Friday, November 25, 2016

Some Quartzsite shots

We've had some beautiful weather here in Quartzsite.   It's starting to get cold at night, but the daytime temps are still pretty warm and nice.

I'm in my third campsite here and thinking about moving again tomorrow.  I was in La Posa South, then Tyson Wash, now La Posa West.  Thinking about moving back to La Posa South.  Sometimes it's hard to settle, you know?  And it's nice to have SO many choices! 😎

Here are some recent photos taken from our campsite.

Sunrise in Quartzsite:

We had a gorgeous Harvest moon and luckily I remembered to get some photos.  It's hard to resist a full moon:

Here's The Palms under a huge double rainbow.  That's my friend Nancy's rig on the right.  😊

And finally, one of Arizona's sunsets - I've never been anywhere that had so many beautiful sunsets.

That's all the photos I have - geez, I've got to start taking more pictures or I'll have nothing to blog about. 

I'm planning my drive south for my dental visit in Los Algodones next Thursday morning.  This time I'm going alone, but now that I know what to expect it should okay.  Not looking forward to it, of course, but it will be good to get that visit behind me.  Then just one more final visit and I'll be done.

From me and Katie, have a great weekend, everyone!  😊


  1. Hope everything goes well for your dental visits.
    We'll be staying at Quail Run in December where I'll finish setting up our Solar System. Then we'll be Boondocking on BLM land in January. Maybe we'll get a chance to say hi.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. We are loving the beautiful sunsets and that rainbow the other day was awesome.
    We at dome rock now until pour tanks ar full then the LTVA for a couple weeks.

  3. I have been thinking of going to Yuma. I don't like these cold morning temperatures. It is still chilly in Yuma but not quite so much. Even 5 degrees is better for these old bones of mine.

  4. Thanks for posting about Q.. I've never been there but sometime in the future here I would like to come out and visit the desert... good luck with your appointment

  5. Great pictures. It's nice to not have buildings and wires to hinder you.

  6. Wonderful pictures. Fingers crossed on your dental visit but I'm sure it will go just fine.


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