Sunday, October 2, 2016

Final photos from Willard Springs

I have a lot of photos left to post from Willard Springs, but I've moved on, so I'm going to try to post just ONE photo in each file category.  It's going to be hard, but for the sake of your gigabytes, I'll try.  🤔 Otherwise, we'll have a hundred photos here.  They are such pretty critters, it's hard to pick a favorite.

I saw two different kinds of squirrels, a regular grey squirrel and one with a brown back and white tail:

Lots of birds - here are two kids of hummingbirds:

Female - I think this is a Broad-tailed

Male Broad-tailed

Male Black-chinned - notice the purple band on his neck?

Acorn Woodpecker:

Black-eyed Junco:


Painted Redstart:

Western Bluebird:

White-breasted Nuthatch:

Yellow-rumped Warbler:

And finally, instead of a sunset photo, I'll end with a foggy photo.  We had some rain while I was there, always welcomed, but I'm also always afraid I'll get stuck in the mud in places like Willard Springs.  Thankfully that didn't happen, and one morning I looked out the window and saw fog.  I didn't see it coming in or coming down, I just suddenly noticed it, and it was FOGGY.  Really pretty:

We enjoyed our stay at Willard Springs, AZ.  It's south of Flagstaff and north of Munds Park, and at an elevation that's perfect for summer.  Right now, though, it's quickly cooling and it was time to head south to warmer temps.

From me and Katie, have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!  💕💕


  1. Gorgeous pictures of all the birds. Especially glad you didn't get stuck.

  2. Gorgeous pictures of all the birds. Especially glad you didn't get stuck.

  3. Great pictures of the wildlife but especially the birds. Glad you didn't get stuck and maybe our paths will cross in Arizona later this winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Awesome photos, love that area and travel safe enjoying the warmer weather.

  5. Love your photos I have unlimited data on my phone so I can view all the photos I want!!!

  6. I take tons of pictures too. I used to try to rush to post but now I'm not so good which is easier. Enjoy the picture taking ... I certainly do. Love the photos.

  7. You got some great hummingbird photos!
    After we almost got stuck in Flagstaff a few years ago we're very nervous about parking on dirt when it rains. Glad you made it out.

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