Thursday, January 16, 2014

A visit to town and some Lazy Daze visits

I have so much to catch up on.  The Big Tent is UP!  We saw it going up day after day, first the support poles that have flags on the top.  One day I noticed all the flags flying.

Soon the roof was going up.

The sides were last, and now they are filling the tent with all their wares.

The other day Katie and I walked to town.  I used the stroller so Katie would be safe and if she got tired, she could ride.  It's also nice to carry purchases, since it has two places to stow away packages.  We walked through the wash and across the big parking lot and ended up on Kuehn St. at the western end of all the vendors.  Katie walked as far as the parking lot, and then I put her into the stroller.  She really loves it, and got a lot of attention.  I was surprised she had no reaction to all the people reaching down to pet her, and she also had no reaction to other dogs walking around her. She was fine with it all.

We went up and down the aisles and through all the little vendor tents that are already set up across the street from the Big Tent.  I got a few things I needed and really enjoyed the longer-than-usual walk.

Katie on the red carpet. :)

We only shopped on one side of the street, and will walk through the vendor tents on the other side next time.  As we were heading home, we walked toward Highway 95, completing a circle, and passed by a dog grooming business called Animal House - (928) 927-7068.  Katie was in need of a nail clipping, so we stopped and had that done.  They only charge $8, but I gave the lady $10, since she did such a good job, came outside to clip Katie's nails (I didn't want to leave the stroller outside while we went in), and she gave Katie a treat for being so good.  I'm such a big spender. LOL

When we left the groomer, Katie didn't want to get back into the stroller, so we both walked back to Highway 95 and stayed on the edge of the road a short distance until we got to la Posa West and headed through the campground to our site.  A good walk. 

A few mornings ago there was a knock on the door - we had a visitor.   It was Sarah who rode  her electric bike (very nice bike!) over to see if Katie and I were home.  She came in, and we visited for a while.  She was great with Katie, and of course Katie loved her!  Sarah is a Lazy Dazer, and is camped with the Lazy Daze group about a half mile from us.

I've been following her blog and she's been following mine, so it was fun to actually meet in person.  Sarah is a fellow Californian (Santa Barbara), so we have that in common, too.  When she left to head to town for a late breakfast, I told her Katie and I would walk over to her group and have a visit that afternoon.

Sarah and Katie:

So then later that afternoon we took a walk over to visit the Lazy Daze group.  They had quite a few rigs there already, with more coming in every day.  By now they really have a big group.  I visited with Jimbo, and met lots of new people.

Hi, Jimbo!

I tried to get a photo of everyone there, but they were busy talking, moving around, doing things, so I got a lot of back-of-the-head shots.  

When I was getting ready to leave, Jimbo brought Chica out.  Here are a couple of photos of  Katie and Chica for all you Chica lovers:

Chica is such a sweetie pie!

We spent a bit of time there and then it was starting to get late in the afternoon and we headed home.   It's a perfect walk and really nice people, so I'm sure we'll head over that way again.  3 or 3:30 is a good time to visit because they gather in one place to share an afternoon visit at that time.  Katie always wants to walk around 3, so we'll head over that way again.

Still lots more to post, so I'll be back soon.  The Big Tent opens on Saturday - I'm looking forward to that and will get lots of photos then, too, to share with you.

From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everyone!  :)


  1. Last April we were camping in the Davis Mountains State Park in West Texas. While we were there, a lot of Lazy Daze rigs pulled in. They must have been traveling together. When I was a teenager (a thousand years ago), I went with my Uncle in his Airstream to an Airstream Convention (Wally Byan Caravan Cub) and you had to be careful you were getting into the right trailer. They all looked the same. A lot of them traveled together.

  2. It sounds like things are starting to hum at Q.

  3. That's a big day for sweet little Katie! I bet she slept well after that.

  4. The pictures of Katie in her stroller are beyond adorable !! I arrived in Q today. See you soon.

  5. Such cute pictures of Katie. Having met Katie, I know how big she is (not very!!) and seeing her with Chica makes me realize how tiny Chica must be. Cute pictures of them together. Have fun during the big tent activities.

  6. I think it's so smart when the little dogs are in strollers. At least they aren't being walked on by other people. I always worry about that.

  7. Katie looked like she was enjoying absorbing the attention as much as the sunshine! It seems like she knows when it is safer to get into the stroller and when she can safely be out of it -- do you think that's possible? I read Jimbo's blog, too, and when you wrote about visiting the Lazy Daze, I was thinking to myself it would be so cute to see Katie with Chica. And, boom, another scroll down and there they were. Katie seemed to be very careful with tiny Chica. So sweet.

  8. Katie is just too cute in that stroller!!!! I want to look into getting our Shih Tzu one. My fear is I'll get it and he won't want to ride in it. It would be nice if they had a "sample" to try at the store.
    That is one huge tent!!! I would love to go shopping in there. Even window shopping must be tons of fun!!!

  9. Katie really has that stroller strolling down. She looks so regal and definitely enjoys her vantage point!

  10. Do stop by! Look forward to seeing you and Katie! Jim loves Chica and may try to stuff her in his pocket when we leave, but I don't think Jimbo would go for that!

  11. It's funny reading blogs of people at the Tampa RV show, and people at the Quartzite show. Looks like a lot of people enjoying the sunshine & vendors.

  12. Katie looks so cute in her stroller. Since we are not able to make Q, we will enjoy through blogs. Have fun/.


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