Friday, January 17, 2014

A little shower storage, and Katie’s new friend, Sunny!

First, I wanted to show you how I solved a little problem I had.  In the beginning I swore I wouldn’t store things in my shower, but little by little things seemed to end up there, just because it was such a darn good storage place.   I always had my laundry hamper there, but at first that was all.  Then I got a couple of spare kitchen rugs and I rolled them up and put them there, too.  Katie’s food bags are large and there wasn’t a good place to put them, so finally I started putting them in the shower, too.  All in all, still very easy to empty the space for a nice shower. 

Then the extra paper products went there, T.P. and kitchen paper towels.   I got a Costco shipment of Keurig K-Cups, and where else was I going to put them?  My extra water container, 1 gallon distilled water jug for the batteries, a decorative suitcase full of my kitchen spices, etc., etc.,  etc.   Little by little it was getting to be a bit of a pain to empty it all out every time I wanted to take a shower. 

I thought about it and thought about it, and finally found the perfect thing.  At first I wondered if it would be a mistake to buy one of these, but when I got it set up in the shower it was perfect! 

The three drawers hold everything except my distilled water and extra little rugs for the kitchen which fit perfectly along the side of the storage drawers.  My laundry hamper and storage for the coffee K-Cups fit nicely on top.

Now when I take a shower, I just put the hamper, K-Cup container, rugs and water into the kitchen and slide out the drawers and stack them on the couch. The frame lifts easily out of the shower into the kitchen and the shower stall is cleared to go in a minute's time.  After my shower I always wipe it down, then reverse the process to store the items again.  Easy peasy.

When we travel there isn’t enough room for the drawers to slide out – the accordion door keeps them in place if they do slide, but it doesn't look like they are.  By the way, I didn't put the wheels on - I wanted the flat bottom on my shower floor which seemed to be a better idea than wheels.  I bought mine at K-Mart in Blythe, but you can get them on line at  I put a link on my right sidebar with a similar item in case you want to look at it.

I’m really happy with this new storage option.  And it looks so much neater now. 

The other day when we were taking our walk around our campground area, we ran into another woman from California, Linda.  As we were walking by, we waved and then I stopped to see her dog, who looked a lot like Katie.  His name is Sunny and he is a Deer Chihuahua, too.  The dogs got along great; there was lots of sniffing and circling going on.

Linda doesn’t have a blog, but she is a Follower of Me and My Dog  …and My RV! and as we were talking, she realized she recognized me, especially after I said something about “Katie.”   We had a great conversation and I went back another day to visit again and take some photos.

She had read about Katie’s new stroller and brought out Sunny’s pet stroller to show me.  I really like it, and some day might get one like that.  I find the one I have very easy to use, it just glides over the sand and rocks and uneven ground out here in the desert, but I’m not sure how I’m going to like it when I have to store it.  I don’t think it will be a problem, but we’ll see, and if I decide it’s too big, I might get one like Sunny’s.

It took me a while to find the right one on-line, so I'm putting a link on my left sidebar to the page for this particular stroller.  It's one of the least expensive at around $60, and one of the few with eight wheels.  Most have only two wheels in the back, and this one has two wheels on each side, front and back. Linda and Sunny love it, but I haven't had a chance to check it out with Katie.  I just want to easily find it in the future if I decide to purchase one, but if you are interested, too, this stroller is only for small dogs and cats.  I think 15 pounds is the weight limit.

As soon as she brought it out and opened it up, Sunny jumped right in.  He has a soft blanket on the bottom, and there was a chew bone in there, waiting for him.

He just settled in and started chewing on his bone, and Katie was VERY interested in that!

Then Linda told me about Sunny’s new camouflage visor that she got over in one of the animal clothing tents.

He looks like a dog model, doesn’t he?

You are SO CUTE, Sunny! 

And that’s about it for now. From me and Katie, have a great Friday, everyone – Big Tent tomorrow! :)


  1. Don't you just love making new neat to meet a reader.

    That visor is a must is going on next year's Q list.

  2. Katie and Sunny looked cute together. When you go to the big tent don't take all your money, remember the shower is already full.

  3. Looks like Sunny and Katie are great new friends! Sunny seems to like the visor.... but that sounds like one thing not all dogs would tolerate. I can't tell you how much money I spent trying to find halters that my kitties would tolerate. Never found one...but the visor would be great if she liked it!

  4. Two cuties....I use those drawer storage units all the time for a bunch of different things
    I think I might do a blog on what I do with inspired me...and I would love to find
    a doggie visor for Maggie that one looks like it would fit with her big ears!!!

  5. Too cute visor!~

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. The shower thing made me laugh out loud. Just today I was talking with Mo about how even folks with huge 40 footers seem to end up putting stuff in the shower. We do, of course, we are only 26 feet. I have a plastic bin for tissue and paper towels, and a hamper for towels and one for laundry. As you said...easy peasy to pull it all out and take a shower. I have no idea where I would store that stuff otherwise....unless of course I put in in the catch all trailer that gets everything that wont fit in the other words...the Tracker.

  7. Neat storage idea, even nicer is running into a follower. Small, small world.

  8. I always thought a shower would be a great place to put the laundry basket, but we have a built in hamper. Unless we were desparate, Craig would nix using the shower for storage. Not me.

    Love The visor.

  9. Isn't it great when you discover new storage solutions ! The visor on the dog is sooo cute ! Wonder if Bennie would tolerate it ??

  10. Good storage solution! Those two dogs sure look cute together. Katie seems very interested in Sunny's stroller - or maybe it's just his chew bone...

  11. OMG.....that is the cutest sun visor on Sunny! Katie has to have a pink one!
    I just love it when a plan comes your extra storage space. Good job Barbara!

  12. I've never seen a visor like that. Watch out Buddy Boy, Mom's buying you some new clothing.

  13. Does Sunny's stroller have a place to carry Mama's purchases? Or a way to hang a carry bag from the handle? The nylon roll-up shopping bags would be useful to carry along for purchases, but there needs to be a way to put the weight of them, when in use, onto the stroller frame. A bottom rack/basket would be useful, too.

    Virtual hugs,


  14. That must be a challenge, finding room for everything in a small space. I'm not sure how you manage it - I'm too much of a pack rat!

    The visor is sweet, and I agree Katie should have one too. Enjoy your time with new friends, both of you.

  15. The shower storage saved our family of six when we traveled the states a few years back in our class C motorhome. We used a wood shelving unit to store shoes, bath towels, kitchen utensils, etc. We could pull the unit out to shower, but most of the time we opted for the campground bathrooms (we picked decent parks and campgrounds). I really like all of your creative storage ideas. ; ) Happy traveling, if you still are after 4 +years.


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