Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Warning - LOTS of bird photos :)

We're still in the campsite by the Rio Grand and still no mice. Tomorrow I have mail coming and might move on after I receive it up at the Visitor's Center.  My shopping list is getting long and I think I want to get my shopping done and relocate to the next campground before the weekend comes.

I have a lot of photos in this post, but I always reduce my pictures to 800 x 600 px, so hopefully you'll have no problems opening them. 

Birds at Caballo Lake - Riverside Campground

I'm not sure what this bird is - he's got quite the "do" though.  Anybody know? I found three birds in my field guide that might have worked, but I don't know.  Can you see his whiskers?

Thank you to everyone who commented with a suggestion - the consensus is that he is a Brown-crested Flycatcher. The photos in my field guides show other Flycatchers that look very much the same, and none of them has this wonderful crest, so I'm thinking he might be showing off for a female?  I guess his top feathers are normally flat on his head - I wouldn't have noticed him half as much if that's how he appeared - maybe I'm part bird...  I was sure impressed!

Three Great Blue Herons - I didn't see the third one until I pulled up the photo on the computer:

Great White Egret:


I can't find this bird with the yellow belly:

Not sure about this guy, either:

More Northern Shovelers:

Spotted Sandpiper:

Yellow Warbler:

Bullock's Oriole:

Hummer - female Black-chinned?

Northern Mockingbird:

White-crowned Sparrow:

American Robin:


When he flew away I saw the white under his wings:

I can't find this bird in the field guide, either:

And here are two fish photos when they were rolling around in the water:

That's a lot of photos, I know.  If you're still here with us, thanks!

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From me and Katie, have a great Tuesday, everyone!  :)


  1. adore the hummingbird, you have a good camera & know how to use it, to capture those fast birds. read about Elephant Butte campground , have i understood correctly : that there is a $225 anual pass fee? how do you handle your black water tank?

    1. Doris - yes, $225 for the year for non-residents. It allows free dry camping (some of the dry camping sites have water, though) and if you want an electric site, you pay only $4/night with the pass.

      Almost all of the New Mexico State Parks have dump stations and you just drive to them and empty your tanks with your grey/black hose. It's free, as is the fresh water for your fresh water tank. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. These fantastic State Parks in New Mexico really makes it a great state to take time to visit. I seem to remember reading that there are many places to camp on that annual pass. If you are prepared to dry camp it is a great way to spend several months travelling around. I love your pictures. When you look at pictures of peoples dress in the Victorian age it seems they modelled their garb on bird plumage, but the real birds are better.

      I had to edit this because I couldn't find the source I had read of the number of State parks so went with the generic "many".

  2. Don't know what it is but love the pics of the bird with the fancy hairdo.

  3. I'd never seen a bird with a short haircut. Wow. Great photos. Wildlife photogrphy is tough. They just don't pose properly. However, you seem to have the touch. I'll wait for the next installment.

  4. I think the bird is a titmouse. Maybe the oak titmouse as the colors look like it. I love all your bird pictures! We ran into a birding group near Corpus Christi last year and would have loved to stay a bit longer and follow them!

  5. Fantastic photos, Barbara! There are so many colorful birds in the world--absolutely amazing! I wonder if the little guy with the whiskers and mohawk is some kind of kingfisher? He may just be a rocker outlier of another species too.

  6. Definitely not a kingfisher! I think you're right on target with the oak titmouse replay,

  7. Barbara, look up flycatchers: Brown-headed. Note the rust colored primaries and on the tail, the yellow on the lower belly and the white wing bars. Too bad can't see the head on your yellow bird. Great shots, how fun!!

  8. I would agree with the Brown-crested flycatcher.

  9. I was wondering if you had enjoyed the orioles here. I've seen more of them here than I saw of Baltimore orioles in 32 years in the northeast.

    1. Roxi - the Orioles I posted were taken next to your site - it seemed like most of them are down there at the end, and there were a lot!

  10. Thanks for the answer about the mystery bird - I thought maybe a Great-crested Flycatcher because of his great crest, or an Ash-throated Flycatcher. The Flycatchers sure do look similar!

    I wish they would show photos of the birds with their crests up - I assumed that was a natural state for him, but maybe he was showing off for a female in the area. :)

  11. Brown-crested flycatcher--none of those little guys here at the end of the road. He definitely looks as if he's goin' on a date. Love the herons (we have lots of those here on the island) and egret (have never seen one of those).

  12. Great photography, Barbara! About the bird with the yellow belly..., I noted that the tail is notched like a finch, then noticed the yellow above the black wings, so I'm guessing the bird is a goldfinch. Also, the duck wit the dark rump is possibly the gadwall.

  13. Love the bird pics!!! Mike and I love birding :-)

  14. I learn a lot through your photos. Keep them coming!

  15. Hi Barbara, these are really gorgeous photos, fit for a bird book. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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