Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caballo Lake flowers and critters

The cactus are just starting to bloom, there were many buds ready to pop:

Ocotillo in bloom - the blooms are beautiful, and this plant was really greened up:

This has to be the prettiest dump station location I've seen:

This was a large tree with beautiful yellow blossoms:

And bunnies playing in the campsite:

The other rabbit was about 10 feet in front of this little guy - and he was kind of stutter-stepping toward him.  Every time he'd take a fake step, this rabbit would hop straight up in the air, then land for the next hop.  It was pretty funny.

Then they started chasing each other.

And finally just sat around in the shade:

And although I didn't see squirrels down in my previous spot, after Ryan left, I was the only camper in this area, so I moved down the road a little, closer to the regular campsites.  There is a squirrel that comes down here, but he seems happy to just eat the bush overlooking the river. He's so cute:

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From me and Katie, have a great Thursday, everybody!  :)


  1. Wow! Love the flowering cactus! And what a cute little visitor!

  2. The cactus blooms are spectacular! Cute squirrel, hope he stays out of the engine.

  3. Your desert flower pics are awesome!!! It looks like those bunnies were having a good time.

  4. So many blossoms & buds--absolutely gorgeous! The bunnies are so cute.

  5. The NM cactus are really pretty. They look better than the AZ cactus. And the bunny is adorable.

  6. The "bunny hop" dance is always so funny to watch. Presume it has to do with mating - love is in the air! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  7. Spring in the desert is really incredible.

  8. Beautiful blooming cactus, and I realized I've never seen cactus in bloom! I must put that on my list of must sees!


  9. Looking down inside the cacti blooms, I really like the different textures and colors, which mix so beautifully with the rest of the blossom. Do you know the name of the purplish flowers? They are quite brilliant colors!

  10. i had no idea the dessert was so colorful .. those cactus blossoms of reds & yellow change my image of the dessert, likewise flora to support rabbits diet /habitat. i so wanna be there, a new experience,, thank you for sharing. also the dump station pic . i wasnt sure if dry camping or camping in BLM had facilities. we've so much to learn . that's why i excitedly seek your blog. have a good weekend.

  11. I like that close up shot of the blooming ocotillo. Those were probably just a couple of Easter bunnies relaxing after their big day...

  12. You really captured some great shots. Loved the raskly wabbit!

  13. I love those cactus photos... I really got interested in cactus
    when I found that little start down by the park... and it grew the six feet
    in 4 years... I'm not sure what kind it is but I'd like to know.... you really outdid yourself with those photos

  14. Stunning pictures Barbara.


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