Thursday, January 30, 2014

More RVer/Blog friend visits

Since we've moved across the road to La Posa North, Katie and I had visits from three of our favorite people - I'm going to miss this place where so many of our friends are.  It's funny, I don't even think of them as RVers or Bloggers any more.  They've become just friends now, and that's "a good thing."  (I'm channeling Martha.)

First Hazel and the two Big Dogs, her Greyhounds, Fleur and Power, have been by a few times.  The first time just to visit - with the dogs, and on Monday Hazel came back without the dogs and we went into town to do laundry and have lunch.  Yesterday we went to Parker for lunch and a Wal-Mart run.  She is still across the road in La Posa South camping with the Dingbats. 

Her dogs are perfectly behaved and always a pleasure to have around, whether we all sit inside The Palms, or outside in the shade.  I see Hazel so much, I seldom think of getting the camera out, and I forgot to get pictures again.  The photo below was taken on another day, but Hazel and Fleur and Power and the desert all still look the same.  :)  Check the link here to see Hazel and her beautiful dogs.

Then Denise came over for a visit on Tuesday afternoon. We always get together at least a couple of times.  We were camped in the same area early in the season and saw each other frequently then.  We're both in different LTVAs now, she likes to move around like I do.

Denise knows just about everyone it seems and rides her Harley to visit.  I always watch for her when I know she's coming so I can get photos.  :)  It's always kind of exciting to watch her roar up on that monster bike - she's so graceful riding it.

Geez, her bike looks bigger than my house!

She gave me some good information about tire monitors and I'm looking forward to her post when she gets hers in the mail and installs them. I might get the same ones next year when I'm in Quartzsite.  We sat in the yard and talked and talked and talked.

Denise wanted to get up on my roof and take a 360 degree video of the desert around us.  While we were up there she took a look at my tilting arms for the solar panels.  She's got some hardware that she doesn't use anymore that will make it easier for me to bring the panels up and down, and said she'd come by again to drop them off.  Thanks, Denise, I appreciate it!  We cleaned the dust off the panels while we were there - they were really dirty!  Then Denise roared off to the fresh water area to fill up her water bottles.  She didn't have Bennie with her because of the box of large empty bottles on the back of the bike. 

Nancy McKenna came by on Wednesday - she's camping with the Lazy Daze group right now, across the road from where Katie and I are camped and she walked over for a visit. 

We first met Nancy here - gosh, that was a great FREE campground!  Remember when Katie got bitten by the ferocious RED ANTS?  Nancy really helped me out that day.  Of course, I also got large critters in the engine compartment while we were there and left soon afterward to overnight a few nights at Wal-Mart - but still, beautiful campground.  And did I mention FREE? 

We had a great visit.  The weather was really nice so we sat outside and got caught up on each others lives since we last met.  And of course, Katie was a total pest - she still LOVES Nancy and kept trying to lick her face.  Nancy, you're such a good sport - looking at the photo above makes me laugh.  Katie is going to get that kiss in if it kills her!  :)

I'm going to make myself some homemade hand/body cream and have been looking for some essential oils - and asked Nancy if she new anything about them.  I want Lavender and Orange, and it just so happens she has some Orange that she doesn't need anymore - and she's going to bring it over on Friday for me.  Thanks, Nancy!  I'll have all my ingredients on board to make my cream.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.  Thanks for visiting - I look forward to seeing you again soon.  :)

By the way, remember the lump that Katie had on her ankle?  Just thought I'd let you know it finally went down, and it's gone.  It's been gone for a while, so I don't think I have to worry about it. 

WELCOME to our two new Followers:

First, Audrey the Redbone.  Audrey is actually a dog, and her mom (who I assume is really our newest follower) has a blog about Audrey called Audrey the Redbone, a Dog with Cancer, which is about her 5-year-old Redbone Coonhound. The author is a very good writer, this is what she said in the first post, "I will share what is happening with our dog and if you are ever faced with these decisions, perhaps you will gain insight into what it involves."   If you decide to click on the link, go back to the very first post - it gave me goose bumps and I had tears in my eyes.  In the most recent post, the writer shares that Audrey is now in remission, which is a reason to rejoice, for sure. Thanks for following along with us - Welcome Aboard to you and Audrey - Katie sends kisses.  :)

Welcome also to Denis and Sandy Leterndre!  Their blog is HAPPY TRAILS, and according to her profile, they started traveling full-time in 2007 (WOW) in their 2006 Triple E Commander 38' motor coach, and they are loving it!   They've been to most of the states and it looks like about half of Canada.  Even though theirs is an RV blog, the current post has a recipe for kale, and I'm on the verge of getting some. I LOVE veggies, but have never had kale, so I'm going to try her recipe - thanks Sandy!  And thank you for following our blog, me and Katie appreciate it - Welcome Aboard!!  :)

Super windy today and it looks like a lot of cloudy days in the forecast with temps somewhere in the 60s.  We've been here for the perfect weather, and now it's almost time to head south.

We're going into town to have the two rear tires checked before we get on the road to Hot Springs LTVA.   I want to make sure that huge rock that was stuck between the two tires didn't do any damage.  I'm not expecting any damage, but want to make sure.  This is definitely a better safe than sorry situation.  Keep your fingers cross for me.  We do not want to buy two new tires!!!  I'll let you know what happens.

Really pretty skies at sunset last night:

From me and Katie, have a GREAT Thursday everyone!   :)


  1. I know what you mean about meeting blog friends. It's one of the best parts of travel, IMO. But I've got a big hole in my resume - you and Denise.

    Oh how I would love to be out there with you in the sunshine! I picked the wrong year to skip Q-site and stay closer to home. It is just now above freezing and the ice is finally almost gone. Hugs to you all!

  2. Barbara, Always love our visits and we sure don't run out of things to talk about !! LOL

  3. Had a chuckle... Katie manages to get herself into every picture.. little cutie!!

  4. It sounds like the best of the old neighborhoods many of us grew up in - always visiting on someone's front porch.

  5. I think Katie really likes having company. Such a little social butterfly!!

  6. Too cute on Katie getting into each pic!

    Hubby Steveio said "nice bike" as I was reading the blog. He was looking over my shoulder, The radar kicks in and he looks just at the second there is a Harley on the screen. The other 20 blogs I read he don't even glance at! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. What fun, having company and getting caught up! The photos of the sunset are absolutely gorgeous.

    Safe travels.

  8. The evening sky photos are really beautiful! Katie is always adorable and I'm very glad that her ankle is all better now!

  9. Brian did such an amazing job with the panels! It fits the RV perfectly! Days are getting longer again, and that means, if you have batteries, you'll get more juice from those cool-looking panels. I wish you more awesome RV adventures this month! Have a nice spring and stay safe!

    Jason @ Sunshine Renewables


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