, Katie and I drove around in this area, testing for signals, driving on, testing again, etc.  We finally found a spot that has a pretty good signal, and so I'm nesting now.  Everything is out, the new rug is "nailed" down to the desert floor so it won't blow away, and we are settled.  We are a little ways from the Dingbats' camp, but I can see them and we go down once or twice a day to visit around the campfire.

I hope they don't move again - I'm getting tired of following them around looking for this seed.

Welcome to our newest Followers:

Black Sheep no info is shown for you Black Sheep, so I can't give you a plug  left me a comment that he does have a blog and here is the link:  Voyager54, so you can check it out.     I'm happy you're following along with me and Katie.  Katie is a White Hat sort of dog, but I'm a bit of a Black Sheep myself, so even if you aren't an RVer, we have something in common.  Thanks for joining the blog and traveling along with us.

And Wendy's trip log -  Wendy isn't an RVer, but she has a blog that she's hoping will keep her creating and connecting with others.  She lives with her husband, kids and dog Upstate NY.  Wendy is an independent consultant for Close To My Heart scrapbooking and crafting supplies (that's her passion) and as a therapist for her day job.  I'm a scrapbooker, too - but with space being an issue in  my small motor home, I'm loving digital scrapbooking for now.  It must be fun working with Close to My Heart.  Thanks for following me and Katie on our travels.

Welcome aboard to you both!

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. Nice looking chairs. Hope they are comfy!! Good to see the birdees found your new camp.

  2. Nice chairs, Barbara. Now I guess it's o.k. to get rid of your old one. Those are neat water tanks. Never have seen a family of them like that before. Certain to catch a lot of attention. Have a Merry Christmas, and give Katy a big hug from us.

  3. Great chairs Barbara. I have the identical ones. Got them at the Flea Market in Yuma and I find them very comfortable.

  4. Now that's what I call a great camp chair. But your little do-dads in the pockets and you're ready every time. Love the look of that rug. Makes you feel that your home wherever you go.

  5. I always look forward to seeing those tanks when we get there. They are so fun. Well, now I don't know where you're camped so we can't just sneak up on you. Need some directions, girl.

  6. Just love those tanks. Made me smile and I needed a smile today.

  7. I really like the chairs and the mat. I had a chair once with one zipper pocket where I kept my cell phone. I darn near fell out of the chair every time the phone rang, funbling with the zipper to get it open before the phone quit ringing. If I had more pockets I would invariably open the one I needed last.

  8. Love the water tanks. we don't see them often in California so I'm enjoying the different 'styles' I come across on my adventures.
    The chairs look like a good Christmas present and a good buy too.
    How long are you planning on staying in Arizona? Then where to?

  9. I love the pockets on the chairs. That will come in handy.

  10. Looks like you can settle in now! I am also a scrapbooker and do both digital and paper. The digital provides endless possibilities right from my recliner and laptop. I use PhotoShop Elements. Have learned it on my own with the help of Google!

  11. Very cool water tanks. Love your new campsite look too. Isn't it great that you can so easily change your view. I have chairs like that but mine don't have the hanging pockets. They would be handy but the table is really nice to have.


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