Sunday, June 8, 2014

Snake (warning) - but it's a beauty

If you hate snakes, just squint and scroll down to the photo of Jeanne and Riley - that'll be much better.

On our last morning walk at Storrie Lake, we took our usual round trip to the wrecked bridge and back, and as we got to that area, I noticed a large snake under one of the trees.  I haven't seen a snake since Santee Lakes three years ago.  That was a smaller snake, and not nearly as pretty or fancy as this one.  This one didn't have rattlers, but we still didn't get too close.

Snakes aren't my thing, but I can still appreciate their beauty.  Just like every other creature, they are big and small, pretty and plain, friendly and not so friendly.  It's kind of amazing how that happens.

He was quite a bit thicker in the middle; I don't know if that's just the way he's built, or if he just had a nice meal.

I had to take one more photo of Jeanne and Riley after our walk.  Jeanne and I were standing there talking, and Riley went over to the stroller, laid down in the shade and rested.    

He's such a beautiful dog.  AND he has much better manners than Katie!

There are ranch-type houses right behind the electric campsite circle, and across from my site there were horses.  I'm looking forward to seeing the horses at Bluewater Lake, and I understand they have babies.  Can't wait to see the little ones.

I've gotta show you a Sunday breakfast I made while at Storrie Lake:  Fruit salad, toast and jam, a Cheese Omelet made from two large brown eggs. (Wal-Mart has these HUGE brown eggs, and I've been getting them lately.)  On the omelet I put fresh guacamole, sour cream and catsup.  OMG! So good.  It was way too much, but I did the best I could.  LOL

 The omelet would have been better with the guac, sour cream and catsup on the side, but there wasn't room.  I buy the smaller paper dinner plates so I'll eat less, but it doesn't always work out.  :)

 Here are some of the birds I snapped while at Storrie Lake:

This guy just flew up, literally two feet from my face, and grabbed hold of the Wilson Antenna I've attached to the side of the rig outside my window.  Scared me!  He was there for a little bit, very curious about the antenna and ME.  These were taken right through the screen.

And other bird photos:

This is a lesser goldfinch - Jeanne and John and I were watching it, it seemed to have something in it's mouth, and John said there was probably a nest in the tree.

Later I looked out my door to the tree in my campsite, and found the nest, with babies in it:

At least I think that's a baby bird - maybe it's the mom.

Female Bullock's Oriole:

Male Bullock's Oriole:

Here they are together on a post:

Long-billed Curlew at the edge of Storrie Lake:

Western Kingbird:

And the final bird photo, an American Robin.  When I've seen these before, they were rounder and seemed to spend most of their time on the ground looking for food.  Very robust birds.  This bird is smaller and flew from post to post, staying ahead of us on our walk, and flew around a lot.  I didn't think it was a robin, and didn't see a red breast, but Jeanne did see a flash of red.  You can see a little red in this photo.  Now I think it's just a skinny robin, acting weird?  Maybe protecting a nest?

Here's Katie with her fingertips on her chin - "Hummm, what's she doing NOW?"  

I was getting The Palms ready for "take off" the next morning.

Here's one of our sunsets over Storrie Lake:

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Next post I have a mechanical systems question for all you people who know about those things. I've done what I could to try to find the problem, and before I spend $$$ at Camping World, I thought I'd see if you have any ideas.  :)

From me and Katie, have a great Sunday, everyone!  :)


  1. I'm not sure I could have taken those pictures of the snake. But you're right he/she is beautiful - as long as it's just in a picture. That picture of Katie is just priceless. And Riley is gorgeous. Safe travels.

  2. That looks like one BIG snake! Whoa! Beautiful birds photos.

  3. Lovely birds. Lovely Katie. And OMG that meal you prepared!

  4. Great pics again of the birds and the snake. How did you attach the antenna to the side of your rig? I do not have a ladder on the back of my RV and don't have anyplace to put an antenna.

    1. I put the small magnetized antenna bottom on a binder clip, and clipped it to the entry door bumper on the side of the rig. Then I used Velcro tape to secure it. Surprisingly it has stayed securely and no one has stolen it (yet). I plan to tape it to my roof, though. :)

  5. Great pictures as always. Love those birds!

  6. I agree...the snake is quite beautiful, but I would have kept my distance too! Snakes are not my thing, but like you, I feel they should be respected. I so love the pictures of the orioles. I hung my brand new oriole feeder when we arrived at Moab a few weeks ago.....not one single oriole has arrived! I keep fresh oranges and grape jelly in it hoping they do.

  7. That was a huge snake! His markings were pretty. I wonder what kind it was if it didn't have rattlers. We have robins all around, here, and I've never seen one that skinny. Wonder if the poor thing was sick. Pictures great as always. Katie cute as a button.

  8. The snake does look like he swallowed something. He sure is a beautiful thing (if you don't get too close).

  9. It looks like Katie is planning something.

  10. WOW! That is one gorgeous breakfast!!! Really good eggs do seem to make a difference in omelets.

    Virtual hugs,


  11. Fab photos! Katie you are fab, too! The bird in the nest is a great shot!

  12. Oh man, I would have loved to have seen that snake.

  13. it looks like a KINGSNAKE, REALLY NICE ONE TOO!

  14. Great photos! So many pretty birds. Robins are scarce here where I live in Nevada. I grew up in Idaho and you could always tell spring was just around the corner when the robins would start showing up. We have had a lot of snakes here this year. I have seen many that didn't quite make it across the roads here. I don't know why people think they have to run them over. I don't. They are very useful and if you leave them alone or get out of their way the situation is solved. W♥W what a breakfast. I think once I get on the road I'll make it a point to park somewhere near you at least once so I could mooch! lol... I would return the favor... I do so enjoy your adventures and can't wait to finish clearing out and getting out. What a process. How do we end up with these mountains of possessions? Lordy... I want to be o the road by fall. Take care and watch out for snakes! lol... P-Nut (my Chihuahua) says tell Katie Hi!


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